08 January 2011

Weekly Challenge…Color


I can’t imagine a life without it.

Red, Yellow and Blue.

Black and White.

That is all you need.

A bit of swishing and my favorite colors are born.


Oh! And metallic Gold!

Heavenly, right?


I made every stitch of this piece with my own hands.

Except her crown.

I made the frame

from a piece of baseboard I found in the basement.

You can see layers of  red, white and green paint

and holes from the square nails I removed,

The patina is natural and it is a gift

that it wasn’t thrown away when it was replaced.

It has to be the original from the house, circa 1848.

The rest is all clay…

The Lady of Guadalupe was my inspiration

and I hope I got the Spanish right:

Santa Maria, Madre de Dios,

ruega por nosotros pecadores.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

Pray for us sinners.

I hope you like her.

Tomorrow is Mia’s 16th Birthday.

I started baking the cake tonight.

A birthday cake is a labor of Love.


Love to you all!

Go here to see more color!


  1. Wow..magnificent..beautiful and such an amazing piece you have created..outstanding..shine on Lisa!! You rock!

    Thanks for sharing your magical world..it is always a gift !!
    Enjoy the b-day celebrations...birthday blessings and sparkles to Mia!
    and such a beautiful image of you and your kitty!

  2. OH Lisa, you are such a beautiful woman! Happy Birthday to Mia. Sweet Sixteen, wow. That was a long time ago for me. I love your work, she is beautiful. You work so hard and I'm so happy that I have not one but three beautiful pieces done by you. I love them all. Have a great Sunday pretty woman! Take care and enjoy Mia's birthday.

  3. Wow, you are amazing! I love the frame and the paint finish. I also am amazed at the detail in the wall behind her. WOW!
    Your artwork always touches me.

  4. Happy Sweet Sixteen Sweet Mia! Oh Lisa..I adore your newest piece! Can I just say INCREDIBLE! Every single piece reflects your power of imagination and creativity as an artist. The bricks are breathtaking and must have taken forever to construct. That frame is awesome..love the patina and yes it "was" a blessed find. Thanks for posting your picture with your sweet~faced kitty. I for one enjoyed it immensely. Helps me connect with you. Closing for now. I have a rendezvous with some much-needed sleep. Love to you my sweet friend, Terri

  5. ohhh Lisa!

    I adore her face, what a wonderful expression and she is so perfect for your Word of the Year of PRAYER.

    Happy happy birthday to Mia! Our birthdays are close together!


  6. Oh I love this. Great colors! Yeah, and I also like the cat, cutie. First time on your blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red wine. The header is stunning as well.

  7. wonderful would be a good word and divine would be another!!!

  8. Wow Lisa!! What a beautiful piece you have created! I love the frame you made, the patina is fantastic! The way you made the little tiles for the background, all the colors you used, everything is just wonderful! Very enchanting! xo Michele

  9. What a beautiful piece - you are so talented! I'm sorry I have not been around in blog world lately, but can you please wish your beautiful daughter a happy sixteenth birthday from me? xox!

  10. Ah lisa...this piece is so vibrant AND gorgeous. As always, A PLEASURE to see your work. xoRobin

  11. What can I say that has not already been said? You and your body of work amaze me! Honest to God Lisa.
    Happiest of Birthdays to Mia.

  12. I think your mixed media pieces are so wonderful- and I love it when you tell the story behind them. Your Lady's expression is beautiful, I think she is in love with color too! I also love the photo of you and Bear! Have fun making your cake-xoxo

  13. A really beautiful piece, Lisa. You are so talented! Say happy birthday to Mia for me.

    Hugs and have a great week!

  14. I love that you made every part of this yourself Lisa! The rich colours of the clay are beautiful and I love the contrast between those and the softer, worn layers of colour on the frame.

    Also, did you realise that the colours in your piece are the same as the colours in the picture of you and your cat?!

    Happy birthday to Mia too, hope she has an amazing birthday. Ah to be 16 again! Actually I'll re-phrase that - to be 16 again and know what I know now lol! xx

  15. Simply beautiful Virgen. Love the happiness on her face. That's how she should be. As always you did a great job!

  16. This has a lovely, dreamy quality!

    Well done!

  17. You know, I actually clapped when I saw this! F A B!

  18. As someone who uses power tools, I am so impressed with this piece. Not just the polymer clay that must have taken you forever (at least the bricks), but the frame with its awesome patina. I'm very impressed with this and I can't imagine how long it took to make. And of course you are right. Those colors are all you need and any or every other color can be made. Lovely inspirational challenge piece.

  19. Hi,dearest Lisa:-)*

    You creative mind and you free soul and you talented hands making wonders,realy...

    She is so nice as you,my dear,dear friend!!!

    Much Love to you,

  20. This liottle Mary- shrine is gorgeous.
    What a wondserful piece of folk-art

  21. wonderful piece! and you are so adorable! what a darling photo!! xox

  22. Once again you have produced a wonderful piece and a great response to the challenge. I'm going to try to get back to IA this week.


  23. How do you create such beautiful pieces????

    You could share some of "how do you do" this magic :)

    Love it!

    And thank you for your visits in my blogs!

    Blessed be!


  24. Gorgeous art work - you are so so clever. You encourage me to improve my skills & practice more :-)

    My daughter & I have been admiring your cat and are amazed how alike to our own 8 month old kitten, Alfie. Alfie even has a white mark on his nose the same. My 9 year old daughter is convinced that they must be long lost relatives! How cool!

    Kat :-)


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