24 April 2011

Angel Prayer Book

This week Tammy chose the theme…Angels.

I thought it was a brilliant choice,

especially with our upcoming Art Auction for Angel Faces.

I already have my piece finished,

but I can never have enough Angels :)

so I was happy to go to my workshop

and get busy.


I’ve been wanted to alter a book

into a Prayer Book…

a place to write inspiring words.

I have my own little book for that purpose,

but it isn’t this priti ;p

I hope you like it.


Please visit Inspiration Avenue 

to see more Angels.

I hope you are having a Happy Sunday

the sun came out today!!!



  1. Lisa, The book is beautiful. So appropriate for this holy day.
    Peace to you this day and always.

  2. Definitely Priti!!!

    Happy Easter Dear Lisa!


  3. Love your altered book. I like having a journal of sorts also. Once I drew and painted an angel on an old hymnal page and then put it on the front of a book I was altering. The watercolor pencils were so transparent that the hymns showed thru her face, which I thought was cool.

  4. I love this book! You have been doing such wonderful things lately (well, not only 'lately', but I also love your prayer cards)!

    I'm so hoping we get a little more sunshine today, but rain or shine, Happy Easter!

  5. I love this an dnow I want to go work on my journal cover!! O' you are so inspiring!!

  6. Powerful concept. I´d love to touch that cover and enjoy the details. :)

  7. Beautiful book, as always your artwork is gorgeous :o) Happy Easter my friend! xo Michele

  8. What a wonderful book. What is the house part made of? I'm wondering if it is clay of some kind.

    Is that in the auction? I guess I'd better go see what is up for bid.


  9. I always look forward to seeing what you've created Lisa - I love all your ideas. can't wait to see what you've made for the auction!

    This is beautiful, I especially like the different styles of text you've included. Whatever hopes, dreams and prayers you fill it with I hope they all come true :)

  10. Dorling!!! you're in your element!! i am loving your work more and more my fren!! keep it up ... it's so so beautiful what you are creating!!

  11. That is off the hook! OMG, I could totally hang out on your page all day!
    Have a juanderful Easter. Keep on inspiring!

  12. Hi Sweetie. That is one beautiful journal. You are so creative, I just love your work. Come over, we'll have some wine and a big salad and french bread.:) ::hugs::

  13. Happy Easter sweet lady! Your prayer book is wonderful. You always add such special touches. This will be a wonderful place for those special words.

  14. So beautiful Lisa..always inspiring..just gorgeous! HUgs!

    Cheers..a glass of red to you my friend for all the magic you share with the world!

  15. Lisa Lisa Lisa Lovely piece so neat. i made one kind of like that this week but marriage not angels..
    Love your book furrr surre!!

  16. What a beautiful prayer book and so appropriate for the current season.

  17. I love your altered prayer book. It is so beautiful. I love the front element, it looks like a special place where the angels go to hear the prayers. This is a wonderful piece.

  18. So special, gorgeous and perfect for Easter Sunday. All your inspirational art work will be treasured through generations of a family - the sort of treasure that is passed from grandmother to mother to daughter and so on. It must be wonderful to know that your loving creations will become a part of someones life.
    Kat Xx

  19. OH so Priti I love the way you used your clay as a frame and the little angel is so serene. BTW, THOSE TULIPS are to die for! I stopped trying with tulips a couple of years ago because where we live, they never come back......but these are incredible!

  20. What a wonderful little prayer book you have created. It is perfect for jotting down inspirational thoughts, as you said. I'm like you, I can't get enough angels. We need them around all the time.

    Also, I want to comment on your beautiful Frieda painting you created for the Friday paint party. She looks so demure and has such a wonderful expression on her face. I can't get enough of Frieda either. LOL

  21. This is beautiful! and I got your note, I'll send you my e-mail ASAP, I'm so excited. I also realized I didn't have your blog on my sidebar for the sisterhood, I'll remedy that right now!

  22. I love this journal.
    What a beautiful cover and it is truly sacred.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on the indian!
    It made my day.
    I am indeed very blessed in my friendship with the Woodwife, in oh so many ways!

  23. This is going to be a wonderful prayer book. The cover is so rich and full of beauty and symbolism. I really love it. There are angels all around you, Lisa.

  24. dear one,

    you are my shrine-ing star at recuerda mi corazon today!

  25. Hi Lisa,
    I just found you from an old comment on my blog on a PPF. Sorry, I never saw the comment.
    Love your art and that cool picture of you as Frida!
    The angel prayer book is beautiful! See you on Friday...

  26. The book is beautiful and your Frida is AMAZING!

  27. dear one,
    you are the featured artist in the gallery of hope!


  28. You are just such an awesome artist, Miss Lisa. It is amazing to watch you grow...
    Love ya !


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