30 November 2010

A Brilliant Idea

I just realized that I didn’t mention my sale in my shop.


No bother…I wasn’t trying to get any of you,

my faithful, sweet, tireless readers to buy from me.


(get ready for a brilliant idea)

I wondered if there would be any interest in an art swap?

Or it wouldn’t have to be a swap.

I just want my things to go where they belong.


If there is something in my shop that you would like to have

for your very own (or to give as a pressie)

Please let me know.

Comment on this post.

I want to make it yours…no strings.

All of my friends in the U.S.

over the borders

over- seas


Pick it.  It’s yours.

First dibs is first dibs.


I am super busy with ballet performances this week.

Traveling.  Sitting and waiting.

and then…WATCHING!!!

I might neglect your blogs this week.

But you are all always in my heart.


PS:  Bear has crawled so deeply into my heart…he reminds me of a poem

by Rod McKuen

Angels Purr.


  1. HOPE! I love boxes and Hope is a wonderful thing so the Hope Box would be my choice.

    I can't believe you are giving away your art but I'm not going to be shy about it.


  2. Your generosity is astounding. I would love to trade for one of your wonderful art pieces. I'd better hurry because I know they will be going very fast. I can't wait! I hope you will find something of mine agreeable for the swap!

    Till later...

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Ok Lisa, I just checked you Etsy shop and I would love your Book of Shadows-Earth Goddess. Let me know if you find something suitable in my etsy store. Also, I love your Book of Shadows-Green Man. Let's talk..this is a brilliant idea. What fun!

  4. You are so cool, Miss Lisa ! What a fun idea.
    What I love love love in your shop is the Key to My Heart Mirror, of course ! But would my little arty bits be a good swap for such a beautiful piece ? I could keep you supplied with Rock My World rocks for a good long time and also add in some of my cards or other things...
    Let me know how this feels because I don't want you to feel take advantage of in any way. Having your art in my house would be so wonderful !
    Enjoy the dancing and that sweet new love of yours ! Much Love !

  5. Sweetie, your work is wonderful and I wish it would all sell, zip, zap for you. I will be happy to send YOU something, after the holidays. You have certainly been more than generous with me over time. :)Bea, another Frida lover.

  6. Oh wow Lisa. I sure would like the
    Mirror - Hand painted - Ciciro quote.
    I think it's a great idea and I too have been wanting to give away something. I don't have anything in my etsy shop any more. How generous you are my dear. If for some reason the mirror is already gone, that's okay too. Just my friendship with you is of utmost importance. Have a great Tuesday.

  7. You are amazing Lisa! And amazingly generous!

    Do you want to clean out your shop to make room for new creations?? I hope that is the reason.

    I'm going to go and buy the one I've had my eye on.... your prices are a give-a-way as it is.

  8. ooops, I think I spoke to soon without reading correctly. Sorry Lisa, I see what you mean now. A trade off at each other's Etsy's. Ayeeeee! Please disregard the other comment except for the part that says about your wonderful friendship. Tee hee. Sorry dear.

  9. Lisa! I would love to trade with you,but it might have to wait until after the Holly Daze. I am trying to make gifts for my kids (OY!). What would be fun is to make a 'trade gift' for each other, maybe sometime in the winter when we are depressed as heck! :) Anyway, keep that in mind. xox!! Pam

  10. I would love something for a trade but so busy right now. Maybe after the holidays we can all get together for a fun swap.

    hugs, Kelly

  11. I would love to trade with you, any day, any time! I agree with Kelly, after the holidays, since I got here too late and all my faves have been dibbed (shame on me!). I'd loved any of your Wiccan pieces, and that one you did a while ago based on Klimt is one of my alltime favorites too.....and of course, your boxes are incredible too. But seriously, why are you doing this at the beginning of the holidays? Your friendship is gift enough!

  12. Hi Sweet Lisa..I've been away for while and just now found my way back to blogging. Yours was the first site I've visited upon my return and I was so happy to find this particular post. YAY..!!! I would definitely be interested in trading some of my work for some of yours. I adore your stuff..and if you find anything that strikes your fancy in my shop..give me a shout and we'll mingle.

    Hey..I'm closing so I can go visit your shop..I bet you already have an idea of what I'll be searching for. :))


  13. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.


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