28 June 2011


I am going to out myself and show some gruesome pictures.

It is so embarrassing, but also a relief to show these pictures.

Shots of the place where I create my sacred art.

DSCN2315 (2)

This is the view from coming in.  I don’t always sit on the floor,

sometimes I sit on the bed.  I know, I know.

DSCN2316 (2)

This is the opposite view…even worse.

BUT! I am in the middle of a make-over.  And I am hell bent on making this room my priority, Not my art. Not picking up the rest of the house. Not cooking. I am making progress (now that Mia is away)

I ask you dear friends, not judge me too harshly, but to give me instead advice or encouragement. 

I will leave you with a prettier picture of my beloved Echinacea,


And my also beloved, banged up kitty cat, Bear.



Love to all!!!

You are all so very beautiful!


  1. I think you had a post like this a couple of years ago and you cleaned it up that time. So it took you a couple of years to get it in disarray and hey, that's okay considering all the work you do. It will get back to normal soon. Like you said, now that Mia is away you have a little more time on hand. Gods speed to you.:)) Take care dear.

  2. wow, this looks so interesting to me! i'm sure there are treasures all over that i would love! you should link up in What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday today! I too am cleaning up but only my desk since I'm not as lucky as you to have a whole room to play in! i just love that patterned set of drawers you have. i don't notice the the mess on the floor just looking at it!

    thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  3. But of course you don't even see a bit of clutter when you are creating your magical art! Minor details!

    So funny, because I was just about to do a post on how I may not be around too much in the next week or so because the floors in my creative space are going to be worked on. I was going to include a picture of my crowded workspace that I will have to move "somewhere". I was afraid to show my awful clutter, but your bravery has encouraged me!

    Your echinacea is gorgeous and Bear is awesome!

  4. Mercy Me! Sweet Lisa..Believe Me When I Tell You, I've Seen Worse. But I Bet If Someone Asked You Where A Certain Tool or Brush Was, You'd Know Precisely Where To Direct Them! Am I Right? :)) Thanks For Inviting Us In And I'm Excited To See The Makeover You Have Planned. Sending You A Big Hug This Evening, Terri

  5. all i see is you creating gloriousness in there... and it looks *used*. not just a pretty space that looks like someone's idea of a studio.

    love it and you...


  6. my first visit here and I applaud you! I LOVE your art space- you clearly create in there! If, and only if, you want it to be different( ie: neat/tidy/whatever) then go for it, but your room speaks to me about you, and makes me smile, and I am a first time visitor, with no preconceived ideas. I hold only the highest of judgement to one creative being! xo Sandy

  7. HAHA! I need to show your pics to hubby who makes fun of my room. Maybe I can convince him that it's a common state of creative minds. Well you are anyway. Instead of messy I found myself squinting to take in all the hidden treasures. And yep, I love that cabinet too. By the way, never did say thanks for the kid advice! Hugs :)

  8. Lisa, I think your amazing and so is this room. You make all your gifted and very beautiful arties out of these heaps of arty stuffed room! My room isn't much different to yours. I think we don't have the dosh to have fabulous art rooms like they show in th mags.
    I love you so much Lisa! I felt really connected with you through these photos! Hugs! Julie

  9. Hey--I'm being there and doing that right now. I'm actually moving my art room into a larger room in my house--so now I can make even a bigger mess! It's fun to clean up though--you find all of these treasures that you forgot about it--I love seeing other people's creative spaces--and this is how it should be--not a perfect studio photo that you see in a magazine--but a real art studio!

  10. It is impossible to create without making a mess - the right hand, creative brain does not follow the linear, straight to the point flow of the left, intellectual brain! I also find that I flow from chaos to sorting out, arranging everything and then back to chaos again. I think that it expands us to allow this process to take place and it helps us to keep those creative juices flowing! enjoy the tidying out!

  11. I'd be like a kid in a candy store if I could walk in there and poke around. Don't get TOO organized, we like you the way you are.


  12. Oh my Lisa looks like one of your collages gone wild!! I think you need to look at it like a treasure hunt - I mean who knows what you will find when you start cleaning it up!! Who knows what wonderful creations will come from this!! Can't wait to find out. Is there a saint for cleaning?

  13. Hi sweetie pie Lisa. I thought you might like this link to help you through your cleaning.


    She, Patron Saint of housework was Zita. Maybe she will help you through this.

  14. My first visit here and it brought a smile to my face. Brave you to show us your delicious mess. We are all so different and if you can work in this then it's fine. Perhaps you don't even see it, you are so immersed in creating.

    For me my head gets all confused at a certain level of mess and I have to stop and clean up or I can't work. Some suggest it's my intolerance of chaos and I should learn to be with chaos!

    But if it feels like you want to straighten, then find a system that works for you and go at it. I can imagine there would be a feeling of accomplishment if it's been bugging you. Or if it's just imagining what other people think, then that's another matter entirely.

    Hope Bear mends well!

  15. messes seem to be the way to get to another place. Like pain=change or something. Cleaning up piles and reorganizing seem tot be a part of my process too. So rather than feel shame about it, how about we learn to see it as an accomplishment. We create, we clean and we conquer to create it again !
    I love you and your beautiful mess.

  16. I am SO JEALOUS of the size of your studio!!! Also--Bear is the best name for a cat I've ever heard. :)

  17. Beautiful functional chaos.LOVE the art that comes out of that space. What a groove! Very inspiring.
    It's good to have order but it never lasts.

  18. Oh my... I "just happen" on your blog with THIS posting?? What are the odds, hah! Personally I think it took a tremendous amount of courage to show your studio and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Bravo!

  19. My studio looked exactly like that in January. Since then, I have cleaned and feel like a new person. Everything is in tubs now, off of the floor too. The floor still is my favorite place to create though. I can identify completely with your studio space. Honest.

  20. HAH!!! no matter ... i have full confidence that a phoenix shall rise from the clutter ... erm, ashes i mean :p ...

    awww... whatever it is, we still love you and we still love what you make :)

  21. your honesty is precious, my friend and shows through in your art, so don't beat yourself up... life IS messy :)

  22. I am very cluttered so I could never judge and instead am sending you tons of encouragement. You should have the room however you like and I think it is good that you make the room where you make your gorgeous special art a focus. Hope it is all going how you wish so far.

    Beautiful photos. Seeing your kitty makes me want to go & seek out my b&w cat for a cuddle. He is probably lounging in a sunny spot recovering from a hard night out :-)

    Kat X

  23. no judgement here! for sure the timing is just right for you to do what you got to do to make that space a place of peace again. Go go go sweet one...

  24. Yay Lisa...creativity is magnificent isn't it! Can't wait to see what you create and do wiht..it will look FAB! Oooh..gorgeous Kitty-Bear...looks so sweet..all grown up...and your echinacea is magnificent...mine hasnt bloomed yet..beautiful! Cheers..a glass of Red to you and your new adventures!!

  25. WOW.

    WOW wow wow.

    I wish my studio were this neat...

  26. It sounds like we are in need of a self help group "The Great Clean UP Your Studio" therapy group ;-)

    I just did a post on mine a few days ago! and believe me it needs a huge amount of work, it greatly resembles your studio, they could be sisters!

  27. OMG Lisa! I'm working my way backwards and am just seeing your pictures of your messy.. er I mean easy to reach what you need studio. You've really come a long way and it looks great, congratulations! I am so glad I'm not the only one who showed the world their mess. My tornado stricken studio before pictures are on my blog for the world to see also! hee hee

    so I'm trying to figure out what happened to Bear. Hope he's okay... must keep reading. I'm so behind.


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