27 February 2011


This week Robin from Well of Creations

was our host for the weekly challenge.


Stay grounded.

Let the world fade,

Turn your face to the sky,

Connect your Spirit with your Muse,




This is the first page in my new journal.

I am only a month behind :)

Visit Inspiration Avenue for more creativity.

I will be posting again later,

I want to show you the gifts I won.

But I have a ballerina that needs a ride…




  1. Eeeee, Frida and sunflowers spreading her roots- I LOVE it when you do your journal entries- so beautiful!

  2. This is great Lisa!

    Frida and a rooted sunflower...my favorites!

  3. Wonderful piece. And who better the Frida to remind us to breathe. Love the connect. And on a personnal note, I want to say THANK YOU so much for my prize piece and the lovely little charms and tokens you also sent. I have already used a few!! You are very sweet and I love my painting, I have hung it on the wall in my art room so it can inspire me often.

  4. Fabulous!!

    It sure looks like you connected with your muse, Lisa!

  5. I'm in awe of your journal pages, and this new book will surely be a fun one. I am in love with this page because it says it all. The flower is perfect and the Frida face is wonderful, right down to the eyebrows. Perfect in every way.

  6. This is great, Lisa! A truly inspiring painting.

  7. How nice and what a fun idea to do this page in your journal. After reading this, it made me think that would be a fun way to play in an art journal. Each week can be a new page or as in your painting, a layout. Love it! I have one I started for an art class, maybe I might just use it for our weekly challenges. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. What a wonderful journal page! I love Frida and the rooted sunflower. Beautiful!

  9. Lift your face to the sun my friend - lovely!

  10. Love your Frieda page. I'm getting ready to create a very, very large painting of Frieda. I am wondering if her face will look like yours? I see you on the right side bar every time I come to your blog. There you are with flowers in your hair and cigarette in your hand..I just know your face is going to show up in my painting!

  11. Frida makes a most magnificent sunflower!
    Dance, Ballerina Momma, dance !

  12. Oh--the start of a wonderful journey!

  13. xx Wonderful as always dear Lisa xx


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