24 October 2010

SBP pages…

I have been reading and reading and reading

the best blogs in the world!

What a lot I missed in 9 days.

Inspiring, funny, cuddly and cozy.

Now my brain is saturated

and muddled.

If I keep at it I will be caught up with today by tomorrow

And it is time for me to post my 2 missing

and my 2 new pages for the Sketch Book Project .

{which will be known as SBP from now on}

My theme is Sleepless.

Something I am not.

A Synonym would be AWAKE.

Which isn’t me either.



Poe inspired.



Klimt inspired.

I used some real sunflower petals and seeds.


Cummings inspired.


Dream inspired.

This is the sketch for the Patron Saints

I dreamed-up while I was sleeping….

NOT my theme.

But, this book is really starting to grow on me…

and it is making me grow, too.

I never did any kind of art journaling before.

It’s fun!  I don’t fuzzle-nutz  as much.

{see Eva?   I AM keeping up}





Patiently waiting to be introduced.




  1. Every single page in your sketchbook is amazing. I love the details in the Poe inspired piece, love the Saints, can't wait for more pages.


  2. Awwwe-some !!! You have been busy in 9 days, my friend. Love that you have found the freedom of the journal ! That is it exactly - no fuzzle-nutzing needed ! ;)
    Glad you are back...
    Loving those saints...
    See you soon...
    Big Love!

  3. So happy your computer issues are fixed and you are back Lisa!!! Your SBP efforts are wonderful! And all so very different!

    It is so funny we both had Saints on our minds (and in our SBP)! Your sketchbook is turning out beautifully!

    Looking forward to the introduction of the others!!

    Love EVA

  4. Your post is so exciting! Man..can you journal. The Klimt inspired sunflowers is outrageously fabulous as is the poem and wistful face page spread. I love the Saints page! It reminds me so much of fresco's I saw while in northern Italy near Venice.

    Your new series does seem to be sitting and waiting for all of us to see. So smart to show them in sepia for now...I for one, can't wait to see them.

  5. Welcome back Priti.Lisa! I have been wondering about you all week ~ I was just about to come looking for you! Computer problems are a pain in the u-know-what.

    You have been very busy! I LOVE your journal pages and everything else you have been working on. Hmmm, you have me thinking about how much I could get done with no computer. But, no I don't think I could do that voluntarily.

    I just joined the SBP and am waiting for my sketchbook! I've seen it mentioned everywhere, but didn't check it out til now. Luckily there is still a little time. Too bad they didn't have a theme called "A day late and a dollar short" HA. As it is, my theme is "Adhere to me". I'm thinking I will interpret that loosely :)

    Have a great week!


  6. Gawd your work is always so amazing! It's really incredible how diversified each piece is ~ Love them all!!

  7. Oh,my...HOW unbelivebly nice is you sketches,dear Lisa:-)))*
    I LOVE you sunflower and another paintings too so very much!!!

    SO glad you are back:-)*

    Many husg and Love to you,

  8. just an out-pouring of divinty in this art journal. i especially LOve the sunflowers and the saints.

  9. Fantastic Lisa. I came here today from work but couldn't comment/ privacy issues. Must tell you I hurried over here again later to savor all the goodies,and tell you
    how much I Love your art! Wow.
    You are....Rock,Paper AND Scissors!

  10. Hey, these pages are cool! Thanks for sharing these. I have been trying to catch up since being gone, and it's fun/difficult. Rewarding, mostly. You are well along in your SBP.. I have only completed the surfaces of mine!

  11. Your sketchbook is so incredible- but I have to wonder how you will be able to give it away when it's time? The only reason I say this is 'cause I'm not sure if I would be able to....

    I love each of these pages.....your Poe crow (I know he's a raven, but hey, it rhymed:)) is great, I love all the texture, and then speaking of texture- your Klimt is amazing and then cummings.....the EYES you painted, and then you leave us with your saints- I LOVE how you have Frida in there! These are just so wonderful. You need to hurry and make more so you can share them- I am HOOKED!


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