29 January 2011

weekly challenge…broken pieces

It feels like Maggie picked this week’s theme

just for me.

Everything I make starts with something broken

or old and unwanted.

This week I made a Guardian Angel.


lynne hoppe sent me

these lovely, colorful, strips of silk sari.

I have been trying to think of a way to use them.

I think they make the perfect, airy gown.

I added some brass bells,

and some golden thread.

Her face, I painted on fabric

and attached it to a broken frame…

The perfect halo!


All she needs is a little breeze,

for her skirt to flutter

and her bells to tinkle.

Thank you Lynn and Maggie,

she wouldn’t have been born without you :)


My poor Lady of Guadalupe.


I hope she is praying for Spring.


Mary has a little more shelter in the bamboo.


Snow Angel.

I hope everyone has a happy weekend.

Visit Inspiration Avenue Sunday afternoon

to see more “broken pieces”




  1. so beautiful my fren ... it always amazes me what beautiful things you can make with recycling things that ppl would normally throw away. you are definitely the "savior of the broken" ...

    and i love what you did with the last image :) the photo manipulation is gorgeous!

  2. Oh Lisa, she's WONDERFUL!!! Her face is so calm and serene and I love her skirt! Really great job here!! xo Michele

  3. She is a great Guardian Angel. I love her skirt and bells. I would be anxiously awaiting for the bells to tinkle. Great piece. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  4. She is beautiful, Lisa! her gown with the little bells is so pretty and I love the halo. You are always so brilliant in your art. You amaze me every week. You are such an inspiration to me.

  5. Oh my gosh she's beautiful! I could imagine what it must sound like when the wind hits her. Also love the snow angel! Hee hee!

  6. I adore the colours in her eyes, she is wonderful and a treasure!

    Keep warm :)

  7. Well, you know I meant 'around her eyes' since she has her eyes closed! I realised what I'd typed just as I hit publish!

  8. Lisa, this is purely beautiful! What you make, you share your heart and mind!

  9. Beautiful Lisa your art never fails to amaze me. you are awesome and your images and creativity shows that!!! Very coolio!!

  10. Oh, she is so lovely ! And yes, those silks from Lynne are perfect for her gown !
    Aren't we all made from something kind of broken ?...

    Happy Weekend, My Priti Lisa !

  11. You always amaze me, Lisa. Every time I come here, I smile. I love your angel, and your imagination. xox!

  12. You must see the world with artistic possibilities everywhere you look.
    What a gift to make broken things new and beautiful. This is very sweet.

  13. I love the guardian angel! She's beautiful. So, is she guarding the good Rodney Strong wine?

  14. Lisa...hugs...such a super beautiful post..fulll of magic and such beauty..your art and all creations touch my soul...you are awesome!! Shine on!! Mega-Fantastic!!!

  15. Oh, she is so beautiful. That skirt is just amazing! The colors seem like a breath of Spring! She looks very caring, just like a guardian angel should be.

    You had the same snow that blew through here. Seems like it snows every day. Snow only looks beautiful for so long, and then enough is enough!

  16. Fantastic! You are so creative. Well, I'm sure I've said that before but you ARE.


  17. She is my new favorite of your work- SO beautiful and I bet she makes music that equals her loveliness- gorgeous! I hope you're staying warm as you read this:) Is it time for Spring yet?

  18. Lisa...you are amazing. This guardian angel is gorgeous!!!

  19. These are absolutely gorgeous, Lisa!

  20. My mother said I always had to have the last word..I finally made it here to leave a comment. I couldn't get your link to work earlier, but I am here now and your guardian angel girl is sooooo magnibeautifulsupremo! You outdid yourself! I am saying a little prayer tonight, it's a purely selfish one and it goes like this: "I hope this is Priti Lisa's door prize for the OWOH event and I hope I win". LOL, we all have to have dreams right?

  21. Wow Lisa I can tell you are a girl who can make something wonderful out of anything...beautiful work.
    Thank you for the kind words on my blog...you asked about my font...easy peasy...just go to the template designer on your layout page...then to advanced...then page font...if you scroll the fonts all the way down you will see they have added many more then the 4 or 5 they had before...fun stuff!! Good luck!!

  22. Oh Lisa what a wonderful piece! Your art is so alive.She is beautiful. I'm sure you will find many beautiful hidden treasures about yourself on your journey this year. Good luck.

  23. I love your girl for this challenge, she's lovely! Your words are also thoughtful and were very fun to read :-D Good luck and hope you enjoy the snow !!


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