23 January 2011

Mary Magdalene, Dinner and a Prayer


vintage priti.lisa 2008

I didn’t manage to do the challenge at IA this week.

Pooh on me.

The theme was ‘your favorite month’

I would pick July.

A long, sunny, warm month with no holidays!

(unless you count the 4th, which I don’t)

I wasn’t sure how to express July in my art.

I tend to live in the moment, with hope.

January is my least favorite month.

My muse and I have been struggling…sluggishly.

I have tons of ideas swirling in my mind,

but I can’t seem to give up the control.

Let’s focus on something good.


Look what I had for dinner…


White pizza.

garlic, olive oil,

ricotta cheese,

spinach, broccoli and onion.

A mug of Chianti.

Lucky, lucky old girl, I am!

DSCN2133 I am showing you this old piece of mine for 2 reasons.

1. I love it and never showed it to you before.

and 2. when you pull the velvet tab the frame opens.

Inside is the most extraordinary prayer.

My favorite prayer for inner turmoil and

winter despair.

And my control issues…Bleh…

always haunting me and throwing monkey wrenches.


I hope you can read it.

Rosamanda Miller wrote this prayer.

If not, let me know and I will type it out.

It’s beautiful.



  1. A whole mug of wine?? Wow! I haven't had a full glass of wine in a very long time. I did have 2 shots of Tequilla day before yesterday, just to calm me down:) You feeling a little blue Lisa? Take a deep breath and say to yourself..."I am just so lucky to be alive and thankful that I have my family." Count to ten, taking deep breaths with your eyes closed. Then take another sip of your wine.:) Seriously, try that and see if you feel just a little better. I love "The Surrender," it is totally awesome Lisa. You are so very creative and always have something to paint. I went into the studio today and just looked around, turned around and went back out and into the house.:(( I wanted so to do something today, maybe and hopefully tomorrow. I better take my own advice and count to 10.:) Take care dear, feel better soon. By the way, that prayer definitely has the right words.

  2. What a beautiful piece of artwork and prayer! Ah, I love July too! and January is my least favorite month too, too long and too cold and dreary :oP Your dinner looks yummy!! xo Michele

  3. Oh Lisa, this art and prayer are so beautiful! I can see why you treasure it so much. Love all the little printed art tiles you've made.
    Like the footstep prayer, where one set of footprints, Jesus is carrying us.
    I liked the sentence, we may both be going mad,lol! I think it comes with the job of being human. Maybe it's are best qualities,lol!
    What ever I'm glad of it, spices life up.
    Hope you have an amazing day!
    Loads of love!
    Maybe it's the artist nature?

  4. My heart dropped when I saw your prayer frame. What a beautiful and creative way to display that very inspirational prayer!

    I love July and all the summer months but I absolutely love January. Here is why. January is a fresh start month. It is a month for action. The cold snowy days gives me an excuse to hibernate in my home and studio and feel the bliss of creating at a slower pace.

    I try to give each month a theme. February is always chocolate month and I'll experiment with truffles.

    I know these ponderings on the months of the year might not hit a positive note with you right now, but you are such a creative person, that I hope to inspire you so that your creative energies and talent doesn't get wasted for one measley second!

    Here's to wine and pizza..perfect for January!


  5. I didn't participate either. I found it hard to choose (but July was winning) and hard to visually represent it as well. I love the sun and the heat but I feel more about February the way you feel about January - maybe because I'm further north?? I do like the "New" year aspect of January and it has my birthday plus some of the days, like today, while super cold are very sunny!

    I think that SAD (Seasonal Affectation Disorder) kicks in now - so note to self (myself though it might help you too) increase Vitamin D intake and try to be in the light as much as possible!

    Your Mary Magdalene is wonderful!!! Very beautiful!!

    Big hugs

  6. I love the surrender and the prayer is very fitting. Thank you for sharing. I am with you on January. I am so anxious for the first signs of spring, but instead it keeps snowing and I sit here with the kids home on their 7th snow day from school! Ugh. We are already bored with our one safe sleigh riding path. Ha ha. Hang in there change is around the corner. Pizza looks so yummy! I would go for a second piece and a refill on that wine. :) Love all of your wooden saints and I agree with throwing Frida in there. Why not!? hee hee

  7. Lisa - I think I'd better come over and have a Mug-O-Wine with you. :) I love that prayer. It makes me feel better to know that other people doubt. :) Here's what I do when life and the weather are bringing me down: I make a skelly. It never fails to cheer me up. I have no idea why. LOL! Hang tough, my friend - xox!

  8. Today is called Blue Monday by some. Supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

    Your artwork cheered me tho. I really like the poem. Wonder if the woman who wrote it is Gnostic, for some reason her name is familiar.


  9. I LOVE art that you can interact with- this is gorgeous- and that poem, amazing! Also, that pizza (and the wine:)) looks delicious! I am SO ready for Spring- my Daffodils have just starting poking their heads up.....hurry Spring!!

  10. Yes..The prayer....the art....the food...the wine!WOW!
    Your muse is nearby I am sure.

  11. Ah..Thanks For The Heads-Up On The "Hiccup" In Blogger's Commenting System. I've Now Gone In And Changed To The Pop Up Window. Hope It Helps.

    The Prayer By Rosamanda Is Wonderful. I Too Am Having A Challenging Month. Can't Seem To Find My Focus. Opps..Could Be Age Creepin' Up On Me. All I Want To Do Right Now Is "Graze" (my term for constant snacking) and read. My House Looks A Mess And So Do I.

    Hey..Your Dinner Looked Fabulous! I Served Take-Out Grilled Chicken Sandwiches At My Place. Yep It's Sad But True..I've Plumb Gone To The Dogs Around Here! :))xoxoTerri

  12. Hey girlie! I love July too because we are usually on vacation somewhere in the beginning and my birthday is at the end and my flower gardens are usually in full swing.

    I love this piece of art you created. It is a beautiful poem indeed. I have inner turmoil, too. Sometimes anxiety gets the best of me but I fight it tooth and nail. =) your muse will come back full swing when you get some sunshine, I am sure. This week's challenge is right up your alley, Miss mosaic queen.
    Have a wonderful day and your dinner looked yummy!

  13. Great piece Lisa! You are so good : )

  14. Lisa, isn't it odd how when we paint and look back at it,it is like looking at someone else art work. Maybe it is to do with our soul?
    I'm glad that Julie is Julie when not painting. You're lovely Lisa!
    There's more than one being in the body for sure!
    Loads of love!

  15. Lovely prayer & script. Hope your spirit picks up and the sun shines on your heart :)

  16. the prayer has so much longing and so much HOPE. Very beautiful...Here's to the answers that will come soon...

  17. I feel quite uplifted after reading this. It's beautiful.

    It's Friday night and I have treated myself to drop of vino too.... It was rather nice :)


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