26 March 2011

Lucky Piggie

I read about the Lucky Sleeping Pig years ago

and I was intrigued.

When pigs were first domesticated in China,

to own one was a sign of prosperity and good fortune.

In fact, the Chinese symbol for for

“Home Sweet Home”

is the combination of the symbol for pig

with thee symbol for roof over it.


Today, in China,

many people keep a sleeping porcelain pig in their home

to bring fortune and happiness.

My sleeping pig isn’t porcelain,

but he is sweet.

You remember when I first sculpted him

from air-dry clay


I painted him

and glazed him


Now all the poor guy needs is a pillow.

I am using him for this weeks theme at IA


Stephanie chose the theme and said she always thinks of flowers

when she thinks of spring…me too!

Now I am off to sew him his pillow…

I am not a sewer, so this is a labor of love.

Oh. some of you asked what kind of clay I used.

It’s brand name is PRANG.

I can’t endorse it or not

as this was the first time I used air-dry clay.

If you have time Sunday afternoon,

Inspiration Avenue 

will be showcasing all the other contributors.

There is always some inspiring work :)



  1. Aw, I knew you wouldn't disappoint, Lisa. Your little sleeping pig is adorable! I love the flowers and the black and white vines are so fun. Where are you planning on resting him with his soft new pillow?

  2. He is gorgeous Lisa. I am partia;l to piglets.

  3. What a sweet little piggie!! I love how you painted him! xo michele

  4. What a wonderful pig, and I love the tale of their symbolic luck....may have to find myself a sleeping pig for my home :)
    Hope your labour of love is going well..I love sewing so it would simply be LOVE for me!! :)

  5. OMG!! he's so precious!! just like a little baby! that face ... ooooo, if it were flesh i would pinch it! my fren ... how come i didn't know about this chinese sleeping pig tradition?! UGH ... ME BAD!!!

  6. Great story and beautiful piglet. Love the pic of him among the rocks.

  7. He or she is absolutely cute:-)))*
    Dearest Lisa!

    Just lovely little bauty!!!

    Hugs to you,

  8. Thanks so much for the pig inspiration. I have one sitting here, just the store bought kind, that I've been wanting to redo. Hopefully I'll get to it in this century. In the meantime, I just love the one you created out of paper clay. I love the colors. His face is so whimsical and adorable! Glad to see something of a spring nature since it snowed here in Virginia today!

  9. Your piggie is perfect, Priti One.
    I hope your spring sunday is just as sweet.
    Hugs !

  10. Haha, my first thought was, I would like to pinch his little cheeks, he is so cute! But Luthien beat me to it.

    The painted flowers are amazing...I love the white dots in the stems. He will bring you much good luck while he is sleeping on his little pillow.

  11. You know, I'm looking at your cute little piggie, and I am thinking "We need to make some Day of the Dead pigs." Eh? Your springtime piglet is very sweet! xox Pam

  12. He is absolutely adorable, Lisa!! And the colours are so soft and fabulous. Love the heart flowers!

    I hope he brings you tremendous luck!


  13. Lisa he is too cute! How sweet for you to make a little piggie pillow for him. Just a warning: my friend had a cute little pig that grew into a big hairy old hog. He was an inside pig,he even had a piggie door and thankful went outside a lot.
    Hope yours brings you lots of luck!

  14. Squeal!!! He's fab!

    I loved your little piggy when he was just clay, but your painting has given him a whole other character; he looked a bit vulnerable before but he's so cheerful now! He looks like he will bring very good luck! x

  15. He turned out so adorable! I just love the bright cheery flowers! Thanks for the info on the pig. I never knew any of that!

  16. Ah..Sweet Lisa..Thank You For Sharing That Information About The "Pig". I Had No Idea. I Just Loved How Yours Came Together. Every Inch An Original! Love How You Glammed Him Up! Can't Wait To See How That Pillow Turns Out. Also Thanks So Much For Your Sweet Visit Earlier, And For Leaving Such Heartfelt Words. Friend, I Was A Nervous Wreck Putting That Video Together. You Couldn't See, But I Was Sweating In My Shoes. :)) Ha ha ha

    Hugs Of Georgia Sunshine,

  17. Well that has to be the sweetest little pig I've ever seen. You're so talented!!!! Love the design and colors!

  18. What an adorable piggy. I've used air dried clay for a few small molded things but nothing as large as that. You've given me food for thought.


  19. What a cutie! Always a great job : )

    Happy day to you

  20. Oh your piggy is gorgeous! I love the folk art type painting you've decorated him with. I try and attempt similar on terracotta and one of my favourite wooden elephant ornaments is painted in a similar way (but not by me). I do love this style. And the way he is sleeping is so peaceful & calming. Adorable!

    Kat X

  21. Your pig is adorable - I love the way he (she?) is cuddled up and all the little hearts. The pig actually looks very happy! Has it got the pillow yet?


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