11 May 2011

Weekly Challenge~Sacred/Ancient/Symbolic art.

This week the challenge is to create art inspired by the theme of Sacred/Ancient/Symbolic art.

Well that is my thang…

And I hope you don’t think I am cheating, but

I needed to make my little painting important

and it takes as long to search, handsaw and sand and stain,

as it does to paint a portrait.

Today I finally figured out how to make my portrait

of Frida on canvas…ummm…


I rescued this chunk of wood some time ago

and today it’s purpose is known!


And that hinge,

I saved a few hinges and what-evers

from the dumpster a few years back.

And the old tacks.

I love the juxtaposition of old and fresh,

tarnished and gleaming.


As much as I love her, she is for sale HERE.

And I also made a wee gift today

that I will give away.

I’ll post it tomorrow.

He’s purple and has something to say.


G’nite for now,

and visit IA to participate in this week’s challenge.

♥♥♥ Lisa

(thanks for teaching me the hearts Geri for the heart tips)


  1. STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING! I love your wood painted Frieda! Your work is amaaaazing!

  2. She is a true work of art. I love how you nailed and hinged the canvas. So appropriate for Frida. This is yet another of example of why you are the Priti one.

  3. She is fantastic! I love the hardware you've added, really nice touch.

    I'd agree your vampire cat does have something to say!! MEOW! haha... love it!

    xx, Jaime

  4. Lisa! This is hard to believe. We are both running along the same theme lines. I just posted a box I made with my Frida on canvas! How amazing. I love, love, love yours. She is the example of the perfect ancient symbol. The hinges and rustic look of her excites me. You did a wonderful job with her.

  5. I'll just add to what others have said, the hardware makes the piece both unusual and beautiful.


  6. This is amazing. I love how you combine textures in your work. You are a priti genius!!!! :) xo Pam

  7. The painting is beautiful, and how you finished it---Perfect!!

  8. Purple and has something to say? And looks rather like my MAD friend on my desk? Curiouser and curiouser!!

    Frida IS fan-**-tabulous!!

  9. Wow! She's wonderful!! You just get better and better! xo Michele

  10. Oh, Lisa ! What a beautiful work of art ! Frida looks perfect on her magnificent frame. Wow, Lady, you are so good at what you do.

    Purple with something to say ? Oooh, I love it already !
    Happy Thursday, Artist Friend !

  11. Wonderous - perfect - I love Frida and you made me love her more. Somehow this application of mixed media suits her to a "T" or should I say and "F" for Frida and what you said "Fan-frick-in-tab-u-lously-Frida"

  12. Lisa, that is the PERFECT canvas for your work. Love to you! xoRobin

  13. Hi Lisa..Super gorgeous..and such wow-factor as always!! I love the hinge..a very powerful piece! Rock on!!
    You are awesome!

  14. I also love the juxtaposition of old & fresh, tarnished & gleaming. This looks really effective on the wood panel and with that lovely hinge.

    And of course you've already contributed two other pieces to this week theme :-))You're very much this week's star expert!

    Kat X

  15. This piece has an amazing inner force.

  16. Lisa, I love this- her eyes are perfect for her expression and I love the way you made the word "artist" so much a prt of her face it belongs there. Love, LOVE her!

  17. She is a beauty. Love the hinge and old tacks perfect for her.

  18. She is amazing! Beautiful work!

  19. Well! I've been dying to see what you create for this challenge all week (as you say, it is kind of your "thang" lol!)

    Lisa - you certainly haven't disappointed!! I adore her, she is strong, vulnerable and haunting. As a painter you show great skill and deep soul, always the best combination :)

    PS just to let you know - the link here to your etsy shop needs changing x

  20. Frida had to be such a strong person. So much pain in her life! I think you honor her memory well.

  21. She really is awesome! You put so much life in your paintings. Her expression is perfect.

  22. She's great! and I love that you've painted her on a piece of wood with so much character!

  23. Lisa, she is beauty itself! And she is in the perfect setting ~ I love the hinge, the tacks, everything! Very rustic and Frida-like :)

    Don't know whether I like your Fridas or your Marys better...well, I just love them all!

  24. This is a truly stunning piece. You are just getting better and better :)

  25. I thought I had visited everyone who entered this week, but obviously I was missing a very important person! You are right about this area being your "thang." I loved what Kat left on the IA blog and I'm crazy about this piece, too. The idea of rescuing and reusing the wood, nails, and tacks is what I love about your art. And of course, I love the imagery, too. Sorry it took me an extra day to get here.

  26. Wow Girly,

    You keep "doin your thang"
    She is a stunner!


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