16 November 2010

more SBP pages


I love this quote…it reminds me how close to God we are.



All of my pictures start with a quote…mostly.



This picture got sewn into the book….just trying different things.



This is a sketch for a painting I want to do next.

I didn’t put any words on this page…yet.


It is another gray day, this one includes rain.

I read about Vitamin D being essential for beating depression.

Then I read another article about it’s benefits in Oprah’s Magazine.

I figure I was being given a big hint

from the universe, so I bought a bottle.

It was suggested to start with 1000mg a day,

and see how you feel in 2-3 months.

I hope it  works!

The side affects sound pretty good, too.

Longer life,

healthier immune system,

less belly fat.

I feel better just thinking about feeling better!



  1. Really? Vitamin D huh. Hmmm. I might look into that too. Nice work on your journal pages. Longer life huh, less belly fat huh? tee hee. Oh I had a question for you. I'm thinking of doing Etsy again but I'm not sure about the new TAX thing. Are you charging taxes to your buyers now? That's one of the reasons I stopped using Etsy, but I'm getting ready to load some things in so just had a question. Take care and thanks.

  2. Those pictures of that cutie cat! He looks so sweet. I am happy you guys met.

    Love to you on this gray day.

  3. Man, you are good,Lady. I love the personality in your characters...just beautiful pages.

    I just started Vitamin D about two weeks ago too, along with a good multivitamin for women (foodbased). I hope it will help me through the darkness without heading too far down. I have found myself in the painting/creating/hibernating mode and not minding it all all so far, though the early darkness of the evenings drives me a bit batty ! I turn on lots of lights, light the candles and even set up an art table in front of the tv for the winter. It is a great place to paint rocks...;) Whatever it akes to make me contented for this, the hardest season...
    Sending you cozy love and wishes for lots of painting time !

  4. Hi,sweetheart Lisa:-)))*

    HOW much I like you sketches and all these qoutes...

    That's true,we must thinking about LOVE,giving and shareing Love and God should give to us helth mind,light in your heart and much,much goodness daily!!!

    Thank you so very much for this touch of LOVE,my beautiful friend,

    My warmst hugs and much LOVE to you,

  5. I really like all of your pages but the first one is my favorite, both the quote and the painting.


  6. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Lisa! I LOVE your work here and your quotes too! So moving!
    Vitamin D....actually there are several people here that I know that buy a tanning package and just try to get 20 min. a week in for just that reason. The winters get long and we need sunshine. I hope the vitamin helps you, try to think positive and sometimes, just lose yourself in your wonderful art!!! It helps!
    Hugs to you,

  7. Your sketchbook pages are wonderful and it looks lie you are really getting into it and having fun!!! Yay!!! I think you are ahead of me now!! I'll have to catch up! January will come soon.

    I think VitaminD does help for the SAD season. I sure hate losing the sun in the winter, it really does affect me. V-D (lol) alleviates it a bit. (Not convinced about the belly fast though - rats!)

    I love all the pages but especially the bird. Wonderful!

    Big hug!! Love EVA

  8. I'll have to check out that vitamin D thing...I've also always heard good things about B12.
    I love these new pages and the quotes you chose are perfect for them! The tiger and mouse...WOW- so powerful! I also love that quote by Picasso- I've never come across that one before :)
    Oh and one thing, I try to do during my downtimes is find "happy" books to read. Not trashy, but less dark than my usual tastes.....

  9. Never underestimate the power of vitamin D! You have named but a few of it's many benefits. You may not even have to wait for 2 or 3 months for results. It's a miracle supplement in my opinion.

    Those pages are fannnnn-tastic! I would say you are getting better at journaling but your very first pages were wonderful as well. I love the quotes you use as well as the very colorful art. I'm wondering what quote you will give your Santa like image..hummmm.


  10. I take vitamin D regularly now. It's really good for you for a number of reasons, including protecting your bones for old age. :) My sister gets depressed in the winter, and she got some lights (don't know the name) that she said helped her. Now she lives in Arizona, and she is a happy little clam. LOVE the picture you stiched in! xox Pam

  11. You are really on a roll, girlfriend!! These pages are stunning! Love love LOVE them!

    I have the equivalent of writers block ~ artists block? My muse has taken a hike. Maybe she is at the store looking for vitamin D. I've been reading a lot about vitamin D lately. Why didn't they tell us a long time ago how much we needed it?? Would have been nice. I'm going to get me some!

    Keep up the great work!


  12. WOW Miss Lisa..LOVE LOVE LOVE your journal entries! And thanks for the heads~up regarding Vitamin D. This is the second time this week I've heard something about this and I'm taking it as a sign as well. I'll let you know how well it works..because I intend to get my first bottle this afternoon.

    Thanks for your kind words left at my place. I'm definitely on the mend. It's been an unpleasant ride for about a week now. Suffering from a sinus~infection. Swollen face and eyes. I swear even my teeth hurt. :))

    But I'm so much better today. Even planning some time at the easel. I'm Telling you True..Good Health is Everything. If I had all the money in the world..and didn't have the energy to walk to the store to spend it, what would I have? Nothing. Oh Yes..Good Health..is EVERYTHING!

    Sending you hugs of love, friendship & Glorious Georgia Sunshine, Terri

  13. Cool words and art and cute sewing.
    Very Priti! Hope the vitamins work for ya girl....and sending some

  14. Yes, I take vitamin D and it really is the only reason I can think of for my sleep improving. Hmmm... My doc advised it for my cholesterol, but I think that's probably just a fad right now. I hope it helped you? I have been busy, but I'm catching up with my favorite blogs now.

    I love these pages of yours. Quotes are great to think upon.


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