13 March 2011

Pink Piggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see,

My computer is fixed!

The Dr. made a house call

and put a new keyboard in my lap top

in about an hour!

I have such good fortune :)

The weekly challenge was a color theme…

Black, White and Pink.

I was making a piggie with air-dry clay

and since it rained allll weeek

he didn’t dry.

So how about this piggie instead?


I bought new jammies!

Brand new

not from a thrift shop :)

I bought 3 pair

and I think I’ll be returning this pair

because I look like a piggie in them :D

This piggie will be sanded and painted sometime this week:


Palm Piggie.

I also bought my art journal for this project

Sisterhood of the Traveling Book

Thanks Jaime for master-minding this!!!


I am off to blog world now…

Happy Sunday




  1. Aw I don't think the new jammies make you look like a piggie! You're beautiful!! I think they are cute! Love the palm piggie and can't wait to see him finished! What is it with pigs lately, I've been wanting to do one too??!! xo Michele

  2. Do piggies FLY?
    'cause you can fly.
    Cute palm piggy too.

  3. I think you look adorable! (Not like a piggie at all.)

    Your air dry clay piggie looks fantastic! You make me want to give that a try - what kind of clay do you recommend?

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  4. A piggee you are not, but you never cease to amaze me with your creative energy!

  5. Hee hee funny post! pink piggie indeed! Hardly!

  6. LOL!!!!

    First so happy your keyboard is fixed!! And you are back in the blogosphere without challenges and impediments.

    I think pjs must be comfy first and foremost! Who cares what you look like in them! Are they comfy? (And you look cute!)

    Laughed when I saw your new sketchbook/journal - very similar to what I just bought (um....because of the propeller and my word of the year....). I'm liking it so far!

    The piggy looks adorable! Could you give him a banjo and enter him into http://banjopigs.blogspot.com/?

    Love the heart!!

  7. I think your jammas are fab wouldn't mind a pair myself. As for the palm piggie just love him even in his unsanded and naked state. Marie

  8. Aw - I like your pretty pink jammies, you look cute in them!! I love your little piggy too - he looks so sweet and vulnerable! Hope you'll post a pic of him when he's all dry and finished, I'd love to see him again!

  9. I like it... and you really made me laugh with your comments...

  10. Oh I love your pink jammies Lisa. They look great on you with your beautiful face smiling at us. You are just a beauty. Glad you got your computer fixed and I look forward to seeing the little piggie painted. Go Pink!!:D

  11. They look lovely PJs & in my opinion you look pretty not piggee.

    That piggy looks like it will be perfectly adorable.

    Kat X

  12. You obviously don’t see what I see, looking at you in the pink jammies, Lisa. No piggee in site. That palm piggy looks like he is in heaven - so cute.

  13. Yay for fixed computers !
    Yay for cute, cute, not piggie pjs!
    And that drying piggie is soooooo cute ! I love a palm piggie !

    Bought my journal yesterday ! Looking forward to it !!!
    Have a cozy night in your pjs, Priti One !

  14. Aww, your little palm piggy is adorable. I cant wait to see him when he's all finished!

    Keep the pink PJ's. I saw no piggy in that photo!

    Your CreativeSistah,

  15. I love this little piggie ~ is he going to be pink? I can just hear him going wee wee wee all the way home! It rained so much this week, I am thoroughly sick of it. Saturday was beautiful here though.

    You look adorable in your new jammies! You should keep them, they look sooo comfy.

    So glad you can now use your exclamation point again, teehee!!

  16. You're adorable period. The jams look comfy and I like how they look on you. Your little piggie looks like he way be giddy with excitement and covering himself up. Love it! He is too cute!

  17. LOL,LOL! how funny! that was great! are you really going to return them? I'm not a pink person, so I can't tell ya to keep them! I'm still giggling!
    I want to see your piggie when you finish, I'll probably associate him with your pink jammies!

    have a good start Monday,
    xoxo Lisa


    oh, what a snout your clay piggie has.

    so cute

  19. Hey Miss Lisa!
    I agree with all of the above; a piggy you are not, but those jammies are wonderful. They look very snuggly! I need some jammies myself, but I just keep making do with t-shirts and shrunken bottoms :)
    I need to get my sketchbook too- were you planning on doing anything on the outside? Also, I want to do a sign in page....I really need to get going on this!

  20. I'm afraid I'd stay in those jammies all day so best I don't buy any.

    You're a cutie!


  21. You are too funeeeee...snort, ,,,snort !

  22. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for your beautiful message. A new painting did come out of it. Maybe Artemisia is the angel on my sofa? I've asked Linda and Terry one more question so hoping I'd be so lucky in recieving the answer. I'm totally confused!
    Never mind, it's an adveture atleast!

    You look so cute in your jimjams! I thought they we're day clothes until you said!
    Loads of love!

  23. Lisa, Ive recieved a message from Rose and she's so upset with me as she is near 100 percent on her gift.
    She's listed off many predictions the twins didn't get right and said maybe my email may have been bogus. I was surprised to recieve an answer.
    I thought I was going mad yesterday.
    I even wanted with a passion to play a madolin when in middle school but got the name wrong and kept calling it a violin. So when the teacher was so excited to get me lessons I was so excited until I saw the instrument and didn't have the heart to tell her I'd got the name wrong. Mrs O'neil was one of the only teachers who took me as a bright child and didn't class me a stupid.
    My hubby was so upset with me yesterday as he said he believes I am Artemisia and he usually doesn't beleive in reincarnation.
    I feel so stupid and wish I'd not written on the twins site.
    Hope your day is fantastic and sorry for laying this burden on you. Just thought I'd better put this all in perspective!

  24. those jammies are darling!! they are so cute, do not get rid of them get rid of the thought!! DARLING I say!!! and adorable piggie!!! xoxox


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