03 February 2011

Ice and Relics

Mother Nature decided to mix it up

and instead of more snow,

we got ice.


pretty, right?


But, it kinda keeps you home.

I could have cleaned, SHOULD have cleaned

Priti Studio…but I got distracted and made these instead.



Or Shrines.

I had lots of fun and will probably make more,

as soon as I brave the outdoors with my saw and sander.

And sift through my horde for more “halo” material.











They are all unique.

I LOVE them.

If you want to see more pictures

of them, they are in my etsy shop.

Today I have to get crackin on this week’s challenge.


If you want to play too,

Click Inspiration Avenue.

Hope you are all warm and happy.

It’s about 12* today in Hershey, PA




  1. my word fren!!
    i was amazed by the beauty of ice that formed on the tree ... and then i was stunned (my jaw wouldn't close! darn!) by your new assemblages!! they are stunning!! your work has achieved the level of artistry of a master, my fren ... no joke!

  2. but how can you clean when there's such inspiration waiting in your igloo?!!

  3. Beautiful and they give me ideas too for the small shrine I'm creating. Thanks. Have a great evening.

  4. These are fantastic! They are so pretty and so are your icy pictures. Also I am with you all the way. Cake AND cocktails is the only way to go. I want to go to that party next.
    Stay warm and forget about the housework.

  5. I love them. Actually, I make altars too, but of course mine are totally different. What is there about shrines and altars that we women love? What is there about halo's and wings? I can't get enough of them. Perhaps it is because of the Catholic background I came from? Anyway, I don't see how you have time to post with OWOH going on? I am trying to hit 100 new blogs a day and it is fun but driving me mad!

    Stay in and work because your results are amazing. (I'm always looking for halo material too) that way no slipping on the ice.

  6. Beautiful creations - from you and nature!

  7. I'm wishing you warm weather but I'm kind of selfish. I want you to be able to saw and sand so you can create more of these beauties for us to view.


  8. Yo Ice Queen ! Love your relics..awesome. man you do ave a lot of iceiness. It is back to raining here...bleeeaaakkkkk

  9. Brrrr, yes - but what a beautiful photo and backdrop for your artwork!
    : 0 lulu

  10. Ah..Sweet Lisa, For Once I'm Glad You Were Iced In. Because LOOK What You Did To Pass The Time! I Love These! Every Single One! I'm Heading Over To Your Etsy Shop To Hang Out For Awhile. Sending You Much Love And Sunshine To Help You Through The Weekend, Terri

  11. You are amazing. If I had to stay home for a day, I would probably waste half of it trying to figure out what to do - lol! You kicked it into high gear. These are gorgeous shrine/relics. xox Pam

  12. These are so, so beautiful. I love the pieces you used for Mary's halo. Stunning! So happy to have found your blog... I saw a comment you left on Terri's blog. :) I love your patron saint art too! Wonderful idea.

  13. Beautiful Lisa!!

    A much better use of your time than cleaning!!

    What an amazingly inspired day!!

  14. I want to come play in your studio with you! You always make the most amazing things, Lisa!


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