05 March 2011

Celestial Challenge



Queen of Heaven and Earth.

After weeks of assemblage-ing,

I painted on canvas this week.

Mary is the essence of celestial for me.


I used a foot square artist-wrapped canvas.

I am less than happy with the result.

The proportion of Mary to the background

isn’t pleasing…and her eye on the right isn’t right.


I have a back up



Remember the wine sale?

Falling Star is Celestial, right?

and it tastes ok too.

But we did get bottles, too


I love them for their art…

I had so much fun looking at the labels.

Wouldn’t that be a celestial job?

Creating wine labels?


This has been such a week…

up-in-the-sky ups

and the downs were just things that come from owning a house built in the eighteen-hundreds.

And a computer built twenty-ten

that won’t let me type ones or twos

or that ‘at’ symbol

or my favorite…exclamation points.

Wow I miss those guys…I used them all the time.

And really, there is no replacement.

It is hard to sign on to blogger…

I have to copy and paste ones and twos

from the date off my blog…just figured that out Winking smile

I don’t know how I got these smiley guys either,

and I cant make them go away after I have them.

AAARRGGGG (exclamation point, exclamation point)

And the water being shut off…

and the plumbers in the house Sad smile It is inconvenient

and somewhat intrusive…


Big Whoop.

Compared to the rest of the world….

I am Blessed.

and so are you.



  1. I love that she looks so peaceful :o) Oh being a wine label maker would be wonderful :o) I hope tomorrow brings you a fabulous, peaceful, wine filled day :o) and I give you !!!! exclamation points LOL xo Michele

  2. Once again, you had me laughing.(exclamation point, exclamation point) Oh what an inconvenience it would be to loose that symbol (exclamation point) I'd be tired after one comment. (exclamation point)

    Seriously, I always love coming to your blog. Your art, humor and sentiments give me a good start to the day. Mary is beautiful! You are very hard on yourself. I see nothing wrong with the eye or the background? She is sweet and pious looking. As far as the wines go..Celestial is a very good name for them and what a job that would be to test them.

    Have a wonderful day Lisa~

  3. You are a joy to read and your art-ahhh!--I'm so glad I found your blog!!

  4. I think it looks great! The proportions are right on and I dont see anything wrong with either of her eyes!

    Happy Sunday : )

    Hugs Lady!

  5. You are too hard on yourself - Mary is lovely and perfectly imperfect like all of us and I love the background !But That's just me, one of your biggest fans !

    Hopefully all the ones and two, and the plumbing (they go together in some gross way !) get back in order quickly.
    Some extras to keep you going for now.
    Happy Sunday, Blessed Friend !

  6. Well, I think she looks beautiful! You know I adore everything you do.


  7. Mary is very special to me, and I love this post. Concerning the finer points of execution of her eye and background, I agree with the other comments, there's nothing wrong there. Perhaps they really aren't absolutely perfect, but if they were, some of Mary's unique character in this painting would be gone. Please keep her as is, she's perfect to me!

  8. You are so funny. I think you can just type EP EP EP when you get excited about something. We'll all know what you mean. As for smiley faces...heck, bring 'em on. I need all those little guys you can dish out. AND (my English teacher is wincing at this post) I love Mary just the way she is. Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend. xox Pam

  9. Hi! Too funny and sad at the same time. Did you have to call Roto Rooter? I hate that guy.
    Dunno what to say about 1,2,!,and @
    but I do know that your art as always is stellar!

  10. I'm liking your back up (always approve of wine);-) But honestly a back-up was not necessary. I love the painting and despite looking carefully cannot see anything wrong with the eye. It is truly beautiful, soul felt and inspirational - love it! Its funny how most of us are more critical of our own work.

    Hope the computer, plumbing and other problems don't get you down. You are certainly blessed not least by your talent and we are blessed to enjoy it.

    Kat Xx

  11. You are much too critical of yourself! (I had to add "of yourself" because you always give everyone else the benefit of the doubt :)

    But if you insist, I'm copying the closeup for the challenge post...really only because Mary is so beautiful I want everyone to focus on her. And believe me, there is nothing wrong with her eye (exclamation point)

    Haha, I've been trying to wean myself away from too many !!!, I think I use them too much! Don't you think?! Unfortunately, my (!) key works just fine...one of the few things on my computer that works fine.

    Wine labels are always so gorgeous. That would be a great job, I agree.

    Hope things improve with your plumbing project this week. I can relate to the "old house" syndrome too! (oops)


  12. Your Mary is beautiful but you are like me when I paint I see every little thing that no one else sees. So you could leave her or add a little more red to the top of the circle behind her to bring it in a little and just do a quick fix to her eye with a tiny dab of black or white. You won't be able to leave her if it bothers you. LOL!!! Love your work by the way that is why I follow your blog.

  13. Woahhhh..Gorgeous Lisa..I love your Mary and she is very celestial for me too..!! Absoutely breath-taking and beautiful..you are an amazing artist and creatrix! I adore you work..and your spirit!
    Beautiful bottles...i think art on labels is gorgeous..shine on! Beautiful artwork..everytime i visit here i am transported to a beautiful magical realm and I thank you for that!
    Hugs and much love ..sister kindred!

