25 March 2011

Paint Party Friday WIP and a Treasure


It’s week 2 of PPF.

This week I have a WIP.

This is a 10” square canvas

acrylics and watercolor.


I hope to finish her Sunday.

While I was walking to the post office today

I found a treasure!


It looks like a hunk of Amber doesn’t it?

Really it’s just glass that has been smoothed

by the stones in the alley

and the cars driving over it.

I’m calling it Urban Glass

cousin to Sea Glass.

I put it on my stained glass window for the picture.

Sheesh. Maybe I would have gotten my painting done

if I weren’t so easily distracted by shiny things.

Well, I’ve got a party to get to…

Happy Weekend Lovies!



  1. Such wonderful work, it looks pretty much finished to me so I'll be waiting to see what you add to it.

    Your Urban Glass is a great find. I love rubble.


  2. Hey shiny things are important too! This painting is so beautifl- it's even better than I imagined from your preliminary sketch!

  3. I really think you did a "heavenly" painting.
    Seriously, it is beautiful, dreamy!

  4. I love love love your painting. I have never worked in watercolors and acrylis on the same painting, you will have to tell me how you work that - unless it is a secret?? Also you must be part crow like me and easily distracted by shiny things!! Love that urban glass!! By us we find 'creek glass'.

  5. Shiny things are a wonderful distraction!

    Your WIP is coming along beautifully!

    So happy you made it to the party again! Big hugs and a glass of wine to welcome you!

  6. what a look of intent on her face. great work so far, I can't wait to see her finished. I am just like you with the shiny things. I could be taking an important paper to the president and be distracted with something.. Oooo look! pretty! hahah

  7. beautiful painting and I love your found art.

  8. Lisa..she is divine..so very beautiful ...and she embodies so much love and healing..wonderful..woah!

    How cool..I love your magical glass stone...how beautiful!
    Wishing you a sparkly wkd!

  9. a really beautiful painting...great one! also, i love your idea of urban glass. very good name and it shiny and pretty. i love sea glass, my kids and i love collecting it...!

  10. This is really beautiful, from the serene look on her face to the muted colors. Everything is perfect. I'm the same way, love shiny things! Have fun at your party!

  11. Hi Lisa. Great job, yay! You just keep getting better and better all the time. I remember a while back you said you had trouble with noses, well you don't any longer. Practice makes perfect. I still have trouble with everything, tee hee. Very nice, I love it.

  12. oh my goddess are u kidding me she is done!!!!!! xo

  13. It´s a painting that conveys serenity, fresh and well made. Greetings.t

  14. This is stunning! Love your treasure also.

  15. Your painting is so beautiful! I'm curious to see what else you can do to it. It looks perfect to me, as is!

    And your urban glass... what a find! I love when I come across such treasures. So fun!

  16. That is a phenomenal painting! I easily get distracted by shiny things too so I know exactly what you are talking about!

  17. Hee hee! I am also very distracted by shiny things (My family always tease me about it).

    Your painting is beautiful... So very serene.


    p.s. I love "urban glass"... very cool.

  18. Beautiful painting!
    Being distracted is part of being an artist! Love the Urban glass!

  19. Beautiful. She is so peaceful and beautiful. Love your urban glass! :)

  20. That IS a pretty amber looking treasure and a distraction.I totally get that. I have adult onset ADHD.
    The thing I really want to say here is that your painting's spirit is shining so beautifully too.xx

  21. Gorgeous painting!! So serene and feminine, her gentle gaze, her delicate hand gesture (you're really good at hands). I love your sparkling personality in your storytelling as well, and the photo of the glass against the stained glass is perfect. Such a joy visiting your blog :)
    Have an inspired weekend!

  22. Ooh Lisa! Amazing painting - she looks so beautiful and tranquil, in the pose as well as her face.

    I love finding random treasures, your "amber" is gorgeous - what a beautiful colour!

  23. She looks wonderful, the way she is, Lisa.

  24. The Madonna is beautiful and I thought the second photo was a painting too. It looks great...abstract and beautiful colors sitting on your stained glass window. Just lovely. Happy PPF! Love all your work.

  25. She's beautiful! (urban glass-I love it :)

  26. Oh my Lisa your painting is just gorgeous! I really love her and I love the feelings you evoke in your paintings :o) Love the urban glass too ;o) xo Michele

  27. Your painting is so beautiful. I love everything about it. Nice Urban Glass! ~Happy PPF ~Theresa

  28. So beautiful! It has such a quietness and a ... what's the word I'm looking for? Like stillness, except a heavy stillness. I love it.


  29. Lisa, she is beautiful! Very spiritual. I like shiny objects too, and the way you photographed it is great! Thanks for stopping by to visit me for PPF. xo

  30. Urban glass - if only it could talk - a beautiful find! Love your creations Lisa, so unique, so beautiful! I'm hanging over from PPF, so may stops to make - so little time!

  31. Oh we are like Lovely birds in Spring.Summer, Fall and Winter...attraction to all things glittery and magical! I too would have been distracted; it was meant to be for inspiration and finding beauty in the mundane. Your Madonna is coming along beautifully. At least you are further along in your painting than I. But I wasn't sure if you could combine water-colour and acrylics? Wow, learning everyday. Having fun with this Party. Look forward to her being completed.


  32. Its a wonderful painting, Lisa. I really love it. Thank you for sharing her with us =) Kathryn

  33. Painting is amazing1 And I love the photo of the amber.


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