01 March 2011

Lucky Girl.

I was lucky enough to win 3 gifts in the OWOH carpet ride.

I am so excited about winning this on-line workshop from MLB Studios.

Folk Art Doll Workshop

Moriah's Etsy Shop

Moriah's Blog

This workshop is ‘work-at-your-own-pace’ workshop…perfect for me.  And it is a craft that I have never done before, but always wanted to.  Moriah is a very thorough teacher with a calmness about her that makes you feel like you really can do it.  She sells the class in her etsy store…it’s very affordable and she is available to answer any questions you have.

I also won a 4-leaf clover from Barbara Cagle.

I have never found a lucky clover, so I was very happy to win one.

Barbara is an author, and her book  is on my amazon wish list.

My third gift is from Bleubeard and Elizabeth from

Altered Book Lover. Her bees wax collage:


I know a lot of you are fans of Elizabeth’s too, so you understand how special I feel owning a piece of her art.


But, that is not all….

I also received a package from the Queen of Arts.  I was surprised and delighted.  Kim struggles with SADD like I do and packed up a bunch of cheerful yumminess just for me:


Oh Happy Day :D  So thoughtful and generous, she is one of my heroes.


AND.  From another artist, Barbara Boland, A linocut print of Madonna and Child.


She sent it matted and framed.  It is an extraordinary work of art,

like nothing I’ve ever seen. Perfect for my collection :)

Barbara doesn’t have a blog or an etsy shop right now, but she really needs to… She is another generous, artistic spirit whom I was blessed to ‘meet’ just a few months ago.

I can’t say it big enough

how much I appreciate all of my gifts, and even more than that.

how thankful I am to have you ALL in my circle, spreading love.

It’s what we artists do best, isn’t it?

The Wine and Spirit Shoppe is having a inventory clearance sale today…so you can guess where I am heading…Tee Hee


  1. Excellent Lisa. Congratulations my dear. You deserve it and all are just wonderful gifts. Have a fun day at the wine shoppe. :D

  2. What wonderful gifts you've been bestowed Lisa! I can't wait to see what you create with that online workshop!

  3. WOW, that's terrific! I love getting fun mail!

    you did really good!!! enjoy your winnings!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina!


  4. Oh wow, you have so many goodies to enjoy!! Your Frida below fit the challange perfectly!

  5. Oh Happy Day, indeed! Beautimous gifts for you to enjoy and hopefully carry you through to Spring! I can't wait to see what you do with that class- I KNOW it will be amazing!

  6. Salute! Clink clink!
    Hey it's wine glass Tuesday!
    Great stuff you got there Lisa.

  7. Yay yay yay for all the lovely Lisa Gifties !
    That print is absolutely gorgeous...
    So glad you got all that extra loving as the SADD winds down (hopefully !). It is definitely what gets me through too.
    Big Love, Priti One !

  8. WOW Lisa!! You are a very lucky girl!! Moriah's work is wonderful and what a fabulous gift to receive! I'm sure she's a great teacher with so much talent to share! I can't wait to see what you create after the workshop! and a four leaf clover? Now you will be even luckier! That collage is gorgeous! The linocut is beautiful! and more goodies to boot! Enjoy it all my lucky friend! xo Michele

  9. Oh, you lucky girl! And all before you got the 4 leaf clover too!

    Enjoy your gifts, you deserve them! I hope the SADD days are coming to an end. I don't think I have an actual full-blown case, but I have a teensy touch of it. So I can definitely relate...

  10. Oh WOW what an absolutely gorgeous array of special gifts you've received.

    Other people can be so giving and wonderful. I've just got back from a weekend away with 4 girl friends and I came back so grateful to have been blessed with such amazing friends. I'm guessing you have a similar feeling of gratitude and blessing having received these wonderful creations and having connected with these amazing creative souls.

    Kat X

  11. Congrats, my dear! And pour a glass for moi! :) xox Pam


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