02 April 2011

Self Portrait

This week we were coaxed to do a self portrait for IA.

I gave a glimpse of mine in my previous post for PPF.

This is the introduction page

for the Traveling Sisterhood Journal.


I think you can click on the picture.

I use myself a my own model all of the time.

I sit in front of the mirror to sketch.

For proportion.

For hand placement.

I know many of you have seen these paintings before,

I am indulging myself :)


Remember me as the High Priestess?

This one shows the lines around my mouth.



Then I got my long hair cut off


and so, the Empress has short hair.

This last painting

I never showed on my blog.

I copied a painting that I sold.

I missed it so much I decided to paint it again.

Bigger and better.



I know these paintings are much Priti-er than I am.

But I paint what I see

and I wear rose-colored glasses

all of the time.

To be Disillusioned is to be Happy!

We would love if you would visit Inspiration Avenue

Sunday evening and see everyone’s self portrait.



Truth is Fire.

To Speak the Truth

can Illuminate

and Burn. ~Gustav Klimt


  1. Oh my....gee....uh....tee hee. Wow! If I stood NAKED in front of a mirror and try to paint myself, the mirror would definitely start cracking, that's for sure. So I don't, but you look great in all your impressions. Great job Lisa!

  2. Love, love, love them all! I especially like the traveling sketchbook-can't wait to get these moving along-and the last one. Its so honest and lays it all out. Great job on all of them, and I dont think you make yourself prettier than you are. I think that we are always are hardest critics. We're all beautiful in our own ways.

  3. I love how you paint you. I love 'an it harm none do what ye will' - we should all follow that Witchy rule!! I love your Empress - I collect (and read) tarot cards so I am wondering did you create a whole deck or just the major arcana or just that one? Remember I am new to your blog and not up to date!! Also I would love to see a Mary tour of your house - can't wait!!

  4. PS... The Empress looks like Mary too with the moon on her head instead of under her feet. I know same thing same thing.

  5. Love love the self portrait painting you did for your book :o)) She's gorgeous because you are! xo Michele

  6. damn, that is one fine portrait and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! just know that ok? xoxoxox

  7. You are one talented chickie! Of course you know I love everything you create. Period.


  8. If I painted myself, I would crack the mirror and send the paintbrushes into hiding! :)) Your paintings are lovely! xox Pam

  9. I am especially loving this version of you!

    Most girls I draw are me in some way - but usually slimmer and likely younger and no double chins.... (Well not so sure about the girls with the funny hats). That is, unless I am deliberately trying to draw someone else, and then they sometimes look like them.

    You are beautiful Lisa!

  10. These are beautiful! Love your artwork, the journal page is amazing!
    Happy IA Sunday! ~Theresa

  11. Always love your creations and these are especially beautiful.

  12. I LOVE this- wow, what a gorgeous self portrait! And you are every bit as beautiful as your paintings- I think we all just get to the point of not being able to see ourselves objectively :)
    Also, as always, I LOVE the words you incuded- so *YOU* and again, so beautiful!
    I can't wait to get your journal in my hands to work on- I'm getting SO excited about this project!

  13. I adore the cover art and the words - absolutely gorgeous. And liked all your other paintings too especially the one you've cropped to use as an avatar.

    This post is full of beautiful art and wonderful words of wisdom (oh how I love a bit of alliteration). Thanks for sharing the love!

    Kat X

  14. Oh, I am leaving this blog with a big smile......you're good!

  15. lisa, these are all gorgeous, but the last one blew me away. i love that you paint yourself beautiful. means you truly love who you are and that is rare in women.
    now let's see if i can be brave enough to do that! he-he

  16. oh wow! Here I thought I was brave in attempting my first self-portrait, and then I see all these gorgeous portraits of yourself. This is incredible - beautiful, stunning, simply fabulous. Lisa, you've got a TREASURE here!

  17. Please indulge yourself...we love it.
    All of your Self Portraits are fabulous. I really do love the one you did this week. It gives us a glimpse into who you are
    beautiful inside and out!

  18. What a wonderful collection! Of course you are pretty or indeed priti!

  19. I LOVe all of these. My favorite is the high priestess. So beautiful...each and everyone -

  20. Hey there VERY NICE I love your style. I too would not stand naked in front of a mirror and draw/paint myself but you do an amazing job.

  21. You create such beautiful art, because your so beautiful! The self portrait is so like you and shines the beautify you are. You're art really beautiful Lisa!
    Thank you for sharing these, so lovely to see them!

  22. Ooooh, I love this glam version of you! Beautiful! You are so talented! When I see them all together, I realize I knew all along that your beautiful women are all you!!

  23. Love the self portrait and the book in your earlier post. I kiddingly told you that the Frida that I am working on will look like you... but I was blown away when I saw your self portrait. It actually looks like my Frieda's face..or reminds me of it anyway. Great job. I wish I would have had time to be a part of that traveling book.

  24. I just want to tell you, that not that many people inspire me (mayhaps I am a bit of an inspiration snob), but *You* truly do. I find it mainly in nature, or words, and mostly Old words or images from artists that are now ghosts, and in nature that has left its living self behind.
    You are such an exception. Bless you.

  25. Wow! These are all gorgeous! Your work is truly amazing. :)

  26. I found you!

    Gorgeous work - is that last one inspired by the Limyt painting - I've been looking at that one for a class I've been doing. All your paintings are just beautiful. Can't wait to see your work up close!

  27. what are you talking about? You are beautiful Lisa. So are all of your paintings. I know what you mean about missing a painting and doing it again!

  28. I'm back - thank you for stopping by. Oh my word - look at my typo's!
    I meant what I knew ;)


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