22 May 2011

Weekly Challenge~Tropical

This week Maggie stumped me when she chose

Tropical as the theme.

I almost didn’t participate, but I told myself to stop being a brat

and just do a page in my art journal.

Almost like making my own coloring book.


Frida came to my rescue again!

Patron Saint of Artist Block.

We finally got a day of sunshine yesterday,

and I am hoping for another one today.

My garden is screaming for attention.

In fact, it would almost pass as a jungle.








Look how tall the bamboo is…

it loves the rain.


The bamboo makes a nice green wall

that hides our table from our horrible neighbors.

Wow, look at all the work I have…

but it’s fun work.

I can’t wait to see the other tropical art at Inspiration Avenue.

I will be visiting blogs this evening.

XOX, Lisa


  1. How fun this all is--I knew you would have a getaway garden like this--love your tropical Frida too!

  2. What a lovely garden you have! So full of delightful details.

  3. I will be out until it rains too - working on the endless weeds... I still haven't cleaned up much of the garden so I have a LOT to do. Love the artistic touches in yours!

    Fabulous tropical journal page!!

  4. Beautiful work Lisa!! I am adoring that Monkey in the pic!!


  5. Beautiful art journal spread, Lisa! When you're finished with your garden, can you come plant some stuff around mine? :) I have a black thumb but I love to look at flowers.

  6. Well it's a great piece of work I think!

    I was thinking about you yesterday. I was in a gallery in Skiathos, Greece and they had beautiful paintings just like yours - lots of religious imagery. I spoke to the artist. Lots of them were painted on driftwood and reclaimed timber.

    You would have loved them!

  7. I love your tropical page - you found just the right inspiration in Frida!
    We had 1/2 a day of sun on Sat. and now the forecast looks ick icky for the rest of the week again. Really hard on my morale but the shade plants are doing in in the maple tree backyard.
    Thank God for color in art work to keep me up...
    Happy Sunday, Beautiful One !

  8. As exotic as you are, I would think tropical would be right up your ally.

    Your bamboo is extremely exotic as is your painting of Frida and friend. Love your tags for the herbs too!

  9. Frida IS an inspiration. So are you.
    I love bamboo and your wild yard looks good as is.

  10. I love your Frida! And guess what? A wonderful mad blue cat came to live with me. I LOVE HIM!!! I am going to put him where I work, so he will remind me to stay crazy. :)) Like I need a reminder. haha. Your garden is lovely. I need a day or two in mine, the weeds are winning. Thank you, Lisa! xox Pam

  11. You are a crazy girl and I love you!
    I love your Frida love and I especially love gardens that with a glance reflect the artistic soul that toils there!

  12. I can feel the sultry heat from your piece - love the bird of paradise flower

  13. And once again Frida saves the day! I love your Fridas- there are all so inspiring- and as always, beautifully done- the monkey is awesome too! And now, you've got me wanting to do a secret garden like yours.....so beautiful! But where is the (willow?) tree with the apron?

  14. Ahh...nice to have a little help from a friend! :) I do believe you will Keep very busy in your garden...wonder what it will look like a month from now. Thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog. Comments brighten my day too. Bitzi

  15. Your journal page is perfect for the challenge. I love the Bird of Paradise. I like your garden just the way it is. It looks like it has surprised around every corner.


  16. Thanks to Frida!!! And look what a nice art journal page it turned into! Very beautiful.
    I love jungle gardens, that's right to my heart! My garden is pretty wild, too, and I absolutely love that!

  17. Yay! Frida to the rescue! I am so glad she came through for you. She is looking amazing by the way. Mad props to your garden oasis!

  18. I have to admire your ability to turn yourself around by calling yourself a brat!

    Loveliness, here.


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