21 February 2011

That’s what’s fun about Life…it’s a big waste of time.

So, yesterday, I said I had more to say.

I do.

I don’t wish to bore anyone, but I may.

Remember my Prayer Box? Last week?

Happily, I sold it.

I had a request for another.

Now. If you know me, you know I can’t do it twice.

Not the same.  I made 4 more Prayer Boxes.

All different.

I wanted Joyce to have a choice.


In the end, she picked the box I made for her.

Of course she did.

Now I have 3 left behind.


I told Mia.

She said

The most relevant string of words.

“That’s what’s fun about Life…it’s a big waste of time”

She is sooo right.

My boxes:





I left them clickable.

Mia is right.

I had fun wasting my time with these.

You can find more pictures in my shop.


I feel a need to honor my muse now.


short and sweet

colorful and bright

Viva Frida.

I want it to be spring.

It’s snowing now, like we knew it would.


I am sending big, big LOVE

to all of you.


  1. They are gorgeous! Totally not a waste of time! :)

  2. Mia... a wise old soul, that one. But I do beg to differ, those were not a waste of time! They are magnificent!! You create the coolest stuff.

    If you're up for a giveaway I've got one going on I'm calling "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Book". Come see if you have the time :)


  3. Oh--no, no, no-never a waste of time--not when you're using your creative spirit--I LOVE...these!!

  4. I love your posts!

    Waste of time? I think not. First of all, those prayer boxes will fly away out of your shop. Secondly, it's never a waste of time to create and have fun!!

    We're buried in snow this morning too. First the wind, now snow again. Please, please, I hope spring is around the corner!

  5. Mia is a philosopher! She is also right. That is what the fun of life is..it is a big waste of time. Wish we had more though.

    Prayer boxes are great. Looking forward to your new bright Freida looking piece you talked about.

  6. I agree with the commenters who say creating is Never a waste of time.

    Mia is one smart cookie :-)


  7. Dearest Lisa:-)*

    You creativity and you inspirational mind should never stop to create...so,I know one thing: You waste you time not,because you are always busy to make absolutely fabulous pices of Art!!!

    Like you boxes,there are so much little details,they are beyond pretty!!!

    Much Love,

  8. Wow! You should waste time more often. Out of the mouth of babes, etc. :)) And I am with you on making something colorful, and Viva Frida!!! I hope I can get some time to waste soon. You da best. xox!

  9. oh MY!!!! if wasting time is = to beautiful prayer boxes ... YES YES YES!!! WASTE MORE TIME!!

    my fren ... those are just STUNNING! can't take my eyes off of them!

  10. Of course Joyce picked the top right one - if I were trying to guess which one "had her name on it" that's the one one I would have picked for her too!

  11. Wasted time ? Hmmm, don't get that ! Not when you spent time creatively and creating, whether they were fore a specific person or not. You boxes are beautiful but I think what makes them so beautiful is the bits of Lisa that are in them.

    Winter sucks. Art rules ! Love ya !

  12. Doesn't look to me like you wasted your time. Great looking pieces.

  13. big love back. your prayer boxes are gorgeous and so needed right now with all the tragic things happening around the world.
    reading your blog always makes me crave wine...hum

  14. Lisa, your art just amazes my heart with so much beauty. Love the prayer boxes. What a fabulous and beautiful gift. You share so much heart towards prayer.
    Hope your having an exciting week without bordem! I know you won't stay like this for long as you have an amazing talent for creating gifts!

  15. How could creating something so beautiful and meaningful EVER be a waste of time? These are incredible!

  16. Gorgeous..gorgeous and gorgeous..you are fab..and so is Mia!
    Shine on sparkly ladies!

  17. These could never be a waste of time. I love your prayer boxes; special & beautiful.

    Kat :-)

  18. ah if only we could all waste time like you do!
    breathing in all that beauty...

  19. Creating is never a waste of time. Especially when they turn out so beautiful. I'm sure they will fly out of the shop fast.

  20. Lisa...I truly think you may be the sweetest person I have ever met out in this lands of blogs. Only you would get a commission and offer someone 4 BEAUTIFUL pieces to choose from! And, wasting time on art is one of the best ways I can think to waste it! :) Much hugs and hearts to you friend! xx

  21. Pretty great results from a waste of time :)

  22. You are so adorable! And I agree with everyone and especially Kelly Jeanette. Watching soaps, perhaps lots of FB and other things are a waste of time. ART....NEVER!!!

  23. How precious ... now someone else will be the fortunate one to have one of these lovely boxes...so cool.

  24. Oh My Goodness Lisa..On So Many Levels..These Pieces Were Never A Waste Of Time! None Of Your Work Is! Every Piece I've Seen You Put Your Heart And Hands On..Is Truly Sacred! I Find You Don't Dilute Your Work..It Speaks To My Spirit Deep And Low..So Special And Full To Overflowing With Everything That My Soul Yearns For. In Reading The Other Comments Left Here Today, I Can See You Touch So Many In The Very Same Way. So Go Ahead...Sweet Painter Friend. Please Waste Some More Of Your Time And Make Us All Something Powerful And Heartfelt. I Have No Doubt Frida Smiles On You From Above! LoveYaSweetFriend, Terri

  25. I read somewhere recently that it is the process not the product that really counts. Don't know if that is true but I am sure that while in the process of making those boxes you grew and learned to fly higher...
    you are soaring now!xx

  26. Lisa, Thought I'd left a comment here...if I did then you get 2 from me....because I want you to know that in the process of making these boxes...you learned more, grew more, have bigger wings and you are really flying high now!

  27. your work is SO MOVING and so gorgeous! Do you also string prayer beads?


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