03 October 2010

Uncalled for…

This week I was the host of the Weekly Challenge at

Inspiration Avenue.

I chose the first thing that came to mind,

so it was a real challenge for me, too.

Uncalled for.


A page in my Sketchbook Project.


Sometimes it is easier to live in your own bubble.

Sometimes all you can do is protect yourself from depression.


I think,

at the very least,

we can all pray.

Pray for a world full of empathy

and peace.

Please  go to Inspiration Avenue

The Artists put their souls into this challenge

and its defiantly worth at least a peek.



Reality is the ultimate illusion.

-Mal Hancock


  1. Wow...Super beautiful and empowering Lisa! Awesome! and very deeply powerful insightful creation ..your rock girl! Cant wait tos ee what everyone else did too!
    I was hoping to have something finished this week..I'll have to share at a later time! Thanks for such an inspiring theme! Beautiful!
    Have a sparkling week ahead.

  2. I'm so sorry I missed the challenge this week (and last!!) which is most unlike me. What a great choice of theme though which prompted some amazing art. Love yours. Very good indeed.
    I'm hosting next week so better not miss out again!

  3. Gosh, I really fancy a glass of red wine now... can't think why???

  4. Lisa firstly, thank you for such a thought-provoking theme. Your submission is amazing - a beautiful piece of art which also raises great questions. I think we do all sometimes tend to block things out as a protection mechanism, but, as your work suggests, what hurts one human being us hurts us all and it's not OK "not to see".

  5. I have built more than one bubble in my time. :) And I do think that sometimes, just so you can keep putting one foot in front of the other, you need to do that. Not all the time, but every now and then. Thanks for the beautiful reminder to re-join the human race. :) XOX!! Pam

  6. Lisa so much goes on that we don't see (unknown cruelty)we can do nothing about that.
    BUT When we do see something happen right in front of us. It is hard. Pisses me off people are getting away with treating part of our population like they are inferior.

  7. ´´We are all one´´...

    That´s realy deep touching,my dear,dear Lisa and can not better to say!!!

    Thank you SO very much for you visit,my dear friend and for you always wise and beyond lovely words,sweetheart;-)*


  8. Prayer may not change things for you, but it for sure changes you for things. ~Samuel M. Shoemaker

    One of my favorite quotes. I think to working at being as kind and compassionate as we can in our own life is sometimes all we can do in the face of a world that has so much negative and sick stuff in it. Hard, but so worth it in terms of quality of life, don't you think ?
    Love the page...and glad to be in the world at the same time as you, Priti One !

  9. Powerful piece. And thanks for the theme!

  10. This was an amazing challenge Lisa and I'm so moved by all the submissions and different takes on the subject. Thank you too for thinking of adding my creation to the group ~ so thoughtful, as always♥

  11. A really good challenge theme this week and your piece is moving. There IS too much bubble vision in this world.

    love it.

  12. You must have been saving those headlines for years, to be used in this perfect example of your challenge. Comfortably numb is truly how many live. You found so many examples of acts that were uncalled for, many of which I didn't even consider when thinking about all the problems in today's world. This is a very powerful journal spread.

    Thank you again for creating this remarkable challenge. I know I certainly won't forget the power behind it and the thought provoking messages in art form in response to it.

  13. Very nice and I agree with everyone. A very powerful theme. I think you did great with the lesson. Have a great week.

  14. Very powerful!

    No wonder you are "sleepless"!

    [ Ha! See it fits your theme and you weren't even trying! You're amazing! ;) ]

    Great challenge!!


  15. Hi Lisa,
    This challenge was very special... but this time I had no time :(

    Your submission is very powerful and the theme so important, so meaningful... let´s walk to oneness!!!

    Blessed week!


  16. So powerful- both your art AND your theme. I'm really sorry I wasn't able to get anything in this week, but on to YOUR work- the way her eyes are covered and the expression on her face is just amazing and then your words really complete this for me. Comfortably numb indeed, and we ARE all one.....

  17. The piece you created speaks for itself. It is an honest interpretation, above all. As artists, our main way of conveying our feelings is through our art-not always through our words. You have conveyed much with one image.

  18. Lisa, this was a very moving challenge and I wish I'd had the time to enter something! I love your journal page...all of the entries were unique and wonderful!

  19. That's your sketchbook project work? Wonderful!

    I better get my rear in gear!

  20. Well my dear, the bubble is just fine, and then it pops, sending me on my merry journey! You say so much with so few words., Priti Lisa, youse is pretty!

    hugs Lisa,
    let me go look at your inspiration ave,.

  21. well ...personally... I prefer the bubble, it is just easier to actually live ... but that is just, me a happy bubble head!
    but your piece is brilliant! love it! well done! xoxox

  22. Come on my friend - I'm waiting very patiently for your Mexican entries (note plural!). We all know this challenge is right up your calle!

  23. Wow Lisa..love the choice for this week's challenge. So Thoughtfully put together. Thanks for popping over earlier. You were wondering about the backdrop to the bottles? It's a large 36X36 canvas I did a few months past. I employed a few decorative techniques and laid down layers of texture along with some graphics. It's fun shifting gears every now and again. :)) Hugs, Terri

  24. Hi Lisa, You might be going through what I was, a rebirth of newness within yourself. Don't worry about the time, something important will be needed and happening with your lovely curl ups on the settee and reading some books. Maybe we are all going through something for a important reason. I feel like I've been charged up on my youth love. Read lots of positive loving books.
    Some I've read and given onto others are 'Love from both side' Cannot remember the author. About a hubby keep coming to her after death to say sorry for mistreating her. Seth returns (Mark Allen Frost) and speaks books(Jane Roberts).
    Evolution of the soul, The unknown reality 9/11. soul opening.
    Nanci Danison way of sharing is both enlightening and confusing. Where Seth explains our deeper growth with our lives here. Nanci sometimes upsets people a little with saying that some souls come to experience murder. Seth explains it much better. Out of all the books I would say Seth is well rounded. I do like Nanci though a lot.
    Hope this helps?
    Happy growing with loads of love!

  25. Beautiful stuff lisa! I love themes and challenges, it makes me try something I wouldn't have thought of. You did well!


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