26 May 2011

PPF, WIP & Cows

I just mailed Brandy's Traveling Art Journal.

I did 2 spreads for May.



It’s a really fun project, I have Jaime's book

for June.

Remember this painting?


Well, I was never happy with it…soooo


I put a couple more layers of gesso and paint

and this is where I am now.

Do you have cows where you live?


Technically we don’t either,

but on Sundays we take a looong walk

and follow a country road to visit the cows and sheep.


They are so social…here they are running down the pasture

to greet us.


This one is a messy eater…see the grass on his back?


Here they are gossiping about my outfit…such snobs :)


This guy reminds me of my cat…so cute!

Down the road a little bit is another herd.


These cows are all boys…someday they will be meat.


Awww…glad our family is vegetarian.

There is also a very pretty flowering garden after the bend.


Every week different flowers are blooming…I love it!

I am so glad I heard Darla's voice in my head reminding me to bring my camera.

I have one more cute picture to share


These little wild bunnies in our neighborhood are so tame.

Don’t worry about my cat, they come right up to Bear and he starts

hopping all over the yard with them.

I wish I had a picture of that.

So, that’s my week so far, and my longest post EVER!

XOX, Lisa


  1. Hello Lisa..wow..super wow....fabulous art..love it!! so blissful!! Powerful!

    Oh my..what a sweet bunny..my heart is captured..so sweet! and holy cows.ha ha..that is so awesome..!!

    thankyou for bringing a bright spot to my day with your creative spirit..talent and beauty!
    Hugs and happy wkd ahead!

  2. Love the bunny and of course the beautiful cows. I love their eyes and the way they look at you. We had a cow once, it's name was Betsy and I love it when she looked at me and chewed her cud. Tee hee. Great artwork. Take care.

  3. OK Lisa you made me say, wow on your journal pages, wow on the Mary painting, and then OMG on painting over Mary, but I will wait and see what the new painting becomes. Then on then moo for cows. If not your longest post at least your most diverse!! We used to have cows - and a bull named Romeo. Well, what you would name a bull with a harem? I'm still saying OMG she painted over Mary. OK I will calm down....

  4. I love all the stuff you've been working on! I can't wait to see how the canvas comes out. It's interesting how those things progress when we have paintings we aren't particularly happy with.

    WOW you're neighborhood cows are FRIENDLY!!! Around here when we stop to talk to the cows, they run... in the Other direction!!! Great pics you got :)

  5. hee! i am smiling! at the cows and the bunny and the thought of your cat hopping all over the yard with them. and your journal pages... i especially love the spread with the heart on the left page...



  6. The overpainting of MARY is stupendous. She speaks to my soul. Your journal pages will be loved round the world as they go from place to place, revealing a part of you.

    Cows. Well. There are several artists in our area who specialize in the painting of cows..and they are amazing (the artists and the cows) Beautiful walk and post.

  7. Delightful post really enjoyed it what a lovely way to spend your sunday , oh and my friend received her pendant and loved it so thank u so much again , your presentation like u is delightful...

    hugz bev langby

  8. I love your pages Lisa! We are on the same wavelength as my pages are what I posted for PPF too.

    I liked the Madonna painting before but the new paintover is very intriguing and edgy!! Looking forward to seeing more!

    Aren't cows amazingly curious? Great comments and photos! And baby bunnies you can catch? Wow!


  9. What an amazing post- I really don't know where to begin! I LOVE your pages for May- the colors you chose, the quote, self portrait....it's all fabulous! I think I get your for July (or is it August, can't remember, but it's soon ;))
    And the changes you made to your painting are intriguing- it was good good before, but now there's something about that really speaks to my soul...I LOVE it!
    And cows and bunnies- how lucky you are to have such surroundings!

  10. Ha,ha for the gossiping cows,lol!
    Aww for the male meat ones. I wish life was different. Then Super Aww for the cute bunny!
    Love your art and the square hole with the meditative man.
    Wow, what a brilliant post. I will have to go down the road this weekend ans take some photos of our local gossiping messy cows, lol! Meet each other across the net, he, he, he!

  11. I am SO glad you took your camera on your walk. Cows gossiping about your outfit? You crack me up.

    I really like the pages you did and I loved the original Mary painting but know you just get better and better so I'll like the do over too I'm sure.


  12. What a wonderful post! You do get better and better (I agree with everyone) and even funnier and funnier if that is even possible. Looking at the cows I was thinking to myself how happy I was I am a vegetarian and a little further down, you said the same. We're healthier and have great fashion sense. Although I do wear a lot of black and white. Oh MOOOO.

