09 April 2011

Weekly Challenge-Roald Dahl

I’ve had one of those weeks.

The kind where everything seems pointless, you know?

Everything is over-whelming and just too hard.

The challenge this week was hosted by Lisa Wright.

Roald Dahl.  I remember reading his books and poetry to my kids when they were small.

I never connected with his stories, even as a child.

No Willy Wonka or James in the Giant Peach for me.

Nothing against Roald Dahl,

I also never liked The Wizard of Oz or A Wrinkle in Time.

I much preferred stories of struggle.

Of real life.

Little House on the Prairie or biographies.

But I knew I would have to do something for the challenge…

I remembered reading poems by Dahl to my kids,

and remembered a poem about imagination.


So I did a page in my personal Art Journal.

I didn’t get to PPF this week.

Every moment I had, I was putting energy into my new,

brilliant idea.

It was just so gray and cold and rainy this week,

I didn’t take pictures.

And my camera will only take 10 at a time.

And my heart wasn’t in it.


self portrait without gray sweater

But Monday is a new week,


The Sun will come out Tomorrow.

I am going to be better.

I promise.

I am so sick of wearing my gray, fuzzy sweater…



  1. You've done a wonderful job here Lisa, heart in it or not!

    I love the words you've picked as your inspiration and the vibrant colours, the black and white stripes and patterns and swirly bits - it's all whimscial and gorgeous!

    (We can agree to differ on Roald Dahl - I think the man is a genius!)

    I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this and that your grey days have passed. It's unseasonably sunny here, I could send you some sunshine in the post? xx

  2. You met the challenge well. I like your painting to match Dahl's poem, but even more, I appreciate reading your honest feelings about the struggles in your life and how you deal with them. It is a wonderful thing to be as open to life as you are Lisa. Bet you feel naked without that fuzzy gray sweater!

  3. Well, put on a bright blue sweater already then!! Actually it hasn't been great over here in TN. either. It seems like there is a dark cloud around besides rainy weather. I am trying my best to cheer up and stay in the light. I am thinking of you!! In fact you inspired me to pick up my paint brush again and I am painting my first Mary!! {{hugs}}

  4. This is wonderful and SO very you! I have to add that I was a Little House addict, so much that my first child had to be named Caroline (a combo of Laura's "Ma" and my mom who is "CaroLYN :))
    Can't wait to see your new brilliant idea, and yes, I KNOW it will be brilliant- it's yours isn't it?
    Here's some sunshine coming your way from Atlanta....

  5. Your hair is divine!!

    I think, since you have basically the same weather I have, that it is the weather to blame for the pointlessness. What a dreary week. But, if you can believe the forecast, better days are coming!

    Your journal page is wonderful! I love the quote, the woman, the mandala, the black and white...everything! It's perfect. (I was not a big Roald Dahl fan either...this challenge was very hard! I was more of a Dr. Suess reader heehee!)

  6. Lisa - want to hear something funny? I LOVE Roald Dahl's books. He is one of the reasons I wanted to write for kids. I love The Witches. Love! But I love biographies and Little House, too. It's all fabulous stuff. But wait, you are BLUE? We can't have that! Come over, we'll bake some cupcakes and eat all of them. Spring is coming. I think it will be here this week. Hang tough! xoxoxo Pam

  7. Wrap yourself is red and turquoise and green and purple and know that the sun will come out tomorrow...or the next day ! ;)
    Sending light and love, Imaginative One !

  8. Sending warm hugs and sunshine your way sweetie! Your journal page came out very nicely. Is that Miss Mia in it? You look pretty in green. Come visit me. It was 94 here yesterday. I'd love to have you.

  9. Hey there Lisa
    Great creative even if you were nit feeling it.
    I wasn't either but took the challenge and went with it...
    Love it!!

  10. I love how you illustrate poems.
    These particular words of Dahl's
    are inspirational que no?
    Love you

  11. i love your art page...and i agree, glad this week is over. now go put on a red sweater, you'd look wonderful in red! xo

  12. Oh my friend, I can't bear to hear about these blue thoughts. We all go through them and I'm glad you shared them here, because then I send hugs and warm sunshine your way to cheer you up.

    Love your journal page by the way.

  13. Your painting gave me a big smile, thank you!

  14. Wonderful choice of poem and it is gorgeously illustrated. I love your vibrant creative style which is perfect for the message of the poem.

    Sorry that you've had one of those weeks. I hope the new week coming arrives with bursts of happy colours that blast away any grey mood.

    Sending you a big hug!
    Kat X

  15. Love the poem, love the hair, love the face, love the drawing. I don't know who the writer is so I will have to look him up. Thanks for introducuing me. Lisa you are beautiful with your intense eyes. Have a great week dear. ::hugs::

  16. You always cheer me up! I know how ya feel...dreary, pointless...blah! But yep, the sun did come out, and I too, put my favorite gray sweater away! I didn't read a lot to my kids, I didn't like what they wanted me to read to them, so I told them to read to me. (horrible) of me! Oz, traumatized me as a child, but there was always, Gulliver's travels, my sons favorite.

    You are such a pretty,
    lots of hugs,

  17. So beautiful Lisa! I love how you found something deep and meaningful in this and shared this poem. I've learned something new and it was beautiful!
    You look beautiful as ever!

  18. I like your journal page even tho I'm not a Dahl fan either. You do look finished witht hat grey sweater, LOL!


  19. dear one,
    you just warmed my heart so fully through your act of kindness that it seemed the world turned sweeter, lighter...
    thank you bring us one step closer to sending shelter and support to japan.

    much love,

  20. I always much preffered his tales of the unexpected so much darker and twisted. Love the poem you chose... and the page.


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