21 November 2010

Weekly Challenge Incognito

When I read this week’s theme ‘Incognito’

my mind immediately acted as a Thesaurus and turned it into


(so sorry, Sharon)


I started with an old key box hanger thingy,


I tore out the inside, sanded, and repainted it.

Took out the front panel and decopaged a picture

of Murillo’s painting The Immaculate Conception  

(yup, sometimes I cut up my beloved books)

I had good vintage wood frame that I sanded and repainted.

I cut a piece of wood to fit and cut a hole in that

to fit the key box.

Then it was time to make the tiles.


59 of them.

There are also some glass beads, a copper crown,

a vintage earring and some text from a Mass Book.

Finally the ‘concealed’ part.



A hymn to Mary that I remember singing.


See the ancient Bible pages?

From a German Bible Leo bought for me,

the pages have a patina you just can’t imitate.

Wee crystals and a  hand carved

Holy Mother from my collection.

All she needed was a base.

Polymer clay…YaY!

So there it is,



I hope you liked my journey

I only wish I had taken pictures along the way.





Happy, Happy Sunday!


Oh, I put a link on my side bar to

Stephanie's Etsy.

She has a Super Sale happening.


  1. Wowzers!!! And you did all this in a week?? What happened to that picture of Santa - did I get the wrong end of the stick? This however, is truly incredible. A wonderful work of art that I can't tear my eyes off.
    Utterly breathtaking :)

  2. OH MY GOD- I LOVE this!!!! I can't believe all the steps and layers you put into it. Gorgeous and amazing and wonderful- did I say I love it?
    And thanks for the link on my sale, I appreciate it :)

  3. This is amazing piece for this week's challenge. What you have described to create this piece is wonderful. All the items you created are gorgeous. I am in awe of all the dimensions. Truly beautiful work of art.

  4. I am so glad you showed this extraordinary shrine. I love hearing the story behind the creation!
    1 of a kind!!!

  5. How beautiful!! And you made the tiles as well? Wow!!

  6. Honest to God Lisa
    I am stunned. What a sacred creative place you have been.Brilliant!

  7. This just takes my breath away. What a masterpiece!


  8. Oh Lisa..this is BEAUTIFUL! Truly BEAUTIFUL! What happened to Santa? He was beautiful too. But this is OVER THE TOP BEAUTIFUL! This must have taken forever to compose..so intricate. I can see you poured Pure Love into this piece. Do you plan to offer it in your Etsy Shop? Hmm.. Happy Happy Sunday Right Back At Ya Sweet Friend! Hugs, Terri

  9. I'm just ... speechless with admiration!

    There's so much detail and work and love in this, and the concealed part is so clever :)

    It's just divine!

  10. Hi Lisa..super gorgeous work..a beautiful creative experience..wonderful work! Shine on!

  11. oh wow - masterful - fabulous work!

  12. It's even better than I could have imagined. The German bible pages really add a lot to this piece, as does all the tile work you hand made. I love the "concealed" virgin and the color theme you used. The entire box is over the top. I love the iconoclastic theme you are using these days. Your work looks very much like what they are showing, old and new, all over Greece.

  13. Wow, Lisa, this an masterpiece! And it also seems so personal to you. I can see the love poured into every detail. And all in one week? Wow, again.

  14. I just love this shrine! This is gorgeous!! ~Theresa

  15. Just wonderful Lisa D! I love this shrine! You are so flippen talented!

  16. I made a piece one time out of polymer clay tiles, but nowhere near 59. It took me all day and I didn't take pieces apart, sand anything, or include a shrine in mine!! This is gorgeous, so detailed, and shows how much time you put into it. The details, including the German text and the hidden virgin add so much to the piece. I'm deeply in awe of how you used the theme this week. This shrine is simply over the top!!

  17. What an exquisite piece, Lisa!

    Hugs, from another Scorpio :)

  18. Wow, that is just stunning, Lisa. You are so talented! Makes me want to drop everything and make a shrine. Do you suppose the house might behave and clean itself for Thursday? Wouldn't that be loverly! oxoxo Pam

  19. Thanks for sharing, it's gorgeous!

  20. Oh, these are awesome! I love that polymer clay, don't you? Your tiles rock. Thanks for these photos. Process photos in your future...?

  21. Oh wow Lisa. You just gave me some great ideas. I have so many old frames and using them in this manner is definitely a winner. It's beautiful Lisa, great work. I'm so proud of you and all your adventures. Tee hee:)))If I don't see/read you before Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours dear. Take care::hugs::

  22. Come to think of it...your masterpiece is really a shrine.Awesome!!


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