10 January 2011

Pretty Lisa by Sandy Mastroni


pretty lisa


If by some chance you don’t know the Contemporary Folk Artist

Sandy Mastroni, you must, must visit her blog.  She is one of my most favorite

artists, her work is so original…some may say creepy, but for me, I think of it as a darkly funny and truthful look at us humans.

This art doll she named Pretty Lisa.  I took this as a huge compliment, especially since we look so much alike, particularly the  hair.

Pretty Lisa also spells her name correctly, but I don’t find her to be smug about my shortcomings.

Sandy’s etsy shop is full of indescribable art…things you don’t see anywhere else.  Since Sandy’s art is highly collectable, her shop is always changing, and there is always something new.  Go take a look…




  1. What a great doll! I love that her ame is "Pretty" Lisa. How sweet. Thanks for the link. Have a great Tuesday "Priti" Lisa.

  2. I have one of Sandy's dolls and I just love it. :)

  3. ha ha ha
    so funny
    and I bet NO one will comment !
    we scared them all away !

  4. hahaha!that's so cool!! what a cosmic coincidence :) and a lovely one!

  5. A dolly YOU! She does really interesting work.


  6. Very interesting doll! Thanks for sharing the link.

  7. "Pretty Lisa" is fab, so full of expression. I shall check out Sandy's shop.

    Kat :-)

  8. All se needs is a bottle O' vino and she's complete ! mwaaahaaaa

  9. Okay, well, if this isn't a great recommendation, I don't know what is...


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