17 March 2011

Paint Party Friday


What a fun week this has been!

And Friday is the perfect time for a party…

a Paint Party…what could be better?

I decided to join my friend Eva and her friend Kristen

in their new venture:

Every Friday you are invited to show your work.

I had time for a small painting


I had this amazing antique double frame.

Look at that gold velvet….

I use acrylics and watercolor

and give it a matte finish.


I can’t get enough Mary…


I am writing this at 11:30 pm

and the moon is so bright

it is casting shadows.

I opened the windows today….

Love is in the air.

The Vitamin D really worked for me this winter.

I wasn’t sooo incredibly sad….

although I won’t endorse it for ridding you of belly fatSmile

I had the time to make 2 unbelievably fantastical pieces

I will show later.

This post is about the Painting Party.

Click the link in this post

or on my side bar…

join the fun.

Eva told me she would sneak in a bottle of wine :)

LOVE !!!!



  1. Wine is always welcome at PPF! ha!

    Your painting is beautiful and looks fabulous in the frame :)

    I am so glad you're partying with us!!!


  2. Indeed! Wine, with you in mind, Lisa!

    Such a beautiful Mary!! She may be my favourite so far!

    And there's more....?

    Thanks for inviting friends to the party! I must go check out the Moon and then hit the hay!

    Love EVA oxox

  3. Excellent piece Lisa as always. Paint Party Friday's are going to be fun. I love her peaceful look. I'll have a glass of wine too. Take care.:)

  4. I'm so excited about Paint Party Friday! I'll see you there later on (assuming my 'puter cooperates ;)) And I MUST say I am LOVING these Mary paintings of yours- I can't get enough of them either. Her expression is so perfect- ethereal and serene- just lovely!
    We were able to open our windows this week too- we even left one open last night and this weekend is supposed to be in the 80's- YAY!
    BIG hugs to you,

  5. I'm going to check out your Painting Party. I certainly think the painting you showed is lovely. You always have such interesting frames too.


  6. GORGEOUS! A little jewel. :) It is going to be warm here today, and I am telling you, my mood is 100% improved. Party hardy, my painter friend! xox Pam

  7. I feel the same about Mary Lisa. I'm always adding halos to my "girls" and sometimes wings. The frame is such a wonderful backdrop for this particular Mary. I really love the Latin words around the halo.

    I'm off to start my "Freida" today and as I stated in an earlier comment, I'm sure she is going to look a bit like you!
    (she won't have her cute pink jammies on though)

  8. that's a lovely painting. you're right. the frame is the perfect accent to this painting.

  9. Beautiful Mary painting, Lisa! The frame finishes her off perfectly! Wine is a staple of a party, right? xo Michele

  10. Lisa...so beautiful and spiritually uplifting..always such harmony and magic emenating from your pieces..shine on my kindred..you are awesome! hugs..and hey I'll have some wine too!

  11. I almost melted when I saw your Hail Mary, on FB! I am having an obsession with the prayer lately...maybe I need her! I may not be able to paint her like you do, but I can pray!!! Your creations of her get me by, I may not be religious but she gives me the spirit! I do appreciate your artwork, and am saving my dollars to buy one.

    Love ya bunches!

  12. i am in total agreement on the vd3 thing, still have the belly fat, but winter was far more tolerable... love your mary and i think i remember that frame from 1968 or around there... sending kisses, and am moving to Michigan thats kinda closer to you right? xoxoxox

  13. Lisa, She is wonderful. You have displayed her beautifully in that frame. Love how you worked that velvet. Thanks for the Vin. xx

  14. What a gorgeous painting. I love her features and expression especially.

  15. Your painting is beautiful! And it goes perfectly in that frame. :)
    Glad to meet you through PPF!

  16. Truly a gorgeous lovely painting. So much emotion captured on canvas...her eyes and beautiful face...I adore it
    Nice to meet you.
    Annabelle ~^..^~

  17. I absolutely adore your style! This is so pretty (oh, and priti has such a wonderful meaning, we should all feel pretty). You look lovely as Frida, by the way :) So happy to find you at the Paint Party, and I will definitely be stopping back to see more of your creations!

  18. That is such a cool old frame. It's perfect for your beautiful painting of Mary.

  19. It's a gorgeous picture anyway, but when you put it in that frame.... wowzie! Gorgeous!

  20. Gorgeous! The frame is perfect for it too.

  21. Hi Lisa, Your painting is beautiful and the frame is perfect! Thanks for stopping by to visit me for Paint Party Friday. :-)

  22. What a nice piece of art. This would look so good on our wall between the living room and kitchen. The color and tone is so pretty.

    I love that photo of you, smoking! Your outfit and hair are perfect for the pose!


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