16 January 2011

What Inspires You

This week’s IA challenge.

Although I have always,always wanted to be an artist,

and I am still

wishing, hoping, working and praying to be….

the first time I saw Frida Kahlo’s work,

I needed to read everything about her.

See all of her paintings and journals.

I was obsessed with her and her art,

and truly INSPIRED to create like she did…

create art with meaning,

with my heart.

Art dripping with my feelings,

my insecurities, my triumphs,

the puzzle of ME …recreated.


In November, I did this sketch:DSCN1537

and my saints were born!

Although Frida isn’t a canonized saint,

she is a savior to me.

I made this St. Frida as a gift.

Frida spreads art joy.


Please visit Inspiration Avenue Sunday afternoon.

I can’t wait to see what inspires others…




  1. Lovely work! I love Frida too.
    Happy lovely creative weekend to you!

  2. Wonderful new art piece. You have obviously followed your dreams as each piece you make is full of passion - as Frida's are.


  3. This is gorgeous! I love her eyes- so very expressive and the flower is the perfect touch. What an amazing gift!
    Your art definitely speaks volumes of you and your feelings- very inspiring!

  4. Your art has the same passion and story of yourself that Frida's has. She's a wonderful inspiration!

    Happy Sunday!


  5. ahhh ... your fridas always delight me :) beautiful work and all from the heart ... i can always feel you in your work my fren :)

  6. Hi,sweetheart Lisa:-)*

    You are my big inspirational source,my dear friend!!!

    Just wonderful piece of Art,much passion and incredibly nice colors!

    Cheers and my Love to you,

  7. Lisa - one of the best things about your art is that I can 'spot' it. What I mean is there is a quality to it that is you, it is unique, and it speaks to me. I love Frida, too, and I have a special reason for loving her. So I think she is the perfect pick for a saint! xoxo Pam

  8. Same thing happened to me after I saw the movie, I had to read anything I could get my hands on.

    Happy arting to you!

  9. You can see that inspiration in all your work but you take it and mix it with some Lisa magic and make it all your own. I've just been oogling over your Sketchbook project - it's wonderful! Speechless I am...

  10. I am such a Frida lover as well. I think you have done a beautiful job with her image. The colors are gorgeous.

  11. lisa, frida had that effect on me, too... at the time i found out about her, i had two small kids and that was my entire life. she was a beacon to me... we had very little money then, and my dh surprised me with a copy of frida's diary. it was about $35 - a lot of money for a book, especially for us at the time, and i don't know which moved me more - that he did that, or frida and her art. this was before frida was such a craze - you didn't see bargain books about her at barnes and noble, etc. i studied every minute thing about that book... so yeah, she's saint frida to me, too...


  12. Yes Frida! When I was young I went to a museum and saw her painting of a dress hanging in a New York skyscraper. Incredible passion. Your Frida is fantastic. Have you ever had a Frida challenge on IA? That would be kewl.

  13. Well you know me Lisa, I breathe Frida. Your saints are beautiful and I have one from you like that. I love it and treasure it. It's where I can see when I am working on something in the studio. Your work is excellent and it is YOU. I too have a library of Frida books, costly but worth it to me. Have a great week.

  14. She's beautiful, Lisa! She stole a flower from your video cap. =) It looks just as lovely on her as it did on you. Your art work inspires me. When I have some etsy or ebay money come my way I would love to buy a piece from you.

    I am glad you found Frida to be the inspiration that moved you. It worked miracles!

  15. yup... st frida! no doubt...
    your gift will undoubtedly spread joy... xoxo

  16. How totally beautiful and appropriate for your collection of Saints!!

    She really has inspired you (and I know so little about her...)

    xoxo So great to see you inspired to post more Lisa!

  17. She's amazing Lisa, great vibrancy and she has such a soulful expression! I really don't think you need to worry about "wanting to be" or "working towards" being an artist, hon, you were just born one! xx

  18. Lovely heartening post. Art does heal and is best when it comes from the heart. Gorgeous art work.

    Kat X

  19. Your Fridas ROCK , girl ! I loved the movie too it was an awesome flick, wasn't it !! She danced to her own drummer for sure..

  20. Thank you for this inspiring post. I've never felt the same about Frieda, but I know a lot of people do. I guess I don't know that much about her.

    Thanks also for offering the suggestion of a tip jar on my blog. But that won't be necessary. I'll manage and maybe one of these days you will want to buy a bit of my art, IF I ever get around to putting it out there.

    However, I do have a little "gift" for you. On Saturday (22nd), I'll be reviewing how I make my scrappy journals. It may add some more pointers that you can use to speed your journey into scrappy journal making. Since I have been making these pages for months, your comment on my blog has prompted me to finally create a post that documents how I make these and the process I go through. I hope you'll come and visit, because it was YOU who prompted me to think about doing this tutorial.

  21. Yay ...such gorgeous magical and beautiful work Lisa..heart and soul touching...brilliant!! you are amazing!

  22. Hi Lisa. What's a "Round Robin?" I never heard of that. Is that like a "fat robin?" teeee heeeee.

  23. Gorgeous work, love the colors!

  24. Frida continues to inspire me too. She gave us parts of her very soul when she gave us her art. That's how I feel when I look at your work Sweet Lisa. There's soul in everything you've ever shared with us. Thank you for every time you've encouraged me with your beautiful art...and your friendship. I cherish them both. Sending Hugs Of Love & Sunshine, Terri


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