31 October 2010

Sprinkle Love

This week’s challenge at IA was hosted by Tammy Sprinkle.

Isn’t that the most magical of names?

I met Tammy by happenstance,

when I first started my blog…

it was a swap of some kind.

She got my name

and my whole life as a blogger changed.

Through Tammy I found Inspiration Avenue.

And all of the other artists that live there.

I remember the day they accepted my application.

I felt like I became a part of the best sorority.

And I did.

These women became my best support, encouragement, and really

my artistic life-line.

And it all started with a magic Sprinkle.

So I dedicated a page in my SBP to Tammy.

(and yep, those are her little pieces of love sprinkled on the page)


Tammy is famous for having the most beautiful manicure

of any artist I know.

Visit Tammy at her blog Art and Inspiration

(she has a yummy pumpkin pancake recipe there)

And then visit Inspiration Avenue to see everyone else.

Have a Happy Sunday!

Love, Lisa


  1. Funny how some how we all happened upon blog land.

    Robust : ) I like that in the last post...I think I'll use that word of discription on Mike.

    Happy day to ya Lisa D.

  2. Aw shucks! You are sooo sweet, Lisa. I just love you! I feel so honored to have a place in your book. You have been an inspiration to me, as well. Your art is always so beautiful. Thank you for such kind words. You warmed my heart and made my day.
    Love and hugs,

  3. Lisa this is perfect! I love that you have taken Tammy's theme to create such a fabulous tribute to her - it's as magical as she is (with her fairytale name and immaculate manicure lol!)

  4. Hi Lisa. I was just there. I have her on my reading list and was reading and looking at all the paintings contributed. Very nice work. You did great. Glad you are enjoying. Happy Halloween!

  5. What a wonderful inspired creation!

    And so interesting to learn how you became a part of IA!

    (p.s. Won't be pasting my SBP until next weekend as am in CA and then TX this week)

  6. Lisa this is genius. I bet Tammy will be clapping her hands in delight. What a wonderful creation. Big round of applause from me. Good for Tammy!

  7. yesterday i read about someone named regina dabdab and today, tammy sprinkle!

    happy sunday, sweet woman... smiling at your beautiful art... : )


  8. Lisa, I am working on a Hands altered book, so these journal pages made my heart flutter like that butterfly when I saw them. This is superb, and simply perfect for the challenge.

  9. What a delightful piece and tribute to Tammy. I am just meeting people here at IA and going over to see Tammy now. How great for you to sprinkle those words around.

  10. Thank you for sharing a bit of history about this work. It makes a great piece even better.


  11. Your journal pages are just heartstopping! Yes, they are sprinkled with magic for sure. Love the hand.

  12. This is a neat O piece!!! WOW very eye catching

  13. What a lovely tribute to Tammy- and the hands are perfect! I love the way you used her name in your work too- you are such a sweet friend, and so is she!
    In the very first post of Tammy's that I read, she talked about the use of glitter and what glue does to your manicure(what's a manicure:)) she ended it with a snap of her beautiful hands, of which I am very jealous!


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