08 November 2010

2 Saints, 2 Pages and one Large Kitty

Thank all of you for the Happy Birthday wishes :)

I have a few new things to share…

First the Saints.


Our Lady of Guadalupe

Patron Saint of Mexico.



Saint Michael, Archangel.

Patron Saint of Police.

For more pictures and information click HERE.


Now my SBP pages for the week.


Bed, Books and a piece of Wine.



I was inspired by Angie from Artangel.

(thank you Angie)



the rather large Kitty.


This guy just showed up last night.

He walked right in the house,

ate a can of tuna,

and purred.

I hope he stays.

He has fleas,

a bloody sore on his neck,

and (I am assuming) some balls that need snipped.


I always did like a fixer-upper.

He made my birthday the best ever!

I am calling him Bear.

I hope he stays.

(I told you all of my clothes have paint on them)


Love, Lisa


Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you have decided

to look beyond the imperfections.


  1. Sitting here admiring your work and your comment appears! Love it when that happens!

    Beautiful work! I especially love the bed, books and wine!! Where are we at now for the SBP? 11 for me, I think but I missed a week so you might be ahead of me!

    The crayons are the Caran D'ache ones and are watercolours - just no water this time. And I LOVE THEM! I'd love to see what you'd do with them! Maybe for this weeks effort?

    Big hugs! I hope Bear stays!!

  2. lovely, very special!!!
    Please come by and see my "community post".
    It would mean a lot!

  3. Ha! what a great expression on Bed, Books and Wine!! I love it. And the aged look on the one under it is so rich and beautiful.

    He looks awful comfy in your arms. I'd say Bear, (who is beautiful!) will be sticking around as long as you keep the tuna and snuggles comin' and keep the snippin' talk to a whisper! haha

  4. oh,lisa, lisa.... i love everything... i hope bear stays too. i can feel how sweet he is all the way out here.


  5. How did I miss your birthday? Happy belated one to you! I am a November baby, too. :) Bear is adorable. I love his big old paws. And St. Michael is wonderful! I love this series you are doing. xox Pam

  6. lovely art and bear is adorable, he seems quite content with staying! xo

  7. I always look forward to reading your post when it pops up on my blogroll. I know I'll find something interesting to take with me to my day.

    Your two new Saints are glorious and the Cat-Bear..that is about the largest cat I've ever seen and looks so cuddly. Hope you get to keep her.

    I have a blue shirt that looks exactly like yours-mostly my stains are Liquid Nail glue.

    Very lovely quote. So true.

    Have a great day Lisa

  8. Great post Lisa! Bear looks so sweet! Hope he stays with you.

    Your pages look so great!

    Happy day to you Lisa D.

  9. Lisa....hope you had a magnificent b-day!! awww..bear is adorable...so sweet! enjoy your new friend! and all your creations are mega-beautifull..shine on!

  10. I've probably said this before....bear with me, I'm old.
    An old woman once told me that cats are SENT by those on the other side. When our loved ones sense that we need comfort, company or just a spirit guide for a bit, they send a wandering cat.
    It looks like he knew exactly where he was going. They seldom leave when they have been sent on a mission by those on the other side. My Cleo arrived 11 years ago and has no interest to leave. :)Bea

  11. ohmygoodness! Happy birthday, Lisa!!! What an amazing cat Bear is - looks like he loves you already!
    : ) lulu

  12. p.s. I love seeing everything you've been up to - how many blogs have you got going???

  13. Wow, you've been one busy and productive lady! The saints are all fabulous- I just love this series (any more of the Tarot pieces on the horizon?) and your journal pages are incredible! The one of bed, books and wine seems about as close to heaven as you could get- all you need to complete it would be to add a Bear of a cat who looks pretty dang sweet even if he DOES need his balls clipped......looks like GOOD things are afoot!
    As always, thank you for your posts, they really brighten my life!

  14. The two additions to the saints are both wonderful. You have quite a collection of them going.

    Love the cat, just look at that big round paw!


  15. I don't consider myself religious (8 years of Catholic school took care of that ha), but I LOVE your Saints! Especially Our Lady of Guadalupe. We bought our house from a woman named Lupe, and when we moved in we had Guadalupe light switch plates, and other mementos of her patron saint. So I've always felt like Our Lady of Guadalupe is watching over our house.

    I'm jealous of your sketchbook. Mine is still empty. You are filling yours with gorgeous stuff! Can't wait to see more!

    Your Bear looks like he's in pretty good health (well-fed lol). But from the sore on his neck and the fleas, I think someone stopped taking care of him. So glad he found you! LOL at the "fixer-upper" comment!!


  16. Gorgeous pieces with lovely faces. And the kitty...what a beauty and how great to find your welcome :)

  17. Oh my gosh, what a darling baby to just walk into your home, wow! I hope he stays too, poor sweetie!
    Love your work as always Lisa ~ really gorgeous!!

  18. well if he doesn't stay at least you got a warm cuddle out of it and fixer uppers are always good. love your parting quote! xox

  19. Hi sweet Lisa...Glad your birthday was cool like you.
    Bear looks like our T2,born in a litter of one...got all of mamas milk to himself!!! Plenty to love.

  20. Now that is a big cat. I wonder how old it is. It's a tomcat I assume. I hope your b/day was great. You said you were going to post about what you made for the brunch, did I miss that post? I want to know what you made. tee hee. Have a great Sunday and week ahead. I'm late catching up on posts and answering my comments. take care.

  21. You are so sweet to take in Bear and take care of his needs. A wonderful birthday gift indeed.
    You know I love your saints! You are uber talented my friend.
    I know Bear is appreciative of the care you have given him.


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