02 December 2010

It’s okay…I’m just having a………..

Hi everyone.

I’m perfectly fine.


Really, I am.

I didn’t mean to scare anyone.

I didn’t actually want to start a swap.


I just had the thought of giving….I think some of my art is

priti…and that maybe…

well, maybe, it was too expensive.

I put so much of myself

into each and every thing …

I know, we all do.

Every time I sell something, I spend it at etsy….

and their fees :(

My point is (was)

I wanted my art to go where it should.

And it will…

I sent some off today.

Beware and forgive me now

but I am, as you should know, GREEN.

If you get something from me,

it is handmade and packed with whatever packing…

I re-use it all-even sometimes the tape.

All of my intentions are wrapped with LOVE,

however crazy I may seem…or be.


Looks like I am ready…

Boy?  Girl?


Looks like a box o’ wine to me.

Love you…my peeps


  1. you are indeed crazy ... but wonderful crazy :) i won't change you for anything my fren :)

    and abt over pricing your art... i think we all feel exactly the same when we are determining prices for our work. and thus always tend to underprice them. just stick to what you think they are worth ... or rather YOU are worth :) ppl who love your work will buy them no matter the price. you're worth it!

  2. Your art is not too expensive, it's just that everyone is broke! :) The crummy economy has hit everyone, I believe. I am glad you are fine, my friend! xox! Pam

  3. I love the crazy in you! : ) Did you know that little edie's birthday is the same as yours? I thought how funny!
    Mike just told me he thought maybe my belly was getting big because of the red winnnnnne...waaaaa

    Have a great day Lisa D.

    Lisa D.

  4. You are hiding a box of wine? Your own private stash?

    Pricing art is difficult, pricing one's own art is nearly impossible. Do you sell in local galleries? Just wondering how the pricing thing would work if people could see your works in person.


  5. HI Lisa...you always make me smile. and hey..your art is fabulous and super valuable! not overpriced at all!

    That is so awesome of you.

    so..this box of wine..red or white? ha ha!

  6. Aww..for sure you are crazy..but that is a good thing! I think you are just too cool ...and watcha gonna name your little bundle of vino???LOL

  7. Hmmm, I must be crazy too because I just thought you were giving your art from your heart. I never thought anything was wrong at all.
    Something about this time of year makes you just want to give from a good place, I think, no strings, no expectations, etc...kind of sad that we have kind of forgotten how to do that in lots of ways...
    Anyway, I think you are hilarious about your box o' wine belly! I call mine my "cookie jar" but I think mine is growing into a "cookie storage unit"... Oh, well, I make pretty art and I am really good at loving !
    Love to you, Priti Lisa !

  8. Hi Lisa. I don't think you are overpricing your work. You do great work. You're crazy??? I didn't know that. I thought that you were crazy in love with life and family and friends....that's what I get from you. But crazy as in wacko? Nah....not you. Tee Hee. ::hugs:: Happy Holidays!!

  9. Crazy woman, yes you are but in a good kind of crazy. A crazy we all need in our lives. :)Bea

  10. Hi,sweetheart Lisa:-)*

    At first I must to laugh,my dear,dear,''talented mind'' and beyond ''talented hands'' Lady!!!

    I like you mood always and truly...I am also a little bit crazy girl:-)*
    Only smiling peoples kan making SO huge things as you!!!

    Much Love to you,

  11. Crazy? You? Naw.

    Pricing can be tricky. I'm always afraid of either over or under pricing.

  12. I don't think your work is overpriced- actually, I think your prices are spot on! And I wish I had money to spend right now (I just finished doing the budget juggling so we MIGHT be able to have Christmas for the kids:))otherwise, I can think of 3 pieces that were in your shop that I drooled over and wanted SO BADLY! I would love to do a trade someday- maybe my tulips for one of your beauties?
    BIG hugs to you my friend- if crazy is what you are, then I wanna a piece of it- cause I think your awesome!

  13. Lisa
    Your art is priced right! Where else could one find a masterpiece for 40 bucks or less? Your ETSY is full of such treasures. I personally LOVE it and you!

  14. Hi Lisa,

    I don´t "read" about you for some time!!!! You are one of my lights in my blogs cheering me up :)))

    Do not ever undervalue your work or yourself!!! You are an artist from the soul and that is there in your magical work :)

    Value your self and your work and you'll see magic happening.

    Blessed be, Sister :)

  15. Just found you through Kim, Queen of Arts, and I wanted to tell you what an awesome woman you are. Love your art, but more than that, I love your "heart."


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