20 November 2010

Intro to the Weekly Challenge

I just finished my little project for this week’s IA challenge…Whew!

When Sharon (yeah, the famous Plumrose Lane Chickie) posted the theme, “Incognito”  Monday, I thought, as I usually do…I’ve got plenty of time!

I had the Santa I wanted to paint on my mind.DSCN1633

  So, by Wednesday, I had it in my head that the theme was “Concealed”  and I remembered a box Cheryl the Healing Woman created a few weeks ago, and how much I love making boxes, and I was inspired, and I thought that I could whip up a box and paint St. Nick and prolly still have time to scare the neighbors.


Well. I didn’t exactly whip together a box.  I spent some time sifting through my junk collection and found some wonderful things that were like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  I knew they fit together, but I would need to get out my saw to gently  force them into my vision.

The saw, the sander (still my favorite) the screwdriver and the rolling pin.  I worked on my little box for at least 27 hours…it was a journey….


If I didn’t scare my neighbors, I at least embarrassed myself…

My neighbor (the nice one) saw me outside in my night shirt and asked me if I just got up (it was noon) I told him no, I paint in this.  Yesterday, I was out, on the phone, reading the meter to the Met Ed guy, and he bought over my Netflix the postman put in his box. I was wearing this…


  Well, the Netflix fit perfectly in my robe pocket, and I just know he was thinking that I am the laziest person on earth.

I know I need a manicure…but a lot of people wear robes to work…priests, doctors, porn stars….

and artists who don’t turn their heat on until it snows!


I had REAL clothing on today..and I couldn’t find him anywhere….


Check back tomorrow to see the pictures of my maxter-piece…it’s way too dark now.  I think I’ll get out of my robe and into some jammies….I’ve got a movie to watch…Amadeus.




  1. Hi Sweet Lisa! Love the Santa! But then again..I love just about everything you do. Hey..I just checked out "Healing Woman's" site and want to thank you for sharing the link. :)) BTW..you cracked me up with your house~robe humor. I needed a bit of laughter after the day I've had. Received a jury-notice and have to report come Monday. Should be lots of fun! Oh Well..civic duty eventually calls us all. Here's wishing you and all who will surround your Thanksgiving table..blessings of continued good health and happiness. Hugs, Terri

  2. love santa, can't wait i to see more!!!

  3. Well, I'm here in my jammies and robe too and it's 11am - but hey it's a Sunday. I've also been caught by the neighbours this week doing strange things in the name of art (but not that strange I hasten to add!!). What you've shown of your masterpiece so far looks fab... more please!!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I can relate to your 'strange clothes at strange times and places.' I laughed so hard at this post! You are hysterical. Actually, clothes are my biggest hang ups. There is no point in me buying anything nice since it will eventually have glue and paint all over it when I get in an artistic frenzy and must create at "THAT MOMENT."

    Your box sounds intriguing. Also, thanks so much for the link back to my blog. You have gone to a lot more effort on the base of the box than I do though..I just use found boxes, but then again, it sounds like you really enjoy using the saw.

    I love the adventures with your neighbors. It is hard being the "token artist" of any neighborhood..I hope you keep posting about them and I will watch for the finished box..can't wait to see it!

    May the angel of rag tag outfits smile on you today~

  5. Hi Lisa! I love your Santa. As for wandering around the yard in robes, etc., I'm with you, sista. My version would be the pair of sweatpants I basically live in in the winter. The ones with holes in them. My mail lady just smiles at me and backs into her truck. Stay away from the crazy lady! Hey, we're creative. We're supposed to be eccentric. I think we should add hats and parasols. :) xox! Pam

  6. Too funny ! Ah, that is all part of being an artist, isn't it ? The eccentric dress ?
    Can't wait to see the box !
    Happy Sunday !

  7. Hilarious Lisa! Much love to you my friend and here's hoping the next time you see your neighbor you are looking FABULOUS!

  8. Yep I get paint on my jammies too.
    8D Looking forward to your reveal.

  9. I work in my pjs too especially the hour or two I work at home before leaving for the office. I am ever thankful videophones never really caught on....

  10. hehehe...I think your Santa is so awesome, love him and I also love my jammies.

  11. This is SO funny! HA! Yes, when I think of how people see me, going to work every day in my teeshirt and jeans, I think they must figure I have a minimum job. And then I think about how I perceive them, and I realize I better get my blinders off! We are all so interesting. I am not a believer in God, but I do relish this interesting existence and all the players in it!


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