29 May 2011

IA Challenge~Purple and Green

I hope this doesn’t seem like a cop-out,

Stephanie, but I just didn’t paint anything that fit the theme this week.

So, here is a picture


When I worked at the Italian Lodge,

the Chef would always put to use any of my extra herbs.

He would decorate the plate with the flowering chive.

This seems to me a silly thing to do

at home,


on top of a bowl bean zuppa.

But I did, just for you ☺

Between driving my ballerina to class everyday,

or having her drive me (she has her learner’s permit)

I’ve been squeezing in work on my WIP


and visiting the artists at PPF.

And later the artists at IA.

And watching the weeds grow…

everyday we have at least one storm,

yesterday there were 3…kinda like living in a rainforest.

Have a happy Sunday!

XoX, Lisa


  1. I am starting to really like what is emerging on your canvas!!! It is very exciting to me to see you do this. I decorate my dishes with my herbs too - not a silly thing to do at all - just an artistic thing.

  2. Oh good. I can leave a comment. I can't leave them on most blogs this week. I had to catch up with your longest post ever because I loved the cows. I never realized they were that social. I also think your journal pages ROCK. You are such a great artist and painter. And I am loving what you are doing in your June WIP with the recycled art.

    As for your green and purple, I think this is a beautiful entry. I know what you mean about decorating a plate. Since I live alone, I never do it for myself, but I do it when I have company. Odd how we treat our guests better than we treat ourselves.

  3. I forgot to tell you, I want the recipe for that bean zuppa (grin).

  4. OH LISA ME TOO that looks good please post the recipe!!!
    Love it!!

  5. Love the photos!!!
    Your painting is so rich with color, very nice!

  6. That's really pretty! Lisa you've inspired me - I'm going to decorate our plates with fresh herbs tomorrow! In the spirit of making the effort to make things a little special every day :)

    Loving your WIP - very intruiging and the earthy colours seem "right" for the subject. I've drawn portraits with eyes closed before - something about that really appeals to me, not sure why! x

  7. Lovely chives! (it reminds me of a very silly advert for Philadelphia cheese - I tried to find it on YouTube to share but couldn't!).

    I went back to that shop specially for you to take a picture by the way!! Will email it over now.

  8. Hi Lisa..so gorgeous..i loooove your art..that piece is so mega-stunning and awesome..and i love chives..so pretty..and so magical..gorgeous photo!
    Shine on

  9. oh this painting...

    and those beans...

    : )


  10. Wow a whole bouquet of chive flowers.
    Beautiful both on and off the zuppa!

  11. Your WIP is coming along nicely! (Still intriguing! Love the chive flowers!
    (Note to Self - plant more chives!)

  12. Posting the recipe would be a really good idea!!!
    I actually like your entry - it has purple, it has green and it looks delicious!!!

  13. How cool is that?! I get instant gratification on my last request....haha!

    Using garnishes sure does elevate a plate from ordinary to special, doesn't it? We should do this for ourselves more often just for the sheer enjoyment of sitting down to a pretty plate....even at home ;)

  14. Oh those chive flowers are gorgeous; I'd love to plant some. What variety are they?

    It's only 11.15am here but after seeing your bean zuppa (I adore bean dishes - so heart and comforting) I am convinced it its lunchtime!

    Your WIP is looking intriguing and so imaginative - look forward to seeing more of it as it progresses.

    Kat Xx

  15. Adding the flowering chive to the bean salad enhances the entire dish. It takes it from sublime to superior. I love it. Also, your painting is turning into a masterpiece. Love it.

  16. Decorate your food all the time, it adds a little fun to life.

    Your WIP is coming along great, hope you have time to work on it it so we can see the finished art.


  17. Everything is so beautiful : )

  18. Love the mix of art and food. The painting is amazing!Thanks for visting. gerri

  19. thanks for visiting my blog I admire your work soooo much,, just beautiful.

  20. Lisa, the chives are beautiful. Yesterday I went out to the yard and picked weeds to put in a vase. There are some gorgeous weeds coming up in our yard! LOL! I think it's because we live in a rain forest now, too. :)
    Love the WIP. Can't wait to see it finished. Have a great week - xox!

  21. Hay belleza y espiritualidad en tu trabajo.

  22. Oh, I think we all need a little bit of fancy now and again !
    Your WIP is looking so amazing...
    And seeing the pages in Brandy's journal made me so excited to think you will be working on mine one of these months ! Woohoo !

    May the sun come and dry you out and warm your sweet bones !
    Much Love !

  23. Lisa I just wanted to add a thank you for the comment you left on my blog - if my male angel inspired you in any way I'm quite honoured! xx

  24. Hi sweet Lisa,
    LOVE your post! The photo of the chives is very elegant, and then to put a single chive with flower as a garnish on that delicious looking plate, is brilliant! Love your WIP too, can't wait to see it finished. We are having storms every other day too...in fact as I type this I hear thunder outside! See you Friday for PPF. :-) Hugs ~ Rhonda

  25. hello Lisa,
    yum to that zuppa! I believe in the USA any decoration like the lovely chive must be edible, so often I eat it. But I have been in another country.... can not remember which, but they put a flower on my plate which I knew would cause physical discomfort if eaten. I thought that was odd to do.

    your painting is wonderful. I love the serene nature you have expressed on his face and the golden hue around him, and the background is wonderful too.

    it feels like a rainforest here too, NW Montana

  26. wow. I've never had this many comments in my life!!

    anyway, i wanted to ask you if you mind if I share on my blog the ATCs you sent to me? I was too lazy to open my email account so I'm asking here. please let me know.


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