03 January 2011


Happy New Year!

I am so disconnected with time, that I thought yesterday

was the first day of the year.

I am so inside of myself

that I am completely behind and no further ahead.

I began reflecting on my life on my birthday

in November…

Who am I and want I need to change to be a better me.

I wanted to pick a word for the new year…

a word to remind myself of what I want to be.


A reflection of what is sacred.

God(dess), Creator, Higher Power…

Whatever it is that decided my life was worth a chance.

As is usual of me (and something I hope to change)

I over thought.

What would that word be?

I thought about REAL.

That is a good word.

Then I remembered the Velveteen Rabbit.

To be real, somebody must love you.

But people do love me…at least parts of me.

I realized that I have different facets of me that I share,

to ensure that love.

I also saw how close the words

facet and facade are…hmmm…

back to over thinking.

How about Authentic ?

That’s really Real!

Hard to do though, if you aren’t sure which parts of you are real

and which you’ve made up

just to be loved.

Ooooh…what about CONNECTED ?

Connect my mind, body and spirit.

And connect with everyone else with that whole person!!!

I found my word! Hooray!!!


How am I going to be connected?

Sure, I believe in magic and angels and faeries and

I even believe in myself…mostly.

But how was I going to be magically connected and whole

just because I say it is so?

OMG!!! Back to rethinking.

It is the very end of the year (or possibly the start of the new)

I am almost panicking…and reprimanding myself for panicking

and for trying to make sense of anything when quite obviously,  I don’t know a thing…and scolding myself for thinking mean thoughts about me….

AAARRRGH!  A normal person would feel crazy after a day in my head.


I was busy in my studio when it came to me.

Like a whisper.



That is my word.

It is the way to my purpose.

I have faith that it is.


She is new.

(And TALL…2 and a half feet.)


I also realized

I shared the video on Facebook,

but not at this spot…so

look below.



  1. You are so very real Lisa. That is why I love being your amiga. You light up everything and your beautiful. I love your word, as we all need PRAYER. Your painting is awesome and 2feet you say? Wow! Lucky person who gets it. Happy New Year Lisa and a beautiful post just like you. Have a great week.

  2. Prayer. Yes, that is a perfect word for you and you have created a perfect piece of art to remind you of your word.


  3. Lisa ... you know what ... you are precious :) yes ... precious, at least to me you are.

    your art has taken a maturity i dont know if you realize it ... but it has. i dunno when it did that, but it suddenly leapt up a big noch some time end of last year ... it probably started around the time when you were paint that group of standing dolls. i'm sure this leapt reflects an evolving inner you too. tell me if i'm wrong ...

    happy new year my sweet fren ... don't matter if first day was 3 days ago, yesterday or today ... it's still a time to rejoice for a new dawn is here :)

  4. I didn't mean to laugh when I was reading your post but I swear it sounded like my head. It made me happy to know there are others with the same 'overthinking' syndrome. We should start a group "overthinkers anonymous'. Anyway I was about to tell you that you can't choose the word, it chooses you. (Like my "Love") and then you said 'prayer' and it's perfect. See how it snuck in on a whisper? And love the video; too funny. Great artwork/and love the size. I think of you every morning when I look at my "You are Loved" piece and smile.

  5. Mmmmm, connected, authentic and prayer. Those are all good words to reflect on, and I think prayer would lead you on a path to each one.
    I really like your idea of using a word as a prompt for guidance. And really, what better word is there than prayer?
    This was a beautiful post and you're a beautiful person; inside AND out! Thanks as always for sharing the journey :)

  6. Lisa,

    You said a normal person would go crazy living in your head. Well..even though it is not saying much for me,(or you for that matter) I have lived in your head, or one similar for many decades. So many deep thoughts abided there. Finally, I put those thoughts to written words, as you have on your post. It worked! The words took over and cleared my mind and allowed me to do my art!

    I love the words you chose to reflect on and I love the piece that you created. She looks to be all those words..she looks real, authentic and very connected-like her creator-you.

    Great post for the new year!
    Thanks for reflecting thoughts from your heart.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Lovely, wonderful, real!!!

    You are in right path, I know and feel it... You are walking the way to be authentic, connected, to BE!

    Just BE and Pray sister :)

    See you along the way!

    Blessed be!

    Ana Lopes

  8. Oh, that struggle with the overly nosy mind - getting in the way of our Soul doing its thing! I know it well. But you have made it through. Prayer is a beautiful word, especially made for your Soul Work. Love that.
    Happy New Year, by the way. It is still the beginning of the year, even if we are 4 days in, so not to worry your silly minds about that. ;) I hope that this year allows sweet and tender prayers to bring your mind, spirit and body into a peaceful alignment. Hmmm, tall order but I know it will happen in sweet moments at least.
    Big Hugs and Love !

  9. I think "PRAYER" has already started to influence your life and your art since your birthday. The Saints series fits well into that theme.

    I like the idea of the word of the year too and will be writing about my word for this year soon but last year was CREATE and it was a creative year!

    This year I had a harder time but I thought my runner-up words would make for a good motto as would yours:
    Priti Lisa - Real, Authentic and Connected!

    And you are - all of the above!!

    Hope PRAYER has a magnificent influence over 2011 for you!

  10. I love your thought process Lisa. I think PRAYER is powerful and you are a powerful being... great word to live by this year. Great new piece, beautiful.

  11. Prayer is a good word for the year, Lisa. I like your lady too. She beautiful.
    I think my word will have to be Faith. Faith that all will be alright. Don't sweat it.

    XOXO, Kelly

  12. ahhh, lisa, i am smiling and nodding my head... (at everything)


  13. Lisa - Happy New Year! Prayer is a good word. I like 'friend', too. Friend says a lot about who you are, and what you value. I overthink, too. It is the curse of being a creative person? Inside my head is a group of hamsters battling it out 24-7 - lol!! xox!

  14. Oh my gosh, I am so confused...I thought you WERE (still think you are! :) perfect just as you are without need for a special word or too much reflection. You ARE real, authentic, connected, thoughtful and prayerful already without a doubt!!

    I love your latest praying statue, she's very special! Just continue to be yourself ~ you'll reach new heights this year!


  15. My word for you is blessing. You truly are as well as refreshing. I must agree how beautiful your work has become and evolved over this year. What ever you do, if you hear dialogue in your head that says STOP. DON'T LISTEN!!!
    Happy New Year.

  16. Bowing my head connecting with you in a magical prayer of thankfulness and light.
    She is gorgeous.

  17. Wonderful to read your innermost thoughts...glad I am not alone in thinking these kinds of things too. Happy and joyful new year to you lisa!

  18. What a great read - we took that trip through the dictionary with you my friend! Well, looks like you found the perfect word. Your latest creations are simply superb!

  19. I relate to your whole process and thoughts you have here. I admit I do the same. Wonderful outcome. What a powerful word to live with this year and a GORGEOUS piece of art to have created with it. Days and time are part of a world that does not last. The prayer you create will guide you to a place a greater peace and love. Wishing you all the best this year! And you have inspired me to think about a word this year, so I may be late this year too but I would like to try. Take care.

  20. Dear,dear Lisa:-)*

    World of you thoughts is absolutely amazing...Like you new creation so very much,my dear friend!!!

    Wish you more and more inspirations in this new year,more enchanted,beautiful feelings:-)))8

    Much Love to you,


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