  14. Hi Sweetie Lisa. I know what you mean about old houses, we have one too. Luckily my husband replaced all the plumbing and wiring. We've lived here 22 years and even though the neighborhood isn't that good, it's our home with the huge yard and it's paid for. We are not going anywhere. I love your latest piece, outstanding as always. You are so creative. I love that wine too. I bought 6 bottles of wine not too long ago. I haven't opened one yet, oh....I take that back, I did open one up. Guess I drank it all, tee hee. Have a great Sunday amiga. take care. We are all grateful for what we have, it could be worse. You'll get through this.

  15. I have to agree with all the other posts, your painting of Mary is amazing. She is beautiful, in perspective, and the background very complimentary. Your art and humor are the best. I wish you better times soon and agree that I am blessed and even more after I visit your blog and read your posts and see your art.

  16. What do you mean, the right eye isn't right? The world looks right to me! Also, I read your post on my blog, and thought, What! (notice my exclamation!) is she physic!, all month, I thought I'd better get my butt over here before she (you) delete me! (notice exclamation!) and whoa and behold, you came to me. And thanks Priti, for your comment on my photo! (notice exclamation!)...I took 20 shots and only 3 came out!!! What'r ya going to do?

    Lots of hugs,

  17. Mary is so beautiful and serene. I just love her.

    Sounds like just a fault with your keyboard?? A quick fix I hope!

    I feel for you with the house. I have been meaning to buy new flooring for the kitchen for years and then it finally ripped, so I bought it. We had to take the old flooring up and boy was that a nightmare. We all got covered in the glue that stuck it down and it wouldn't wash off. Every door knob and tap in the house is covered in it too! And now there is cat hair and dust stuck all over.... Man what a mess! Two more days until they fit the new floor... I have white goods half way across the kitchen and the rest of the kitchen in the lounge....

  18. Oh my goodness... what a week. But yes, we are blessed. I try to remember it could always be worse, I am blessed! I love your painting. She is beautiful and I love the colors in the background. I especially love her praying hands!

  19. Oh I hear you about computer woes....my laptop will only work for a few minutes at a time so I'm forced to borrow my husband's (poor me- in a multiple computer household acting like a brat :)) But that IS why I didn't make it here yesterday- my hubby hogged it all day- But, at least I have my exclamation marks!!! See? !
    I LOVE your Mary and I couldn't see anything wrong with her eyes- I think they really complete her expression and that HALO is wonderful- I think this piece is amazing!
    Hugs and love,

  20. Back home and back to visiting my blogging friends. Your place is one I always visit because I know I'll find beauty, wit and humor. I quite like your celestial Mary myself.


  21. Girlfriend! Your perspective as ALWAYS is amazing and beautiful and touches me so very much. xoRobin
    (dang, I really was NOT trying to daunt you with the exclamation point)

  22. Hi sweet lady! I love Mary! She is gorgeous! I think her aura is perfectly fitted to her. It's funny how we all find niggling things about our own art but I would never have seen anything wrong with her proportion or her eye. The only difference in her eyes that I can see is that the one on the left has a tad bit of white in the lower left. I had to make it really big to even see it though. Sheesh. Sorry to hear of your houses plumbing problems. I almost wrote that really stinks and then thought better of it. We are blessed.

  23. Your submission is just what I expected..always amazing and inspiring! I feel your pain, it's just not right to feel guilty about complaining. LOL Give yourself a guilt free complaint day! Yes, we are blessed and some days life just stinks. As always, love Mary..she looks perfect to me and just so you know, my right eye isn't right either! ;)

    cheese and wine~*

  24. Your Mary is beautiful and I don't see what you're talking about with her eye. We are all too critical of ourselves. That was a less than grand weekend it seems. I understand, I don't live in that old of a house, just built in '48 but it was built by an eccentric idiot.

    Come join the rest of the Sistah's at our new Yahoo Group! I've sent you an invite :) You might have to check your spam folder.

  25. Oh man Lisa! What as typing challange! I feel for you. As for your painting, it is perfect. I see nothing wrong with her eye. I love the way her robe and hair look so real and soft. Just beautiful. Hope everything gets easier soon for you. :)

  26. Your computer problems sound maddening. Not catastrophic I agree, but I hope it gets sorted out for you. Hope you have a weekend that re-charges.

  27. :)

    A great celestial Mary you created Lisa!

    I like the wine labels idea too though! One of my favourite Spanish wines is called Celeste and I constantly choose wines based on such names. Some of my favourites such choices are Spellbound (with a beautiful moon in the background), Howling Moon, Valley of the Moon, Seven Sisters (constellation), Mezzaluna, La Luna etc.

    When I spilled coffee on my laptop keyboard plugging in a USB keybord made it so I could them use the "dead" keys. Would that help you??

    Hope your renovations are done soon!

    Love EVA xoxo


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