29 March 2011

I finished a Pig, a Mary and a Book

I sewed the pillow for the Piggy.

The only fabric I have is black velvet,

but I think it is perfect for a pillow.

I stuffed it with lavender…smells sooo gooood!

Mia wondered why I was calling the piggy a him,

when clearly she is a girl.

I checked between his legs

and Mia is right…

He is a SHE!

Also I had to shut her eyes,

because a sleeping pig is…well, SLEEPING!

What would I do without Ms. Know-it-all?


I was also informed that since she was born in the Year of the Pig,

She gets to keep her.

She is going away to Point Park University this summer

for a 6 week dance program, and Ms. Piggie will bring her luck.

I also finished my portrait of Mary.

Slide Show

I amazed myself this time.

I think it is my best work so far.


and a book I just finished that deserves a mention.


Intertwining relationships of mothers, daughters,

sisters, husbands and wives…

It is a smart book that  makes you wonder…

what makes us the way we are…

genetics? culture? our relationships?

There is plenty of real feelings and wit…I loved it!






  1. They turned out so beautifully!!!

    That is wonderful that Piggie will keep Mia company this summer!

    But what about you? You need to make a friend for Piggie and a companion to look after you when Mia is away!


  2. Mary is amazing! You outdid even your previous
    wonderful work

  3. miss piggie is indeed a beauty! i'm glad Mia and ms piggie found each other :)

    Mary is divine! (excuse the pun) but she is! you have outdone yourself this time my fren ... your work is something to be reckon with.

  4. Wow she is amazing- I think she is definitely up there with your best works- go you! I love Miss Piggy all cuddled up on her pillow- so sweet!
    Wednesday hugs to you!

  5. Lisa, you amazed me, too. Mary is so beautiful. You outdid yourself. :) And I love your sleeping piggie. I think you need to make some more, and don't forget to make a sleeping DOTD piggie, too! haha! Have a wonderful day, O Creative One! xoxo Pam

  6. I agree, your latest Mary is fab. Such detail in the face.

    I'm going to check your book recommendation.


  7. You are amazing, Miss Lisa. Oh how I wish you were my neighbor down the street or at the most across town, so we could hang out together, laugh, make art, encourage each other and drink wine... I am grateful that I at least have bits of you here in Blogland.
    Much Love, Beautiful, Beautiful One.

  8. i love you back! and you are right, she is the best one yet! just gorgeous! that is what happens, practice creates beauty...well done
    and what a cute little piggy...

  9. Lisa, your painting is truly beautiful! All your art is such a gift. I love seeing all you create,there all so precious!
    Thank you so much for sharing the angel story about your friend. This sounds so wonderful and it lightens my heart so much to hear of others being given help and visions in this way. Do you think the angels are managing to come through stronger?
    Isn't this just so exciting!
    Your an angel, Lisa!
    Your art is full of heavenly love!
    Loads of love!

  10. Beautiful beautiful Mary - so unique so ...did I say beautiful?

  11. Mary is beautiful and has a strong spiritual presence. Piggie also has a unique persona. Your work is amazing from one end of the spectrum to the other Lisa.

  12. Hmmm, can't seem to leave a message. Hopefully this one takes. In any event, great piggie, beautiful Mary and interesting book. ::hugs::


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