09 December 2010


Hi Lovies.

All of you that are reading are this right now

are important to me…so special.

You know how much I hate traveling.

Before we left for the ballet goings-on last weekend,

(when I should have been putting the costumes in the car)

I made myself this



charm bracelet

and this necklace.


and another necklace that I can’t show

It’s on a cord, and still around my neck.

I ran out of time and just knotted it on.

Some of these medals I have had since I was a girl.

Some are my Dad’s.

Some are just lucky findings.

and parts of broken rosaries.

I am not a jewelry artist,

but I do think my love shines through.

I think they are magical.

And so they were.

And when I clapped…

you could hear bells.


Being the mom of a dancer,

there is lots of time to kill.

So, I went-a-looking


She is still on my kitchen floor.

St Teresa.

Perhaps, I ought to save her story

and my interpretation for those who ask.


Oh, another thing I was doing in-be-twixt

My offering for this weeks IA challenge.


Perfect word for reflecting on

and creating about.

Join us here.

I will post mine tomorrow or Friday.



PS: To the Healing Woman and everyone…I was so behind in visiting that sometimes a comment of my own would have sounded redundant.

Cheryl, you and Lisa Wright did an awesome collaboration. Pure Magic.


  1. wow lisa!! you did an awesome job on the bracelet and the necklace! they are beautiful!!

  2. This jewelry is wonderful Lisa!

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to add the wonderful comment about the collaboration that Lisa Wright and I entered into..She is a wonderful person to work with..a real "thumbs up gal." You were so sweet to post a link.

    I understand completely about the necklaces. You need all the protection you can get while traveling. My mother was a devout Catholic. She had all the Saints displayed everywhere. She constantly asked St. Anthony to help her find things since he is somehow the patron of lost things, I guess. I found out about him first hand in Italy. Hundreds of people were filing past and placing their hands on his coffin. Our group followed suit and lo and behold...heat entered our hands. Even the girl from Scotland, who was a non believer...suddenly believed in the power of the saint.

    Sorry to belabor this but I know you appreciate.


  4. Lisa!! I love your dazzling jewlery..very special and meaningful to make your own...the best kind!! They are brilliant and beautiful!
    I love St Teresa too..my Nanna gave me her picture when i was a little girl..it is a precious keepsake now. Beautiful post! Gorgeous work as always!
    Shine on

  5. Lisa - the jewelry is beautiful. :) I have always envied the Catholics their saints and medals.

  6. Oh what a beautiful bracelet and how special that it includes your Dad's pieces. What a wonderful idea. I think it looks fab for someone who says they've never made jewelry! By the way, I hope you don't mind I'm posting a link to your blog on my post today.

  7. Hi Lisa. I think your jewelery is awesome. Also the idea to have your Dad's medal's. Way to go! You are just too darn creative. ::hugs::

  8. Oh I love the charms! So beautiful! I love that the charms are important to you. Lovely.

  9. Hi Lisa! Right now I'm listening to some wonderful music that a friend of mine sent me. I love it and it definitely will start the creativity juices flowing. My kind of sounds, very much so. Thank you amiga, I will definitely be thinking of you when I'm listening. Viva La Lisa!! :)) Muchas Gracias Amiga. By the way you are so creative when it comes to thinking of what to paint or what makes people happy. I wish I could be as creative as you. Take care.

  10. These are both beautiful- I can't wait to see what you do for "Hope" I know it will be wonderful!

  11. Lots of us need our talisman's when we travel. Yours are beautiful and must have made you feel comforted.


  12. I love the jewelry! What a great idea! I will have to tell my mother in-law about the bracelet. I know she has a collection of these. That is such a cool way to enjoy them. The picture of St. Teresa is sooo pretty too. You just feel a sense of calm when you look at it. That is what you need after such a busy weekend. I also want to thank you for such an awesome surprise in the mail! I can not wait to have my glass of wine tonight! What a thoughtful gift, you are way too kind! Jennifer

  13. just stumbled upon your patron saints gallery this morning-INCREDIBLE WORK...the word is not big enough really xoxo

  14. Those necklaces are gorgeous! You aren't a jewelry maker?!


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