01 November 2010

The Dark Side

As promised,

my two journal pages for the week.





When I look at them I can see

the gray part of me setting in again,

like it does every year at this time.

I don’t know if it is

the weather, the shorter days,

my impending birthday or election day.

This year I am aware

and trying my best not to get engulfed in the dark mood.


I am hosting the challenge at IA this week.

I hope you will all join in…

I chose

Happiness is…

Let’s get HAPPY :)

Love, Lisa


  1. Oh,absolutely sure,m dear Lisa:''Let's get Happy''!!!

    You journal pages are grey...but full of mistery,high spirit,LOVE them:-)*

    Thank you for you visiting and you beyond kind words by me!!!

    Love and hugs to you,

  2. We are all in our dark sides now... like the Earth!
    Let´s search for happyness in the shadows and sow its seeds!
    Blessed Be!

  3. very cool! yes, let's get happy! xoxo

  4. When the days get dark I want to hibernate just like a bear. Art challenges. Every little bit of inspiration helps. I have to think about this one - happiness is so many things,


  5. Well, as someone who has a dark side 24-7, I love these pages! :)) It's interesting how the seasons change our moods. I love the fall, and I really don't get glum until the middle of winter and it has been freezing cold for WEEKS. Then I am like Jack in The Shining - hahaha. I will need to get happy then, Lisa! I hope you feel better sweetie. xoxo Pam

  6. Know what ? I have decided as of yesterday that I refuse to beat myself up for getting grey-ish and wanting to hibernate, slow down, be cozy, make art, not be perky and energized during this season any more !!!!!!! That is what my whole being wants to do. Hell, if Mother Nature takes a down time, slows down, makes things cozy by burying them with snow, lets the flowers and trees go dormant, why shouldn't I get to do it too.
    Just a thought...that came from being tired of fighting the whole thing...
    Let's get Nappy !!!!! ;)
    Love Kim

  7. I will do 2 pages on what happiness is to me in hopes to make you a little happy.

    Lots of warm love sent your way today.

    Keep an eye out for a small pkg I sent your way.


  8. I'm there with you, feeling the gloomy grey seeping in. Your pages are wonderful! xo Michele

  9. I agree with Kim! I'm not looking forward to winter, but I AM looking forward to staying in, being cozy and not feeling guilty when I hide in the basement and paint like I would during the summer months.
    Maybe try something new to help? I watched some ladies doing rug hooking yesterday and actually doing portraits...I thought, hmmm is this next ? ha! I used to do this years ago but never with my own designs.
    Oh well, I'm rambling! Stay positive, stay warm and know I'm cyber hugging you right now ♥

  10. Crazy me..I forgot to tell you how lovely the lady is you painted in your journal! The shading and detail on her left eye is unbelievable!! Looks like a photo! Good job Lisa!

  11. it's the natural progression of our Selves at this time of year, to spiral inward and be with our darkness in Persephone's underworld abode.
    it's time to look for our inner mysteries.

  12. I know exactly how you are feeling ~ it is the time of year. I have been in a black mood today, but I think it's because I spent an ungodly amount of money on my hair and I hate it. I don't usually do that (spend the money), so I was expecting something spectacular. Ugh.

    You can't be in a grey mood ~ your birthday is coming!! I love your challenge theme at IA this week, and it's a good excuse to cheer up and get something done.

    Your journal pages are beautiful, dark or not. You have inspired me to start my SBP pages ~ my moleskine arrived the other day and it's time to get busy!!

  13. Dark or not, your work is still incredible! I love the portrait and the words are so profound- and the figures are amazing too- I wish I could read the words!
    Does it help, releasing the words AND art into your journal? I've started many written journals in my life, but always stopped because they seemed to all be about how depressed I was- maybe an art journal is different......
    Anyway, enough of my own dark thoughts- bright thoughts to you my friend- I'm sending a white light your way :)

  14. I love these pages Lisa, they're full of depth and soul. I think our moods do tend to wax and wane with the seasons to some degree, but the happy days are always that much sweeter when we've experienced the darker ones :)

  15. Grey is fine, Paynes gray is beautiful, produces an aged look, add some Titan Buff and it changes color on you, add white instead and it goes soft. Grey is restful, full of wisdom, hiding mysteries yet to be discovered. Grey will be my hair someday as I enter the Wise Woman's hut. Just don't let the wine get gray, ok? :)Bea

  16. These pages are interesting, Lisa. Maybe we are just experincing the holiday blues. Or maybe we (or just I) hate the winter time. After Christmas Spring can't get here soon enough.

    ps-I have been offline this week. That was all of the cat story. lol! It was suppose to keep you guessing. And it was based on this same story happening to me.

  17. Lisa, I see dark paint, but not a dark mood. I am sure the happiness you are passing to others in the IA challenge this week will lighten your mood.

  18. I used to get this way each winter... then one day, I realized that the sun was always shining above the clouds and I decided to pretend that it was shining outside too, of course I turn all the lights on in the house but hey, it works!! of course I have my days but winter never came to stay it always passes!! big xoxox's

  19. Ah Lisa..I chuckled when reading the first portion of your journal. Even when you're down you still have a great sense of humor. :)) I'll tell you what cheers me up when I'm feeling a lit'l blue..Cooking. Sometimes just putting together a slow-cooking stew brings me right out of it. Hugs of Georgia Sunshine, Terri

  20. girlfriend I agree-the beauty of community is that we can "get happy" together xoxo

  21. Whatever inspires your art be it light or dark your pages are great.

  22. Yes, it is definitely getting to be that grey time of year in my brain, but your art is inspiring me and waking me up. Thank you, Lisa!!!
    : ) lulu

  23. I have a friend who goes through the same thing every year, it's really difficult for her too. Here's her blog in case you'd like to visit:

    Have faith sweet friend... the winter will be over before you know it.


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