11 April 2011

Pendants and a Good Cause

First I have to thank all of you

for your ever-sweet comments.

I am happy to report

the sun is shining

and my soul is dancing!

Yesterday I spent the whole day arting.


I made a bunch of pendants


These were nice, but as I always do

I fiddled around and came up with these


This is a picture of the front and back.

I actually listed them, you can find them in my shop.

I wanted to do something for Japan

and I chose this charity.

click Rebecca’s name.

Rebecca Corazon


I always try to help Rebecca with her charitable causes.

You may remember the Oaxaca Shrine Auction.

Anyway it’s just a suggestion.

I am hosting the Weekly Challenge at Inspiration Avenue 

this week,

so you may want to click on that link too.

I will have more to show you this week,

as soon as I see if my brilliant idea is going to work for me.




  1. i am swooning over your pendants! honestly i spent some time here this morning falling in love with your Mary our Lady painting...i LOVe LOVE LOVE her!

    and here you are sharing about the shrine auction, and support for japan!

    and it is not to late for anyone to join in this years shrine auction....

    the gallery of hope will close and reconfigure the last week of april, to reopen with the hope of once again supporting the children at oaxacan streetchildren grassroots.

    thank you for gracing my heart.
    beauty, everywhere!!!

  2. So glad you're feeling better- sunshine always helps doesn't it? That pendant is beautiful and so generous of you to donate to Japan's cause.
    I'll be checking in for signs of you posting your brilliant idea- you've got me VERY curious....wonder if it has anything to do with mothers.....

  3. Hi,beautiful girl Lisa:-)))*

    What a gorgeous pendants you create,my dear friend!!!
    It's very,very nice ideas of you and the result of it looks absolutely fabulous!!!

    You are so talented soul,wonderful Lisa:-)*

    Much Love to youy,

  4. Those pendants are lovely Lisa - the message on the back is a wonderful detail - makes them extra special.

    A shrine auction sounds fascinating - off to have a look! x

  5. Those pendants front and back are gorgeous. And it is lovely of you supporting this charity.

    So glad that you are feeling brighter.

    Kat X

  6. Lisa,I just met rebecca earlier this year. Like you she is an inspiration to my heART. Your pendants are awesome Lisa. Wow!
    Going to Pritistudio etsy to shop SOON again I hope.
    love you

  7. I agree with Gemma- I would love to see these carry over into your etsy shop. A lovely compliment to the prayer boxes which are also INCREDIBLY inspiring. xoRobin

  8. Truly gorgeous...what a powerful and beautiful post! Shine on rock on Lisa!! Your work..is always stunning...i love ALL that you do and create!


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