23 March 2011

Art, Art. It’s good for your Heart.

Remember last week

I mentioned 2 other projects I had finished?

The first is a shrine

“You are Loved”


and the second shrine

“Hail Mary”


If you want to see more pictures

they are both in my shop.

I have a sketch ready to paint.

It is in my journal…

I wish I would have sketched it right on the canvas.

It seems the first draft is always better.

Maybe this time will be different :)


I will be posting an update on Friday

for Paint Party Friday.

I have the link on my side bar

if you would like to join.

There was some wet snow on the ground

when I got up at 5:30.

Is it too soon to hope this was the onion snow?

I hope, I hope, I hope!!!

I have a big pot of Chili on the stove

and Cornbread in the oven.

That means I won’t have to cook tomorrow!!!

Hippy, Happy Humpyday!



  1. Oboy, chili and cornbread. The best!! I can smell it all the way over here pritilisa. Your work is just totally awesome. I'll go to your shop and look at it again. Have a great day my beautiful amiga. Take care.

  2. Lisa these are just wonderful!! Everything is just beautiful :o)) I can't wait to see the sketch on canvas and painted! You rock lady!! xo Michele

  3. I love the first two and have already checked them out on your shop. The sketch is beautiful and I cannot wait to see the painting.

  4. Hi,wonderful girl Lisa:-)))*

    Wooow.........How fantastic is your creations,my dearest friend,truly!!!

    All you thoughts and feelings are there!And so,so beautiful!
    Have a great cook day tomorrow,

    Much Love to you,

  5. Oh...beautiful, as always! I LOVE the new sketch. Mary is so lovely.

    What is onion snow? I'm thinking it has to do with snow in the springtime? Chili and cornbread sounds scrumptious!

  6. Hi Lisa..gorgeous..beautiful and fabulous..I love everything you create..stunning and LOVE the sketch...such gorgeous art!
    Shine on kindred...you are awesome!!
    Hugs...have fun..happy creating!
    Thanks for your lovely words and visit!

  7. Oh, your art is so good for my heart! I love your icons so much, Lisa. They have this quality that reaches in me like very few other "religious" images do. I just LOVE them.
    They are aannouncing the white stuff here in NH tonight too. Sniff, sniff ! I think I need it to be done now...
    Here's hoping it is a last hurrah !
    Big Love to you, Sistah !

  8. Hey Woman! Thanks for the comment on my post! Your work is kicking butt, as usual.

    I'm like you, I do the first draft, and then on canvas it never seems to look quite as good...but I love your Madonna! Amazing stuff! Chili sounds good, too! :)

  9. These new shrines are so beautiful- I especially love the second one with all that yummy stamping!
    And that sketch....ohhh, I can't wait!
    I'm working on a piece for PPF that has had you in my thoughts all week....see you there!

  10. Once again you've created something so beautiful.

    What is "onion snow"?


  11. You are just what I needed this morning. Thank you for that. :) Everything you make just amazes me. You have talented fingertips!!! xox Pam

  12. Love, Love, Love!!
    P.S. Chili is on my menu for tomorrow!

  13. Love, love, love your works...and the frames are darling! Your blog is so warm and inviting on this rainy day :)

  14. Onion snow? Only in America right?

    Wonderful creations my friend. I'll be back tomorrow to see the finished pieces.


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