17 April 2011

Mia Madre

I bet it’s no surprise that I chose Mary

as my Mother Art this week.

I hope I am not boring anyone with my obsession,

but I really feel she is the image of Mother.

The definition of all things Mothers try to be.


I started a series of prayer cards

and I needed a place to keep them.

I made this box

with the vessel for Holy Water in mind.

It is made from cardboard and a neat-o metal effect.


I decopaged aluminum foil to the box

and rubbed watered down black paint into the wrinkles.

Simple, but messy and time-consuming.

These are the cards:






The backs all have different prayers to Mary:


I have plans to do other saints this week.

And I have a new painting

in my head.

And a new box design.

And a ka-jillion blogs to visit.

And a sink full of dishes.

And this horrible gray sweater to burn.

Visit Inspiration Avenue today.

I am going to post all of the Mother Art at noon.

And you can find the Prayer Cards here.



“Did the kiss of Mother Mary

Put that music in her face?

Yet she goes with footstep wary,

Full of earth’s old timid grace.”

~William Butler Yeats


  1. What's with the jumper burning???

    Anyway, I did indeed guess what direction your piece would take and you did not disappoint. It's a beautiful creation as always.

  2. I adore your prayer cards, I just used the same tech, aluminum foil painted on some chipboard swap pages, love the results! Love your work!!!!
    hugs Lynn

  3. Hi,sweetheart Lisa:-)*

    You admire me,you are beyond productive and creative,just fabulous,my dear,dear friend!!!
    All you cards are really touching,what an amzing technik...and the result is absolutely fantastic!!!

    Husg and Love to you,

  4. So beautiful! Love the card holder too. Happy PPF.

  5. Well, you are certainly not boring me with your obsession since I am also obsessed - even though I prefer to call it devoted. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your prayer card box and I am glad you explained how to do the foil effect b/c I was going to ask and more than I LOVE you card holder I am deeply in love with all my heart with your cards. I bow to your artistic talent!! Namaste!!

  6. These are stunning prayer cards! Where did you get the pages with the old German lettering that you used on some of your backgrounds? I'm looking for something like that.

  7. These are wonderful. Now I know what to get the momma who has everything.

  8. Bored by your artwork Lisa? Er - no. Inspired? Impressed? Awe-struck? Yes!! Gorgeous in every detail. I love the metallic effect - I bought some silver duct tape ages ago that you may have inspired me to dig out x

  9. Thrilled and delighted that your passion is showing and that I get to glimpse it. Your work touches me deeply.

  10. There is something so special about your prayer cards and the beautiful box you created out of foil. It is like a little shrine. Wonderful work and idea.

  11. Hi Sweet Lisa. Your work is so very touching. I like that you made all those cards to go with your beautiful box. You really have a lot of talent. Love them all.

  12. Your work is beautiful...you are so very creative. I love the prayer cards you did...really cool!

  13. Yeah, me too! Something about the pureness of her that reverberates in me! But when I landed here just now, I caught my breath, and was at once, at peace!
    I know the sink full of dishes, the dust and pretty cob webs...so much to do!
    Thanks for the smiles!

    lots of hugs,

  14. Oh Lisa, your Mary pieces get more and more beautiful- I LOVE this series of yours! And the box was such a brilliant idea.....you are the best!

  15. Your box is wonderful as are the cards in it. I didn't get around to entering the IA challenge this week but I'm going to look at what others posted.


  16. I am absolutely amazed at this beautiful artwork!

  17. Is burning a sweater some kind of Spring ritual at your house? Me, I would chop it up and make a plushie. Love your new cards. You always surprise and amaze me with how your little gray cells work. Never, ever boring. xox Pam

  18. Your prayer cards are so beautiful and I adore the box you created! Wow, aluminum foil? How creative! Your work never disappoints Lisa. Beautiful.

  19. Your prayer cards are awesome. How big are they? ANd the box to keep them is so cool. It reminds me of the holy water wall pockets we used to have in our homes. I still have one by the way. Your creativity constantly amazes me. I love, love, love them.
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  20. Hey girl! I love this! Such thought went into this, as everything you do. Thanks for the info on the round robin. I can't wait to see what you create this week.


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