11 March 2011

Hi Lovies :)

My blogging has been atrocious lately

and for that I am sorry…

I will be visiting everyone as soon as I write this post.

Every spare minute this week

I have been working on priti things.

I told you Frida was wanting to come out…


and I took the time for her.


half the time


Then it was back to my prayer boxes…sorry

I hope I am not boring you

First one


then two


I managed to list them in my shop.

OMG…I have so much to say.

And it’s now or never, since my computer is leaving me.

He (I know IT’S a HE)

is off to the vet to get fixed…

I joined some friends for sketch book swappie thingie.

I always, ALWAYS wanted to do this,

so I am pretty very excited.

Yippey-Skippey (EP, EP, EP)


I found (or I should say she found me)

The Wood Wife

She is like me.

Only waaayyy better.

There is a post of hers that I want you to read,


but I am so moved I need to give her

a real post of her own.

I’m off then..,


just one more thing.

I am never going to complain about the weather again

Recognize what is good.

and give thanks.



  1. Hi Lisa. Beautiful Frida. Your work is awesome. I went to visit Donna and you are right, you both do a lot of the same type of work. I've added her to my list because she has a great blog, like yours. Thanks for sharing and your work is just awesome.

  2. Oh my Lisa, your artwork is gorgeous!! I went from Frida, thinking it could not possibly get better to your prayer boxes, so beautiful!! Everything is just gorgeous!! This pic on my blog that you thought was him blowing a kiss (which it totally looks like that LOL I tricked you!) is actually a set of three, Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil ;o) I'll have a pic of them finished on my blog tomorrow if you get a chance to hop back by. Have a lovely weekend if I don't "see" you before next week! xo Michele

  3. Hi,dearest Lisa:-)*

    Frida is you!!!...just gorgeous person and you work is absolutely stunning!!!

    What an fantastic box,my dear immensly talented virtual girlfriend!

    Wish you sunny(hope it for you...)weekend:-)))*

    Much Love,

  4. Thank you for such kind words, but I think you are Waaay better than me!! Maybe we are just waaaaay better each in her own right!! Yeah that's it. Anyhow I absoultely adore - love - want - one of yor boxes and I will have one!! I need to sell something first....namaste

  5. PS - I love your Frida - she has been wanting to come out of me too - I think she is making the rounds. I bought the most beautiful little paper Frida heart the other day on Etsy too. You look similar to Frida in your photo btw.

  6. well said! and i've been wanting to do a painting of frida for so long now...yours is beautiful!! as well as the prayer boxes.

  7. You are busy doing such good stuff, Lovely Lisa ! It's all good.
    Hey did you know I am in your Creative Sistah's group? Because of you, Baby !!!
    Giving thanks for all that is good...
    Love ya !

  8. Hello Lisa!! wow...thanks for the fabulous sneak peak of Frida..I can tell she is exquisite and powerful! Beautiful prayer boxes..absolutely stunning...shine on my super talented friend!

  9. Busy creating is actually better than busy blogging I think. That doesn't mean we don't miss you tho. The prayer boxes are beautiful.


  10. dearest Lisa
    LOVE love Frida
    Thank you for sharing the message and post from Wood Wife.
    So glad I scrolled here after reading you IA post.

  11. Love your Frida
    Love you
    Love post from the Wood Wife
    Amen to the weather comment!

    Have shiny sweet week!

  12. I could never be bored of your prayer boxes; they are so special.

    Just visited & left a comment on your friend's blog post that was so full of truth.

    Kat X

  13. I just love the tiles and shrines, I love the colors. Do you happen to listen to a podcast called Notes from the Voodoo Lounge? There was an interview with Laurie Mika on there, and I really enjoyed it.

    Happy computer to you!

    Speaking of thankfulness, I wish so much healing for Japan. They are really struggling. It is so sad.


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