27 November 2010


This week, the challenge at IA was…INGENUITY.  I was forced to take off my beloved dunce cap and perform!!!

I am no Einstein, but I have a ton of ideas, always have.

When we were kids, and the shit hit the fan,

my sisters always rolled their eyes,

shrugged their shoulders and said,

“It was just one of Lisa’s Brilliant Ideas.”

Yep, that explained EVERTHING .

I hope it explains this…


This bugger started as one of those brilliant ideas,

the kind that escalated into me becoming

Liberace of the Art-blogging world.

It all started with a box and a string of lights.


Really cool lights.

Turn them on once and the stay lit for 6 hours,

then thy turn themselves on and off for the whole season.

(now THAT  is ingenious)

So, St. Nicholas lights up  now.

He is kinda cool, but I am not completely sure of him.

I don’t know how to explain myself.



PS: I almost forgot…

just in case anyone wondered what a vegetarian would serve up for Thanksgiving…Tofurkey of course :)


See?  It comes in 2 colors…

Bleached Sand and Golden Ocher.




  1. Oh, I like the St. Nick with lights. Very cool. I bet your dinner was delicious. :)Bea

  2. " bright idea"!
    dinner looks delish!!

  3. Brilliant! I love this Santa!!

  4. brilliant my fren!! love the lights ... looks like St Nick (thot it was a grouchy santa in the beginning :P) is sitting backstage in front of the makeup mirror all ready to go on centerstage! so very cool!!

  5. What great story to go with your art. It has been my experience that those with ideas are the inspiration and fun in the world. I love your St. Nicholas too, he looks as if he has a surprise he is holding on to until just the right time. Very beautiful.

  6. Hi Priti girl,
    Love your submission.(your Tofurkey...not so sure,it had something to do with coming in colors):) All my projects start out with something else. I have a very traveling mind, it travels from one unfinished project to the next and "on to infinity"! However, I can never imagine being bored.
    Great submission!

  7. Love the lights on Santa! I thought it was spray paint until I read it! Your dinner looks lovely.

    Happy Sunday

  8. Let's see, where to start?

    YOU are ingenious!
    Your St. Nickolas is ingenious
    Tofurky roll is puzzlingly ingenious!
    ( We served the Golden Ocher to my son's new GF.)

  9. I love the Santa with the lights! I can see a whole bunch of these for the holidays - wouldn't an angel be cool? :) As for the tofu turkey...does it come in other colors? Blushing biege? Holiday cinnamon? lol! It looks delicious (especially the taters). :) xox

  10. This is awesome Lisa!! I love his face too. Everything is perfect. The dinner looks delicious! My niece is vegetarian and my son is practically vegan due to food allergies! fun. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  11. Hi Lisa. WOW!! Great idea to do the lights the way you did. I haven't even been in the studio, too busy doing other things but every time I come here I feel like running out and doing something, anything. Great job, I love it! Have a great week. Your vegan food looks delish.

  12. Adoring the ingenius idea with the christmas lights and Father Christmas looks just so jolly :)

  13. How totally cool, ingenious and festive!! Wonderful St Nick! I hope he's part of your Saint series!

  14. I am really loving this Santa...especially his eyes!


  15. I don't know why but you always have me laughing when I leave your blog! I'll bet you did get blamed a lot as a kid..I can just imagine it.

    Where will you place your Santa light? This may be the most unusual holiday decoration of the season. Very original and creative, of course.

    Your Thanksgiving dinner looks delicious. I'm not sure about the colored turkey though...maybe...

  16. Hello wonderful woman, sorry to be so remiss in commenting here! :) Hope the holiday was great--St. Nick looks faboo!

    I had tofurkey too...it ain't easy being "green" in a room full of carnivores! ;)

  17. So beautiful Lisa..he is charming and gentle..such a beautiful soul! I love everything you do! I love painting old world santas and wizards and stuff too..it is fun!
    I love your work..gorgeous! and cute story..ha ha! also..yum..your veggie dinner sounds fab! we are kindreds!
    have a gorgeous week!

  18. Makes my day to come see your art.
    St Nick looks great all lit up!!!
    Which reminds me Mother Mary and St. Nick that you made are looking good here too.xoxo

  19. You are ingenious, and it is a cool idea! I love that your sisters pass the buck off to you...me too!
    I'm not going to knock the tofurkey til I try it, it's probably one of those dishes that tastes good til you tell what it is!


  20. This is wonderful, and I don't know why you wouldn't be sure of your St. Nick- I LOVE how wise his eyes are and the patina of the overall piece......those lights are an amazing touch and definitely ingenious!

  21. oh my gosh Lisa BRILLIANT as always-St. Nick is going attempt to keep up with you via the lights (but won't be able to hold a candle!)

  22. St Nick surrounded by lights that will last the season is ingenious indeed.

    And yes us veggies don't quite have the same seasonal food but sometimes I reckon because we try and be creative with alternatives - we actually get a more interesting meal. But I'm sure turkey eating fans (like my husband) would disagree. Lol.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I've been enjoying looking at your beautiful art on your blogs.

    Kat :-)

  23. OMG..I am howling , girlfriend ..at the tofurky...LOL...2 colors indeed. HOOHEE. Aside from that .I love lit up Santa..why, it's lke lit up Jesus! No wait,,I"m lit up...heheheh


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