06 December 2010

Nut Cracker. Or mom cracks up…

Well, it was a Nut Cracker weekend…

a Friday night show in Lancaster

(sorry for my horrible photos)


This is from the opening dance, Snow.




The Spanish dance, Chocolate.

Mia was in the middle of her pirouettes, so many, so fast.


The Chinese dance, Tea.



The finale, Waltz of the Flowers.


Mia and her bestest friends.


I love the art and history of Lancaster.

I wish I would have noticed that frickin water bottle…


The Fulton Opera House.

I think this is a famous building.

Or maybe I think so because of where we live.


Right beside the opera house is the 

Pennsylvania Academy of Music.

That’s where the dancers performed.


So much architecture and history

  is the northern east.

Buildings, gorgeous works of art, dating from the 1600’s.


This is the entrance to the hotel where we stayed.

It’s a Marriott now.

Somehow, I believe it was a friendlier space 200 years ago.


But, it is really cool how they built the addition to the hotel around older buildings, rather than knock them down.

Good for business too, they are rented out to touristy gift shops.


2 Nut Crackers down,

3 to go.


It was a very trying weekend.

Starting with forgetting the costume bag, and retrieving it.

The trials of sharing a room with teenage girls,

But that’s parenthood.

I think I’ll talk to the Pope.

Maybe someday,

an artist will make a collection of saints.

ballerina moms,

soccer moms

football, baseball, saxophone, juggler,  pianist moms.

Loose ends moms.

PB&J without the relish moms.

(pb&j with relish is delish, right?)


Now my post is too long.

I can’t tell you or show  anything I’ve done.


Happy, Happy Christmas

to you all.


PS: If you haven’t heard from me, don’t give up hope.

I love you all.


  1. I love you too Lisa!! So nice to see what you're up to!

    Have I ever told you how much I love the Nutcracker and about my Nutcracker collection?

    So excited to hear about Mia's performances. It sure makes it busy for YOU!!! You must create a "ballet Mom" saint to join the others!

    She looks beautiful there!

  2. How exciting for you and your daughter. She looks beautiful, takes after her mom, she does. Happy Holidays to you too. ::hugs::

  3. Your Mia is a beauty! :) I know this is all very tiring (and crazy-making) but she will never forget any of it. Good MOM!! lol! And YOU should make those saints - what a great idea! Off to listen to some wonderful music that a fairy sent me in the mail. :) Xox!

  4. Hi,sweetheart Lisa:-)))*

    Oh,my Godness...HOW absolutely amazing is your days,my wonderful friend!!!

    And you daughter is a very,very happy Angel!!!

    Just beautiful hotel,oh...it looks so luxe,magical and full of light:-)))*

    And now...rust,warm home and creations go on!!!

    Much Love to you,

  5. Thanks so much for the update. I figured you were off and running to the ballet performances.

    Mia looked beautifully excited and happy.

    Yes, Lisa, please speak to the pope about making all sport moms into saints. I would be more likely to pray to them and praise them then some of the others..LOL

    Carry on.


  6. I love the Nutcracker and wish I could have been at your daughters performance. You are in some of the best of the "Mom Years" right now so enjoy every minute. Store up beautiful memories.


  7. Wow..fabulous Lisa..how exciting..and sooo super wonderful..and such a magical post!! Yay! That was fun and dazzling..and also so synchronisitic as i have been painting dancers lately and last night painted a new one..how wild! thanks for this magical post and sharing such a special event!

  8. What a wonderful trip you had! The pictures are amazing and the ballerinas are so cute!

  9. Sitting here listening to Priti music LOVE it.How wonderful for Mia to dance in the Nutcracker. What a fabulous opportunity for her. You must be an awesome Mom exposing your kids to art and culture and funky stuff....did you say PB&J with pickle relish?

  10. Mia is beautiful Wish I could see her Nutcracker. Can't go all season without seeing it once. That is a lovely place. I'm sure you enjoyed it (even with being with teenage girls).
    Understand if don't hear from you. It's that time of year when everyone is busy. We'll get back in gear in January.
    Hugs and have a good week!:)

  11. The Mom Saints are a fabulous idea, I can totally see you doing them and adding the quirky bits that make your art so unique and fabulous! You are definitely a saint in my book, homeschooling and ballerina mom-ing- plus everthing else you do. WOW, I bow to you, my friend!

  12. These pictures are awesome. How fun it must be to watch your daughter do that. wow.

  13. WHOA woman, where do you get the energy to do all this! Amazing stuff!

    I love PA, seems lots of faboo artists make their lives there, and you have such history all around you!

    Great show, your daughter is spectacular :D

  14. forget the Pope, just make them all saints and we will follow YOU!
    Grazie Mille for my most beautiful card and wonderful Priti music... YOU are the BEST! xoxox
    ps you made my day!!

  15. Sweet Mia is Gorgeous! Just like her mama! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely and incredible adventure with us! Lisa, I enjoyed the photos sooo much! Love & Hugs, Terri


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