28 October 2010

squirrels and tight clothes

I used to have beautiful, purple iris

planted along the fence.

Every spring I would look forward their bloom.

The smell just like grape sweet tarts to me.

Well, somebody ate them.  Every last one of them.

So, I decided to plant more…

You know,

as a reason to live through the long gray winter.

I had a bucket of bulbs sitting by the garden bed, for weeks.

Finally, last week I planted them.


What I saw the next day…GRRRR!

I didn’t take a picture,

but when my SBP Buddy, Eva posted this picture:

SBP - I'm sorry I forgot, you wanted flowers in the Spring

(thanks Eva)

I  laughed. 

For a minute.

Why didn’t that brat eat them out of the bucket?

Why did he wait for me to plant them?


I sound like Charlie Brown, :D)


I cleaned out my closet yesterday.

I am more, ehem, robust

than last year.

Nothing without stains fits!



it’s beautiful, colorful, sunny and warm

right now.

So I am off for a walk.



if you are interested,

you can find these guys



Priti Studio Art


Have a fun day,



  1. I know what you mean!!! The pest guy said that squirrels are just like rats, only they have better PR!!!!

  2. You know, I love squirrels so much I have a hard time getting mad at them. But they do tend to try one's patience sometimes! Sorry about your iris bulbs. Yes, it would have been better if he'd taken them out of the bucket! They must not taste as good without a little "dirt spice". But, on the bright side, he probably just buried them somewhere close by and will forget about them in 20 minutes, so you might have irises in the spring anyway!

    What a coincidence! None of my winter clothes fit either. I decided I hate them all anyway...time to go shopping.

  3. I have been at war with the rodents at my place for a long time now. In the fall, they dig up my bulbs when I plant them. In the spring they eat the heads of what bulbs they miss and deny me the right to see my tulips bloom. Then this summer, the extreme heat made them extra voracious and they eat the roots on all the african daisies I planted on the porch in containers and they ate my baby green tomatoes right off the vines !!!! All of them...
    Arghhh...do you know a patron saint that will help ? ;)
    Love'em ! Enjoy the walk.

  4. I just read something that said that the squirrel is one of the ten smartest animals on the planet! They put rattlesnake urine on themselves to scare off predators, and they have in internal "map" that keeps track of every little nook and cranny they hide nuts in. Now don't you feel mean for hating them? lol!!!! I used to get upset, but then I had a pet squirrel (long story) and I fell in love with it. Now I just plant daffodils and mums, and other plants that the $#@$#@ deer and the squirrels don't eat. Hang tough! xoxox! Pam

  5. Oh boy on those pesky squirrels. What fun would it have been for them to it the bulbs from the bucket? I'm sure they watched you plant them, then dug them up to eat them. Much more fun that way! Love your art! xo Michele

  6. Yeah. Those darn squirrels. I have squirrels that invade my garden and would you believe they steal the HOT peppers? What kind of crazy fiends are they? Although I can see them creating some kind of hot culinary dish that will keep them warm through the winter. Hmmmmm....

  7. Oh, I feared it was something like that when you reacted to the squirrel!!! :(

    I hope Magpie is right and the squirrels bury them, forget about them and the irises appear in other areas! (Knowing the squirrels though they'll plant them upside down and so much for that theory!)

    My fingers are crossed for you!


  8. Hi priti lisa. We have the same problem but with gophers. They started eating our bulbs and can chop down a rose tree in no time at all. Their teeth are sharp. They are very cute but they have to go. It's them or our plants and our plants come first. :) By the way, I got your message and it just so happens I was on my way to the postal tomorrow to send out a book to Donna and I will send yours too. If you are not happy with it, let me know and I'll be more than happy to refund. I finally got a frame for my print of Pumpking Girl and it will be hanging soon in my studio. Take care and be on the lookout by early next week. Take care.

  9. You are looking at this with your wine glass empty, right? Fill her up and sit back. YOU, thought you needed flowers next spring but YOU have the ability to REMEMBER the flowers, the color, the scent. The ah......rodent.....well, he needed to feel like you cared about his welfare. He thought you had buried them just for him. He appreciated that action oh giant two legged one.
    The clothes, ah, the clothes. It is time for them to go to another home. It is time for someone else to spot them on the rack, yell, to their friend, WOWOWOSER look what I found and it fits.
    You are just to good to be true, can I fill that glass again for you? :)Bea

  10. I swear you always show up when I need a laugh! big hug for that! When I posted about not knowing what to wear but the perfume, I thought to myself, now I hope no one thinks I should go as Godiva! only you,

    I knew it was the squirrels, it's always the squirrels...they eat my daffodils. I have 1 left.

    I do love the Saints, going to go take a look.

    lots of love to you,

  11. Ugh... I hafta admit I hate squirrels. I have been at war with them since we moved in this house. They eat every bit of my purple wandering jew and that just pisses me off. They knock off my pots off the deck, they have the nerve to sharpen their teeth on the brick on my front porch and also my concrete urns!

    I remember as a kid walking in the kitchen at my grandmas house and seeing a bunch of skinned dead headless squirrels floating in the sink. she loved to eat them. I don't have the heart to shoot them, but sometimes I wish their carcasses were floating in my sink... ha ha

    I hope I haven't scared anyone. ;)

  12. Ah squirrels.....what fun would gardening be if we didn't have to undo their constant damage? I planted pansies last week and have had to RE-plantthem every other day from the dang beasties digging them up! I guess I should be grateful they didn't eat them.....
    And clothes, well, I agree with Maggie, time to go shopping!
    Thanks for posting so much this week- I really missed you while your computer was down!

  13. Ah, so that's what got my tulips a few years ago. I just keep planting and hoping something will show up in the spring. This year I've planted hundreds of tulips. We'll see. If I were you, I'd plant again. You still have time.

    I really laughed about the only clothes being left are the ones with stains on them. Welcome to my wardrobe. I tell everyone who ever has the misfortune to look into my bedroom closet, "There are 4 women who live here, sizes 12,14,16 and 18!" Unfortunatly I haven't seen 12 for awhile lately.

    Love your fun and honest post which always seems to prompt me to tell my own tale.

    Thanks so much. Will check out your Patron Saints.

  14. Hola amiga! Just popped in to say that your book is in the mail. Hope you like it! Take care and have a great weekend. Going to go look at your Patron Saints.

  15. evil... little... fatty boombattys! xoxox

  16. The squirrels taunt DH when he's out in the garden and he gets very grumpy.

    Didn't you know that clothes shrink when left too long in the closet? Yes they do. It is worse than high heat in the dryer.


  17. Squirrels eh? Rats with bushy tails! Apparently they taste nice though - revenge is sweet (or at the very least a touch gamey)


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