15 October 2010

Water is a Gift


I realize that this isn’t my usual post, But it it is me, and it it a cause I am adamant about.

I have to thank Cyndi, from Reduce Footprints , for opening my eyes. 

I thought every one lived like we do…

Every Wednesday,  she has a challenge to change the world.

what small change you could do

that would change the world.

Every Wednesday, I realize, I AM doing my part,

But, I am encouraged to see others participating!

Cyndi has over 500 followers!!!!

That is encouraging to me, and the reason I come back for more.

This week…

Reduce water use.


I am not a scientist.

I don’t want to tell everyone to take smaller showers…Blah blah

What I have to mention is:


When you cook macaroni, drain the water for watering outside plants.

My veggie garden thrives on this “enriched” water.

Pasta water is soo full of nutrients…

drain your macaroni into a bucket, when it cools,

you have the perfect, free,  plant food!

Even when the growing season is over….put it in the ground for next year!

I know,before, I mentioned keeping the water from hard boiling eggs.

My point is, everything, even water, can be reused,

and not thoughtlessly discarded.

Check out Cyndi’s blog

reduce footprints

and see if you could change the world.

One small step at a time.





  1. Thank for posting this Lisa! When we lived in St. Croix this point was SO driven home.....I kept a bucket in the sink to fill throughout the day as I washed dishes- used the water for plants, we had a timer in the bathroom for showers and we LIVED by the rule of "if it's yellow let it mellow" in the bathrooms (kept a bottle of "Fabuloso" to freshen the air as needed....) I know it sounds gross, but here's the thing- there, if you use it too much, you lose it and then have to call the water man to have water trucked in! We usually had to buy $200.00 worth every other month for a family of 5 plus 2 tenants!
    Anyway, there my 2 cents- to this day, I get panicky when someone else lets the water run.....

  2. Great post and I loved the comment Stephanie left. The idea of Letting the "yellow mellow" really makes sense. We do flush our toilets too much, especially ones used in remote parts of the house. Very interesting comment.

    Also, your idea of saving the pasta water. That is also clever. Most of us have herbs or other plants just outside the kitchen door and this would only take seconds of our time to renew them with the precious, nutrient filled water.

    I went to the site you recommended and joined right away after reading all the great ideas people have to preserve our country. My motto has always been, "Waste Not, Want Not." Unfortunately, that applies to my studio as well and in that case....well..you get the picture.

  3. Oh, thank you, Lisa! What a nice surprise to show up here and not only see my "name in lights" but see wonderful suggestions for saving water. Truly, I had never thought about saving pasta water ... and that's a brilliant idea! :)

    I'm with Stephanie ... I get nervous when someone lets the water run.

    Happy Blog Action Day!! And thanks, again!

  4. Growing up in the Mojave desert of SoCal, I was used to doing things like this. We emptied our dishwater on to the trees and bushes in the front yard, and they seemed very happy about it. :) Now I am on a well, and even though it rains here quite a bit, I still have those habits from the desert. Thank you for the reminder to conserve. :) xox!! Pam

  5. wonderful post and so true! and so brilliant! xo

  6. This is great Lisa. A good reminder. I try to save water but forget sometimes. The kids learned a slogan:
    Save water and save water.

  7. Excellent post ! I wholeheartedly agree. Growing up in a rural area in the 70's ...we always poured the "grey water" from cooking, etc. on all our plants! Mty Grandmother was an original GREEN person!

  8. Pasta water... never thought of that one, but I do it with vege water if I don't use it as a stock.

    If my passionfruit begin talking Italian, I'll know who to blame... LOL



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