08 May 2011

Happy Mother’s Day

I am so far behind in my blogging that I am embarrassed.

I am afraid this will be a longish post,

I have a lot to share and Sunday Morning

is my favorite time for blogging :)

I spent a great deal of time on a painting

for my mom for Mother’s Day.

St Michael the Archangel.


Nothing was easy with this guy,

at one point he had me crying,

but in the end, I think he is happy with himself.

I also made some new pendants.

This time they are from my latest Frida painting.



You can find them in my shop.


I want to thank everyone who bid in the Angel Face Charity Auction.

I am also participating in


Just a sneak peak…


And finally…

what’s Mother’s Day without flowers…




Perennials are a reason to live through the winter :)

and a picture of my neighbor’s front garden


Oh boy…

Can you see the rusty welcome sign all askew?

Love and Hugs to you all…

I’ll be visiting blogs today.


  1. Oh, my sister, do I know what you're saying?! I am so behind and so missing everyone and feel like such a slug.

    YOU are fabulous! Thank you so much for those beautiful gifties you sent to me. We just stood in awe of them, and I think I actually took off my glasses so that I could get them within an inch of my ojos and examine every cm.

    Thanks, my friend!

  2. Oh, wow, Lisa, this painting for your mom! Just yummy. She is going to love it.

    Happy Mother's day!

  3. be still my heart, saint micheal,
    i am sure you will be filling hers!

    happy day of all mothering hearts.

    of which i am collecting...

    come on over, we are all in the garden.

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you as well! The painting is fantastic and I'm sure your mother is going to love it. Your sneak peek looks so cute! I can't wait to see it all.

  5. Michael is amazing. I love those reds...
    I am happy with spirng so far this May. We have had some mixture of weather and yes, those perennials are a treat ! Our lilacs will bloom later this week, I think, if the rain that started today gives way to a bit more sun.
    Happy Mother's Day, Lovely One !

  6. Hello,dearest Lisa:-)*

    I like you painting again and again,my dear friend!!!
    HOW much passion,color and inspirations,beautiful!!!
    Mom day is one of the mostly touching days in the year for me too...

    My sunshine hugs to you,

  7. Yay Lisa..your posts are always so FAB-ulous..and full of magic...Happy Mother's day..and beautiful tribute! gorgeous art as alwasy!! i LOVE your Archangel Michael..i always see him wiht flowing hair too..magnificent!!!..I can feel his wonderful essence vibing through your beautiful piece!! Wow-factor!! Hugs..brilliant.. and so spiritual..I love it! You rock!

    And thankyou for your lovely words..and the name of that song..wow! very cool!

    Happy wkd my friend and wishing you a very beautiful week ahead!
    Thankyou for all the SPARKLES you bring to my world!

  8. Oh St. Micheal is beautiful he is worth every tear. I am sure your mother will love him and he is the great protector!! Strong angel that one.

  9. Love the new pendant and the painting for your mom!! LOL on your neighbors garden!!! Hope you are having a wonderful mother's day!! xo

  10. wooo hooo i just received a receipt from Etsy the pendant is now mine, cant wait to receive it ,thank u Lisa, i love your work have u on my google reader so see it daily or at least when u post lol the painting of St Michael is gorgeous and happy mothers day..
    Frida is our patron saint i feel she inspires us all and i love the simplicity of your piece and the backside as well , i will wear it with great joy..

    hugz bev langby( bevfrom OZ)

  11. St. Michael is fabulous!! So sorry I haven't been keeping up with the posts...my Mama was ill. But always good to see what you're up to.Happy mother's day!

  12. The St. Michael painting is a showpiece. It's so full of spirit. I love your latest Frida painting (my favorite of all the Frida's you have created) and the ways in which you are using copies from it. I'm on a Frida bing right now too. Just can't get enough of her.

  13. Sweet Sweet Lisa..Loved The "Michael" Painting You Did For Your Mama! Oh My Goodness..It's Absolutely Beautiful! I Can See Why You Said Nothing Was Easy With It..All That Glorious Detail! Truly One Of Your All Time Best!

    Friend, It Was Simply Wonderful Having You Visit Me And I Want You To Know It Meant The World Hearing Your Story About The Raw Milk And Cows. I Too Drank It Raw While Visiting My Grandmother's Diary When I Was Young. A Totally Different Smell And Taste Huh?

    And Girl..You're Right About The Eyes Of These Precious Creatures. It Was As If They Were Looking Deep Into Your Very Soul When They Looked At You.

    Sure Hope You Had A Wonderful Mother's Day. Mine Was Fun Filled And Relaxing. So Blessed To Still Have My Mama With Me..I Hugged Her Almost All Day.

    Again..Thanks So Much For Dropping By. Lisa, I Got To Thinking The Other Day That You And I Have Been Connecting Now For Almost Two Years. Your Friendship Has Come To Mean So Very Much To Me. Hugs Of Love & Sunshine, Terri

  14. Your painting is so beautiful as always. You're a fabulous artist, Lisa!
    Loads of love to you!

  15. I too have been blog constipated for some time. In fact, I have been creatively challenged for more than a year. Thankfully, you and a host of other creative spirits crossed my universe and my creative soul is starting to waken up. (thank Gah)

    Your painting came out beautifully. You should be very proud of your accomplishment.
    Salute! (I am also catching up on my reading too)

  16. Oh your mom is going to love it and if she doesn't I can send you my address ;-D
    St Micheal is wonderful his face is beautiful and I love the crown/ halo. The colors are just yummy and juicy. I think sometimes it is harder to make things for the people we love, we want it to be perfect in every way.
    But my Mom always adores everything I do.
    Your mom probably does too!
    The Frida pendants are so fun and I love how the ARTIST on her forehead shows up so well.
    Well done you!
    A fruitful time!
    Have a great week.

  17. A great painting, Lisa! I think this one is my favorite so far. So much talent.

  18. Wow the painting for your mom is so beautiful and rich! Also...I love the Frida pendant--I will have to check out your Etsy.

    The neighbor's garden is the most beautiful I have ever seen (NOT)! ha ha I love the Bleeding Heart flowers. Do you know that if you turn the flower right side up and tug gently at the sides you will see a fair lady rising out of a pink bath tub? Try it!

  19. OmG, you have lilacs!! My favorite!

    Lisa, you did a wonderful wonderful job on St. Michael, Wow! Very spiritual, it's going to make me cry!

    Oh, I read somewhere where, that this person, never throws anything away, even her old pantyhose, she cuts the elastic band off the waist and uses it as a giant rubber band...just sayn'.
    A good week is coming!

    big hugs,

  20. Happy Mother's day to you too- a couple days late ;)
    I love your present for your Mom, I'm sure she loved it too!
    Your garden is amazing- I wish I could grow Lily of the Valley here, but it just gets too hot.....I have one lonely leaf poking it's head up :) and I'd never dare try lilacs fro the same reason.......that's one reason I love when my bloggy friends share their gardens that are so different from mine :) BTW, your neighbor does have a LOVELY crop of dandelions, doesn't she (he?)

  21. I love your St. Michael and I'll bet your mother did too. How cool that you are making pendants out of your art! Gorgeous flowers. I hope your Mother's Day was fabulous :)

    xx, Jaime


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