13 February 2011

Furry, little Puffy-Pants

I was the host of the challenge this week at IA.
I chose “furry” as the prompt
because I wanted to do a painting of my mom’s cat
as a birthday gift for her.
I never painted an animal before,
and honestly, I kinda suck at painting hair in general.
I was hoping to get some advice,
but, I didn’t have any time to visit blogs this week.
I am happy to say I was busy in my studio.
So meet Puff…AKA Puffy-pants.

I also made two commissioned saints,
St Francis and St Clare
9 Valentines
and I am working on a couple more prayer boxes.
Mia went to a Valentine’s Dance, Friday.

I am off to make the orange glaze for the
aren’t those 5 of the best words strung together?
Please visit Inspiration Avenue if you get a chance.
There are some cuddly, furry creatures,
some amazing art,
and even some funniness…
Happy Sunday,
and I’ll be visiting you all very soon :)
DSCN2305  XoX, Lisa


  1. Very hard to believe that this is your first animal painting! You've got that fur down pat. Your mom will be thrilled with the painting and Oh my...that cake!

    Also, the two saints that you created are just wonderful. You've been a busy gal. I'm still at the OWOH but hope to get back to posting and catching up soon.

    Warm Wishes Lisa and Happy Valentine's Day!


  2. I can feel the softness, just a lovely portrait!!!
    I also like your saints, beautiful!!!

  3. Wow - you so do NOT suck at painting fur. The painting of Puff is stunning. Your Mum will be very happy. I would love to have such a beautiful painting on the wall. It makes my first attempt at painting fur ('Miss Furfuffle') look a little sad. But I shall keep trying.

    I wish I had a bit of that cake on right now as it would go well with my cup of tea.

    Your daughter is beautiful - you must be very proud.

    Thanks for hosting the challenge. It certainly stretched me but it was fun too.
    Kat X

  4. Oh and those Valentines are great. Are they on board/wood?


  5. your cat is wonderful! I just painted my first cat too for a friend (it is up on my blog if you care to look). Cats are hard to do, they tend to get very "character" if not careful... yours looks lovely, fluffy and real!

  6. Love puffy pants!! You did a great job on painting hair on him! Love the new Saints also! You've been a busy lady!! You're daughter looks beautiful :o)) Oh and yes those are some of the best strung together words! All it needs is the word wine added to them lol! Happy Valentines day!! xo Michele

  7. That's an incredible first painting of a cat. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to participate this week - the muse just wouldn't play furry!

  8. Mr.(Ms.?) Puffy Pants is wonderful! I love that name. Your mom will be in love with this painting. The fur is amazing...looks so soft and fluffy! And those blue eyes are looking right into mine.

  9. It doesn't appear to me that you suck at painting hair or fur. It's beautiful. I also like your Valentines VERY MUCH !

  10. Thanks again for this PURR-fect prompt. I am in awe of your painting skills. That fur looks great to me, and Bleubeard gave your painting two paws up.

    You really HAVE been creative this week. I wish mine had been so productive.

  11. So gorgeous Lisa...beautiful! and i so adore Francis and Clare they are so cool..a power couple! beautiful work..and shine on..
    and Mia is so gorgeous!

  12. Hi Lisa
    Good stuff coming out of Pritistudio.
    Mia is darling. The cake sounds decadent. Life is good!

  13. Oh the siamese cat is very sweet. I love the eyes, and your valentine hearts are great aswell.
    Have a happy valentine
    Greetings from

  14. Lisa, Your mom will adore your sweet and thoughtful birthday gift. Puff is a gorgeous cat! Those eyes are so bright. Wow!

    I love your saints and those Valentines hearts and cards are beautiful! Mia looks so pretty!

    Have fun with your prayer boxes. They are always wonderful.
    hugs and happy creating!

  15. Wow you really did a great job! The fur turned out fantastic. I loved this weeks challenge.....such a clever idea. You're a busy woman. Have a sweet Valentine's.

  16. Excellent work Lisa! The cake sounds delish. I will be making one tomorrow, We are in Jamestown, CA at a B&B and they have internet access, thought I would check mail and make a couple of stops before we go to dinner. I love your commissioned pieces, really good work. Take care.

  17. You did fine, all by yourself! But thanx for the great challenge anyway!

  18. Cats,Valentines, saints, cake and a pretty daughter off to a dance.
    I'd say life is good :-)

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  19. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL painting- animals in general are HARD to paint but you nailed it! The eyes and fur are fabulous!
    And that cake sounds delish!

  20. I love your cat! Your first try? Gettoutahere! :) And I really love your saints. Love is in the air, Lisa! :) Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet! xox Pam

  21. Wow this theme was really a hairball for me! :) Needless to say I didn't make it, but your Puffy pants is the cat's meow!! Can't paint fur? WHO are you kidding...look again woman, this is GORGEOUS!! I am afraid mine would be, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair!

    Your mom is sure to love it!! If not, call me, I love it!!!

  22. Hi Lisa! Just popped in to wish you a Happy Valentine's Amiga Day!::hugs to you::

  23. ok, look lady... you're pretty dang good at everything you paint and quite frankly it's annoying the hell outta me. ;) Really. This is your first animal painting? For real? It turned out really good. I think the fur looks great.

    awwwww... Little Mia is a doll. I just love a dress cut on the bias. She is stunning. Like her mama.

    Happy St. Valentine's Day!


  24. I love this painting Lisa...you did a fantastic job!

    Mia is GORGEOUS!

    I flew down to see my girls last week and just got back so I am trying to catch up on Blog visits!

    Hope you had a Happy Love Day!!


  25. Great cat portrait! As usual, your saints are stunning...and the valentines. You've been busy! Love your unique style.

  26. Hi Lisa!!

    You have won my OWOH Prize! I have emailed you twice already but I thought I'd try your blog as well. Please get in touch by Feb 20th! Hugs!!

  27. Wow, Lisa, you've been so busy with your art. I love your cat and St Francis and St Clare. I know a little more about these people. When I asked Rose if I'd had a life with St francis of Assisi. I'd seen me go upto him once in a day dream/vision when younger. It was out of the blue and nothing to do with my life.
    It was great to get a confirmation on this.
    I didn't know anything about Artemisia until the reading. This is all new to me. I was thinking I was a man in a painting and maybe the reason I paint in this life is that it got me interested in art.
    Then when I found out I wasn't the man or the artist of Antonello Da Messina. I thought oh well. It was just the true likeness when I was 18. I was seeing this. I wanted to see if I had been an artist and asked my higher self and got the answer Eronoumus Bosch. I spent several days thinking, have I got it right or wrong like last time. I needed to ask Rose again to go into my akashic records. Never dreaming what the results would be.
    I was thinking with you being so close to Saints and Artemisia, we may have lived a life together in another era.
    Maybe we could both be former monks with St Francis?
    We will certainly laugh about it if and when we do meet up on the soul side and we do find this to be true.
    Your daughter looks gorgeous by the way! Oh bless! Grown up now!
    Loads of lovexx


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