09 October 2010

Viva La Mexico

This week


was our challenge at IA.

I told Lisa Wright

that I could do this challenge all month!

I had a commission to paint a stool this week.

Painting funky furniture is my first love.

Chris gave me no instruction…only that I include a

four leaf clover to honor her Irish Mother.

(Thank-you Chris, I had so much fun painting for you)



I added part of an Irish blessing:

A bit of Sun, A bit of Cheer,

And a Guardian Angel

always near.


How is this Mexican, you ask???


Look at the color, Baby!!!

Plus Mexican, Irish, Italian…

doesn’t matter:


And we all love sunny, happy, funky Priti-ness, right?



If you aren’t buying that story,

how about

El Dia de los Muertos



You knew I would drag Frida into this somehow.

How much more Mexico can you take?

I am selling this one in my shop 

for a very small price.


Tomorrow, I have to do 2 pages in my sketch book,

sez my little slave-driver Eva.

I think I’ll post them Monday.

I am really anxious to start a new Tarot card this week…

I’m doing a manly one this time.






  1. Both of these are fantabulous Lisa!! I LOVE your painted furniture.

    And according to moi, the first one is quite Mexican. I mean, how Mexican is a sun with a face? I've been to Mexico a time or two, and I even have a big terra cotta sunny face to prove it! And they have some wonderful whimsical painted furniture down there too. Can't hold a candle to yours though.

    I agree, this challenge was fab. If we are ever at a loss for a challenge, we can do this one again, eh?

  2. I love it Lisa! I actually went to your etsy to buy it and it was not listed : ( so I came back to read that it already has a home : ) The flower, the face...really nice : )


  3. It's beautiful lisa. Great work. I love them totally. I have to go check your etsy out. Have a great Sunday. Great work you artista aficionada.:)

  4. I love them both! I also agree with Magpie and think they both say Mexico! I would have a hard time if I had to choose which one I liked the best.

    I vacation in New Smyrna Beach Florida and there is my favorite Mexican Restaurant there called "Clancy's Cantina" of all things. Your stool would sooooo fit in there. Before they changed locations it was a total mix of Mexican and Irish decor. Kinda odd to see leprechauns wearing sombrero's. ;)

  5. I love them both! The colors are wonderful. xox!! Pam

  6. Hi Lisa..they are both super fabulous..gorgeous work!! Love them! i love painting furniture too..it is fun!
    Beautiful work!

  7. LOL!!! Slave driver, eh!? LOL! Well, I try....

    They both say Mexico to me too! The sun and moon together like that always seem like Mexico!

    I love both stools! Gorgeous!! Lucky Chris!

  8. So glad I went for this theme. The idea for it actually came months ago when I bought a necklace that had a real Mexican vibe to it!
    What wonderful pieces of furniture, I love them both - vibrant colour, passion, Frida. Yeah, baby they've got the lot!

  9. Gorgeou, gorgeous, GOR-GE-OUS! I have a real thing for painted furniture too. And I'm so glad you brought Frida into the mix, I've missed seeing your plays on her work. Actually, if I'd had time this week to do the challenge, I was planning to do an homage to her, myself....
    Can't wait to see the new tarot card:)
    Big hugs!

  10. I got excited when I saw the bright colors explode before my eyes as I saw your new posting on my blogroll. You never let me down. I love coming here and today is no exception. Those stools are great. I especially love the first one. You are not afraid to add details that most would think might make the work too busy. Just the opposite with your work..everything you add makes the pieces come alive!

    Lots of excitement here today Lisa~


  11. Lisa, love, love, love these stools. The petals, the cute faces and the moon surrounded with the black and white cubes. I am so in awe!
    I am getting further in Nanci Danison's books 'Backwards' returning to the source and it is getting such a great read and learning curb. In line with Seth books, I change my view and put it right there with a book of love!

    Lisa, you so share your love every single moment. I felt such excitement when I saw your art stools, thank you for brightening my day! One of my favorite of your art is the shoes curled up from wizard of oz. You have such a great sense of humour!
    Loads of love!


  12. First of all (sigh) brilliant colors and art. LOVE these.
    Yes! "We are one."

  13. These are gorgeous Lisa! I want that stool!!!!! I want to play! ; )

  14. I love these, Lisa! So colorful. I especially loved the skull stool. Fun!

    A male tarot next? cool. I look forward to see which you do.

  15. I think the first stool is very mexican, and gorgeous! so happy and vibrant! and of course love the little DOD stool, her skull earrings are darling! xoxox

  16. Oh,my beautiful Lisa;-)*

    You creations tuched me SI very much,realy,realy ,realy LOVE those stools!!!

    You spirit,you talent and you amazing soul are beyond lovely!!!

    My hugs and Love to you,

  17. Please don't tell me you painted those two in a week. You must be a machine! Both of these are lovely, and I agree that we are all one. I can see the colors of Mexico influenced your stool. Lovely challenge pieces this week, Lisa.

  18. Your painting is lovely! I especially love the stool! Have a wonderful week~ Theresa

  19. Love Your Sun and Guardian Angel :)))

    Looking forward to see your next Tarot card!!!!

    Have a blessed Week!


  20. Brilliant! I love them both and am not at all surprised that you sold one already.

    This was a fun challenge.


  21. Your furniture is so gorgeous, Lisa ! Want, want, want !!!
    You seen to be on a juicy roll right now. Enjoy it !
    Have a great week.


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