29 April 2011

Her Majesty…

To celebrate the royal wedding,

the lovely Lisa Wright from the UK

chose this weeks theme…and I chopped off the wedding part

and went with Royal.


I inserted a picture if Elizabeth I,

but it could easily be swapped with a photograph

of the Queen in your Life.


Wouldn’t this make a perfect Mother’s Day gift?

You can find it here.

And I am offering Free Shipping on everything in my etsy shop

from now until Mother’s Day (May 8th)

Use the code mothersday in the coupon box.

Speaking of Queens…

Look at the surprise I received in the mail


a very special gift from my friend Darla.

She calls these little icons rubbles

and when I admired them on her blog

she made one just for me!

How in the world did she know I would love one of Mary? ;+)

I know Darla would welcome a visit from you at

Bayside to Mountainside

Thank you Darla…I LOVE it!!!


We had more awful weather this month than I can remember.

Yesterday morning a tornado went ripping through our town.

Tornados in Pennsylvania are milder

than other parts of the country,

but I can tell you,

they do sound like a train roaring by.

Our neighbor’s roof blew off and landed in a tree-top

across the street.

We were luckier and only a section of our fence blew down.

Miraculously no one was hurt,

just a lot of destruction.

It made me sympathize with the people in Alabama.

No matter how bad things are,

someone is having harder times.


We were without electric for most of the day…

it’s amazing how much can be accomplished

without distractions from the computer or stove.


If you would like to participate in the ROYAL challenge,

visit Inspiration Avenue…there’s still time.

Tomorrow I will be posting my piece for the Angel Faces 

Art Auction, so you haven’t heard the last of me :)



  1. How sweet of Darla. Hmmm...I can't imagine how she'd know you would want an image of Mary. ;)

  2. Yeah really I wonder too - why would anyone think you'd like a picture of Mary. Hmmm. Oh and I love the frog on your queen creation!! We had tornados too here in TN. and yes the train sound - it is for real!!

  3. She is lovely. Love her froggie friend.

    So glad you are safe.
    All the devastation and destruction makes me feel even more blessed for the day I have been given. Soaking up the spring sunshine and light today, in thanks.
    Sending light and love your way, Gorgeous One !

  4. Glad you are okay. Nice work as always. Hope the weather gets better for you. It's cold over here and very windy but that's all Take care of yourself and nice gift you received. Yay!

  5. Your contribution to the IA challenge is great. Nice that the picture can be changed if someone wants to make it more personal.

    Happy to see your bit of rubble arrived. You inspire me so often that I just wanted to give back a little something.


  6. Gorgeous elements all added together to make a wonderful piece! I love the little frog too - great touch!

    Darla must be psychic - how did she know? ;)

    I hope your weather improves - stay safe and keep warm xx

  7. Very scary weather indeed. Been watching it on the news. My prayers go out to all affected.

    Back to more cheerful subjects... Well, this is a delightful addition to our gallery this week my friend. I was going to say that I was "amused" but that was Queen Victoria's catchphrase rather than Elizabeth's. Hers was probably "off with their head".

  8. Love the frog, queens kissing frogs,lol! Glad I'm not a queen,he,he!
    Bueatiful art as always!

  9. Perfect! Frog Prince with the queen!
    You rock! So does Darla.
    Great IA friends here!

  10. I love this submission with all the different tiles and the frog is just the icing on the cake! Truly majestic and my fingers are creeping toward your etsy shop.....

    We had terrible tornado's and destruction in Arkansas as well. My vacation did not go as planned this week and my whinning about it quickly changed to gratifulness that I wasn't picking up pieces of my house or looking for missing friends and family. Shortly after Arkansas, then Alabama was hit.. it truly does change your attitude in a hurry!

    Love your submission, clever girl!

  11. Beautiful piece and love the sentiment. As always your art is super special!

    Sending wishes for calmer weather your way. Look after yourself.

    Kat Xx

  12. Marvelous! Absolutely fantastic, love every detail.
    Good to read noone was hurt and that you are ok with minimal damage to your property.


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