    Enjoy your weekend. xo, M

  13. Hi Lisa, I hope you'll check-in w Mr. Linky at PPF - I'm sure everyone would love to see your work! xo EVA

  14. LOL! Yeah..Cows Are Pretty Darn Snobbish In My Town Too! Ha ha ha ha But Lisa, The Photos Were Really A Nice Touch..Especially The One Of The Tiny Bunny..Precious! And Just So Ya Know, I Truly Love Cows..Those Big Beautiful Eyes So Full Of Curiosity. Now Your Photos Are Making Me Rethink The Burger And Fries I Had This Afternoon. :)) Have A Great Weekend! Hugs, Terri

  15. Cool..I love your pages and your in progress work is captivating..Can't wait to see where it goes!

  16. Lisa - well, first of all, I love your art journal pages. They are so lovely - I love your art, period. Second, those cows - OMG, such cuties. I love cows (pretty much all animals), but you caught them in such a special way. And that cute bunny at the end - priceless.

  17. Your journal pages are stunning! I can't wait to see them :) and I am like another commenter, I can't believe you painted over Mary! But I like it! :) You are so brave.

    Here's a tip for the cows and it's a hoot. Next time you go, take a bucket with you, like a 5 gallon bucket and slap on that bucket as you get closer. Those cows will nearly break their neck trying to get to you and that bucket! of course it would be nice of you to actually have something in that bucket for them to eat ;) I know this because my husband was raised on a small farm and had cows. Or at least this is how they did it. They use the bucket for corn to get the cows fattened up for market and they love corn. :(

  18. Happy PPF. A truly amazing post. Your journal pages are fab and cannot get over how you changed your original painting to this, wonderful, am so impressed. Your gesso must be a lot thicker than mine.......lol Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  19. The journal spreads are awesome, I loved the old painting, and now the new one is blowing me away. The cows are fun, and the bunny? God, the cuteness of baby bunnies...melt a stone heart I tell ya.

  20. really like your journal pages - happy ppf

  21. I love your journal pages! Just beautiful! And I thought your painting was beautiful before you changed it. It will be interesting to see where you go next with it! Love the cows. The farms on either side of us have some. I love to go visit them with my dog (they usually come running over to see him).

  22. Loving the journal pages alot. and I like how you were brave enough to just gesso all over (what I thought was a lovely piece) and start over COOL! Thanks for taking me on your walk I love cows as well and your bunny TOO CUTE and so tame I wouldn't of thought that to be honest glad you had a lovely walk and remembering the camera

    Love Dawn xx

  23. I just wanted to say that I think your blog home kicks ass!! I love all the amazing creative energy here. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. :) Happy PPF!

  24. Wow - there is so much goodness in this post I really don't know where to begin...

    I love your beautiful Spring pages... the flowers make me so happy!

    I am really loving what you are doing with your latest painting - the hole in the chest is so intriguing and your palette is fantastic :)

    The cow photos and commentary are so much fun! (And so is the bunny photo - so, so sweet)

    Great post...

  25. Your Art Journal pages are great. Love the cows and that sweet little bunny image too! HAPPY PPF!

  26. Your art is amazing!! I adore cows, I'm so glad I'm a vegetarian too.

  27. That´s a brave step, starting over.
    Cool journal pages.

  28. I love your journal pages, especially the first set with flowers, so pretty.
    There aren't any cows here where I live, I live in the suburbs, but if you drive out to the country there the moo-moo's are. Love seeing all the pictures you shared, thank you. Bunnies are so sweet, we have a black and white house rabbit.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  29. love the cow pictures- such beautiful creatures! and your journal pages adn paintings are awesome!

  30. You know I have always felt bad about eating them....the cows that is! I remember a time when I went to see them at a nearby farm with our sheepdog Maddie and they came running over to the fence to greet us.....makes me want to start being a vegetarian!...seriously! Oooh and that little bunny made my heart go thump! So little and so cute!

    About the Madonna....her features are more refined, ethereal and have a soft loveliness about them...think it will be quite beautiful in the end.


  31. Wow! A hole cut into the canvas...how intriguing! Will be hard to wait to see where it evolves....

    What cute cows....I love the colors of the boys.

    And baby bunny...awwww!!!!

  32. I love the May spreads so much!! Its so exciting to see what is happening in my book and as always, I think your art is spectacular.

    Cows, I pass them on about half of my walking routes and sometimes they're fun to watch, but on days when they've been spreading manure on those farms, it makes for an unpleasant mile or two!! It is neat to watch how graceful they are in such big bodies!!!

  33. LOVE your longest post ever Lisa ... especially your traveling journal pages, but bunnies and cows always amke me smile. A bit late to PPF, but better late than never!

  34. Great art and great journaling pages...what a sweet little bunny too! thanks for sharing the photos...no cows where i live so i enjoyed sharing in your photos!

  35. Oh I think we all need a little bit of fancy now and again !!!

    Love the WIP progress -wow !!! And seeing what you did in Brandy's book made me so excited to think you will be working in my book one of these months ! Woohoo! And Moo, moo !
    Much bunny and kitty love !

  36. I LOVED this post! So much to look at and it all made me smile. Your journal pages are wonderful! I love when you post those. Always! The cows are too precious with their big eyes. Great photos. And the little bunny! He stole my heart. Your new painting is very intriguing! I really like it so far!

  37. So pleased I found you, I'm following both your blogs now... that's what you get for being so talented, truly love your art & your blogs, wonderful!


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