26 October 2010

The Saints are Marching In…


I started something new…

It all started with scavenging (go figure)

The house that is getting renovated had a big pile of wood,

waiting for the landfill.

I HAD to rescue some of the worthiest pieces.

I got some long square poles.

They reminded me of skinny fence posts.

That’s when it clicked.

Remember this?


What if I made mini version?



She has copper nails for a halo.

The Virgin Mary is the Patron Saint of the United States.

And Mothers, Nuns and Virgins.


Mary Magdalene.

The Patron Saint of Penitents.

She is often called The Anointer,

and in Italian Art, she always had a jar of ointment.

Here, I used a brass jar for her crown.



St. Cosmas and St. Damian are twins.

They are the healers.

They believe in healing physically and spiritually.

Patron Saints of (all) Doctors and Pharmacists,

Barbers and Hair-Stylists.

I used Clock faces for their halos.



St. Nicholas.

The Patron Saint of children, animals and the poor.

His crown is absolutely remarkable.

I bought it on etsy.

(I also love his real evergreen)



St. Luke.

Patron Saint for Artists, Craftsmen

and also Physicians.

He has a clock-face halo and his vestments

are pages from an antique bible.

This guy is one of my favorites.

And finally (for now)


St Catherine of Alexandria.

Patron Saint of Artists, Librarians,

Philosophers and Scholars.

How perfect is she?

I think, perhaps, I love this one the most.


there they are…my little icons.

I was busy working on 2 others this morning.

I am having lots of meditative fun…

Sanding and wood-burning….smells like heaven :)



I am still interested in my tarot series.

I just needed to…I dunno…do THIS.

I hope I didn’t bore anyone overly-much.

I think I will put these saintly spirits in my own shop.


or if tomorrow never comes…

Thursday for sure.


love, LoVe, LOVE


  1. Hi Lisa..these are all SUPER-fabulous! Gorgeous gorgeous work and such an amazing job on them all! Shine on girl! They all have a remarkable spirit to them..bravo!
    We are such kindreds..I paint on spindles and wood and driftwood mostly..it is such a fun direction to go and bring a unique way of creating to life!!
    again..wonderful creations..you are awesome!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! How superbly awesome! And great recycling!

  3. these are so cool lisa! you are the epitome of recycling ... i love the idea, the heart and the art of these pieces... well done!!

  4. Lisa - they are wonderful. I love them all! xox!

  5. At last! Your Patron Saint Icons are spectacular. They are wonderful as they are and would also make an unusual and dramatic chess set! They remind me of the work of a monk I knew while living in St. Louis. His work was revered in all of Missouri. He called them Primitive Icons.

    Lisa, you are an artist who creates from mind, body and spirit. Your ideas evolve into

  6. Wonderful Lisa!!

    They are all fabulous! Each is so interesting in its own right and together (for the moment?) they are awesome?

    Will there be a St Anthony for us forgetful selves who are always losing something?

  7. Lisa, these are just amazing!! What you can do with a piece of wood is magical! I love them all, especially both Mary's. Mary Magdalene is gorgeous!

    Beautiful icons!


  8. OMG! These are so creatively AWESOME! Great ideas!


  9. Hi Lisa..::cough::cough:: sorry. I'm still really sick but trying to take care of myself so I can get back to doing the things I love. I used to do mind over matter like you say but it no longer works for me, now it's medicine. Wow!! These are excellent and what a wonderful way to recycle. I love to sand wood too, the smell is intoxicating. Great work, I love them all. Tell you what, you make me a "San Pasqual Bailon," who is the Saint of the Cocina(kitchen) and I'll buy it. I love all your saints. Take care.::hugs::

  10. the saints are beautiful ! I love their priti style and they do have such a bit of sacredness in them, my friend...you captured them.
    What a wonderful canvas you chose as well...
    Love, Love, LOVE right back to you !

  11. These are fantastic Lisa! I just love how you do your faces!

  12. they are so tender and mystical at the same time.
    they're really giving me pause....

  13. They are all wonderful. Hard to pick a favorite. Going to look in your shop to see who is there.

  14. What inspired work you do. I think this series is my favorite. Each one is created with such thought and eye for detail.


  15. These are aMaZiNg!!! I love them all, but I think my fave is St. Catherine- you already know that I love flowers so you had me there, but also, her eyes and expression just steal my heart. WONDERFUL!


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