20 February 2011


How about my faded jeans.DSCN2405

I embroidered St Francis’ prayer on them.


Inspiration Avenue is the place to be Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for the great theme Angie.




I was visiting Pam’s blog,

yoborobo and she was babbling about being so distracted with thoughts that you aren’t paying attention to the task at hand…Boy, she’s not the only one…I think the whole country is suffering from distractitious.  And I have one of the worst cases. I was already to leave the house, all bundled up, keys in hand, when I heard my mom’s voice in my head “pee before you leave”  Peeing with your coat on is hard enough.  But, wiping with your mittens and dropping them in the toilet is just plain stoo-pid. Luckily I came to before I flushed. I guess it could have been worse, I could have used my keys :-/ 

I had more to blab about…but I guess I’ll save it…gotta beat the dead line….

Happy Sunday…and LOVE


  1. I am so impressed by your embroidery skills, Lisa. Love the poem. How funny about the bathroom incident.

  2. lol, I am still laughing at this post! I always head to the bathroom before leaving the house, even if I just went earlier. My hubby will say,"didn't you just go"? It's the mom voices..like "don't tease your brother", "close the door", "go to the bathroom before we leave" ...
    Love it!
    Great post.
    Oh, and Can I send you my faded jeans? Ha! You stumped? never!


  3. Hey I am in good company here...makes me want to funk up my jeans some more. At least I didn't drop my mittens in the pot.
    love you.

  4. I love how you embroidered that on your jeans and its now faded look. Lovely! Happy Sunday to you!

  5. Yay Lisa..another beautiful creation..you are magnificent!such a special prayer! hugs
    and light

  6. Lol Lisa that's funny!

    I have that distractitious bug too I think, it must be catching. Though I've yet to make such interesting use of my gloves lol!

    Your embroidered jeans are fabulous - a unique and beautiful customisation.

  7. LOL!!! Okay, first of all, I was babbling??? hahahaha! Yes, I was. I do that a lot. :) Secondly, I am cracking up about you trying to do everything with mittens on! Is there some kind of 'distracted' gene that we share? If so, I am very happy to share it with such a creative person. :) xox! Pam

  8. What a gorgeous idea to embellish your faded jeans. I love it!
    Oh yeah, and the following story was just hilarious! We all have those days...

  9. Love the embroidered jeans and the story to go with them. Yeah. Your mom is a smart one. Just think of what would have happened if you would have waited til later and couldn't find one..a toilet that is. Keys, mittens or whatever..it might have been a problem..Mom knows best. LOL.

  10. LOL!! Oh Lisa, I dropped a bottle of nail polish in the toilet today (lid closed thankfully) - it must be one of those days!!

    Love your faded but oh so artistic jeans!!!

  11. Those jeans are great and a lot of work. I think it is hard to embroider on denim.

    Not as hard as peeing with your mittens on, but hard enough.


  12. He, he, Lisa! Loved your post! Good advice and we get caught this way some time in ourt lives,lol!
    Beautiful art too!

  13. who needs toilet paper when you have mittens? hahah

    the other day my son put the kitten in the toilet, and yes it was after he had peed in it... fun times. yeah right.

    Your embroidery is lovely. I love that prayer. I have a few precious things that my mother had embroidered.


  14. Great recycling idea. Your embroidery is pretty dern good. xoxo

  15. My primary school was called 'St Francis' and his prayer is probably my favourite. Embroidering it on faded jeans for the IA challenge is inspired.

    I've ideas for embroidery on old jeans made into purses but haven't actually started yet. This will hopefully spur me on, thanks.

    Kat :-)


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