11 November 2010

(panda, pooh, baby) BEAR

Bear is out of the Animal Hospital!

He had ear mite extermination,

an abscess removal,

dental work,

and the dreaded ball-snipping.

(we gave him flea drops before he went in)

He is home and purring.


I think he is just what I always needed.


It is Veteran's Day today,


everyday should be…

Braver souls than I could be.



Kitty TV


  1. Bear looks happy in spite of his trip to the docs. I'll bet your are going to really enjoy his company.


  2. Bear is wonderful. I have a stray cat, named Opie, that is such a love. I think he loves me best - hahah! Have a wonderful weekend - xo Pam

  3. Ouch! I hope Bear feels better and back to normal very soon!
    Have a wonderful weekend Lisa!

  4. Bear loves you, you love Bear, Bear is healing, you healed Bear.
    You have wonderful Karma, right now, you know. :)Bea

  5. First off, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! Looks like you got one of the best gifts ever. How sweet that what you needed just came walking through your door. There is nothing better than a big ol' bruiser boy. Those are the best cats. He is so lucky to have found you. I love your latest work of the books, bed and piece of wine. Wish I could spend more time like that, but after the wine the books would never get read. I would just be asleep.

  6. Oh he's so precious all curled up like that......so sweet! And just what the doctor ordered. Now your idea of heaven can be book, bed and Bear!

  7. Love that Bear and you have bonded for life !!! Snuggly kitty cat love to you both !

  8. I'm sure you are the best thing that ever happened to Bear. You really know how to nurture. He is adorable.

  9. What an amazing gift you were given (out of the blue) for your birthday!!! Bear is even more lucky, than are you!

    Big hugs (and pets/strokes to Bear)!

  10. Nothing like a sweet, purring cat to make all things better. You two are lucky to have found each other.

    Have a great weekend! hugs to you and snuggles to Bear.

  11. Oh what a cutey pie you have there, so happy he made it through the ordeal!

  12. What a precious baby that has adopted you!!! You are blessed...he is so friggin cute...you were meant to be together! Happy belated Birthday sweet one. xxx

  13. Hi lisa. Family pet members are the best thing that could happen to us. I speak from experience my dear amiga. They give you so much love and ask for nothing in return, except of course food and water.:) Enjoy your little bear, he is adorable. Have a great Sunday and upcoming week. take care.

  14. Oh, such a sweetie, hope he feels 100% soon. What a blessing for both of you. Welcome to your new family member, Bear - love that name :)

  15. Oh ... Bear is just adorable ... and I love the Kitty TV (lol). I'm glad that you have him ... being loved by a critter is one of the very special joys in life!

    Have a great week!


  16. Seeing that picture made me yell out "puss cats" in the hope one of my cuddlies would jump up on my lap for a cuddle... Ah, kind boyfriend just went and got one for me!

  17. Super cute Bear. And I love the kitty TV - my daughter used to sit in front of the washing machine at her grandparents' home in Germany. No big difference between little girls and cute cats....


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